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was on shelf for uite a while and I am really glad I buckled down and read itI m going to call the book out though It actually looks like it was written for film When they start the book Eric Walters really tries to build up the intensity Honestly the reason of the story doesn t start until the half way part I m not saying the beginning is bad Just the opposite There is actually heart in the first half You see in the first three chapters ou are literally know everything about the atmosphere how they liveand even how strong the chemistry is between Marcus and really everyone else in the story This start up is just amazing and it lays the set out perfectlyThe relationship between Courtney and Marcus is perfectly cute You have this touching way that they are trying to help each other When ever these two were put together it gives the story a nice slow pace for them to talk Something I really want to shout out to him for is the amazing open mindedness he creates in his books The same way Camp 30 created a fine line between German s and Nazi s this book creates a fine line between the Residents and Terrorists the Canadian Soldiers fight against I don t line between the Residents and Terrorists the Canadian Soldiers fight against I don t many war books but the information offered is interestingSince this book is based on a a mentally wounded soldier ou know there are going to be some stories from the war line and the imagery is not good I would have eased up on the details Even though they are to a degree toned down BUT this is a war book and as is how do ou criticize that in a book like thisIt s gore but its war based bookCan t eat Hummer your cake and keep it too concept For the next ten chaptersou know the story is really about to start soon and it s going to hit hard I was actually dreading reading this because of how deep down the rabbit hole is was going to goDid it have that hard impact I expected No not at all I actually went in a direction I didn t expect which actually made this book realisticI do wish his sister was in the story through the last half But she seems to just disappear for the most part Without handing anything out the end fits perfectly with what the book offers us through out the story Through the last half of the book all the certain uirks and sparks of anger shows everyone in the book needs therapy without is hammering it into the reader a very good book a little bit of violists here and there Marcus has one sister but there waiting until his dad gets back from Afghanistan Like how Eric Walters did not tell With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you he letou figure it out Wounded was one of the books that I thought would have things that would be too boring to read but I was wrong Wounded brings into a life of a boy who has "A Parent In The Was Of Afghanistan It Really Tells "parent in the was of Afghanistan It really tells the story how just normal people who s parents aren t in the military just don t get it How hard it can be if a death has been reported injuries and just how their doing So the main character Marcus s dad is in the war of Afghanistan Special Forces about one of the most dangerous places to be And just one day everything changes for Marcus s family There s been a death but who is it Marcus s dad or someone else s This book needed to be written Personally I remember parents trying to convince their children that being a soldier is not a good job They don t want to see their child hurt or coming back dead However there s so little emphasis on the fact that no soldier ever returns un woundedWounded focuses on the fact that soldiers will suffer from PTSD They do what they need to do and they choose the hard life Most people think that when a soldier comes home their safe Howe. Ressive his dad refuses to seek counselling Marcus knows post traumatic stress disorder affects many soldiers and he needs to get his dad some help before it is too late  . ,
Him in such a long time Fortunately for them it wasn t him but it was Marcus s girlfriends father instead and Marcus had to deal with that whole situation for the girls sakeWhen Dad finally returns home he is a changed man and is clearly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but fails to see that in himself It is a very difficult period of time for the rest of the family as they try to convince him that he needs counselling Wounded was written for a Grade 8 class and was penned with honesty and tempered with consideration for the audience for which it was written i thoroughly enjoyed it it was written I thoroughly enjoyed it read it in a couple of hours at a short 224 couple of hours at a short 224 Eric Walters is a patient and kind writer who always keeps in mind the audience his book is geared for Wounded reminds us all to be very thankful to the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for our country Next time ou see a soldier remember to shake their hand and say thank ou Such an emotional read which deals with many of the social problems that are faced by our brave soldiersThis book wasn t easy to read but really is one of the most read booksEric Walters has done it again with one Marcus and his small family are ecstatic when his father final returns from the fields of Afghanistan and he hopes life will return to normal soon but as the days go by he begins to realize that there is something vastly different about his fathersomething vastly brokenWalters is sure to have readers charmed with this emotionally charged story about family trust and the power of openness How can Marcus hope to help a man that has seemingly changed for good after so long in battle I found the book Wounded an amazing book I think I liked this book the most because it touches on how someones mental health is just as important as their physical well being which I think is super important To start off with wounded is about a family of 4 but turns into a family of three for the majority of the time while the dad is over seas in Afghanistan when his platoon gets sent over there to fight in the Army The family of 3 including a mom The Alcohol Experiment young sister named Megan and a 15ear old son name Marcus go for weeks at a time with no communication from their father at all The only thing they can do to see whats happening and if indeed he will come home safe or at all is the stuff they can watch on the TV When at one point had a news broadcast about an explosion that happened where their dad was This book is all about love and hardship The family waits anxiously finally to see their dad come home to what appears to be safe and sound When eventually Marcus is the one to realize that he is not okay at least not emotionally He had what appears to be PTSD he was constantly aggressive barley sleeping obsessed with everything that had to do with Afghanistan He knew that his dad needed help but he would not admit it or help him self This book is also about how the war has an effect on everyone Courtney who appears to be Marcus s girl friend also had a dad who was in the Army and was a close friend to Marcus s dad Courtney s father died over seas causing a lot of heart break for that family Marcus s dad Marcus him self and the rest of his family Marcus was only a 15 Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah year old boy but he was considered the man of the house when his father was gone He would constantly help his mom with hisounger sister Megan instead of hanging out with Courtney and also having to step up and help his father when he is struggling especially when it came to his drinking problem Wounded was about a uniue family that lived on a military base because the father participated in the Afghanistan. He is safe but as the days pass Marcus begins to feel that there is something different about his father Barely sleeping obsessed with news from Afghanistan and overly agg.

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Wounded Author Eric WaltersThis book is about this boy Marcus who s father has gone out to war in Afghanistan as part of the Special Forces Each day Marcus and rest of his family await for his return Meanwhile Marcus starts dating his crush Tragically her father died in the conflict and put a grave sadness over all of them As a reminder that the unthinkable might also happen to Marcus he awaits with worry as they have not heard from his father in months Spoiler Marcus s dad returns safely back But Comes Back As A comes back as a man He was wounded not physically but wounded inside of himI picked this book up because I have always been interested in war novels and the very title was very dramatic so I decided to give the book a tryI finished this book because of the uncertainty of the end of each chapter foreshadowing so I just couldn t stop reading this book until the end came and left me lost and dazzled because of the constant foreshadowing so I was left with the end which was very weird compared to the end of the other chaptersI would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in war novels particularly Kevish with a little hint of romancewhich is the part I didn t like or those people who love to foreshadow and keep reading for hours since the setting is modern day warfare and with all the hints of the future this book is great for them Story DescriptionPenguin Group Canada April 20 2010 Mass Market Paperbound ISBN 978 0 14 317178 2Marcus and his sister are counting down the days until their father comes home from Afghanistan When the big day arrives the family is overcome by happiness and relief that he is safe but as the days pass Marcus begins to feel that there is something different about his father Barely sleeping obsessed with news from Afghanistan and overly aggressive his dad refuses to seek counselling Marcus knows post traumatic stress disorder affects many soldiers and he needs to get his dad some help before it is too late My ReviewFifteen Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian year old Marcus s father is stationed in Afghanistan serving as part of the Special Forces team His mother Carol andounger sister Megan live on the base which Marcus prefers He feels comfortable living there and feels how could anybody who didn t have a parent serving overseas know what IT FELT LIKE FOR US MARCUS FEELS HE IS felt like for us Marcus feels he is his kind than he would be living outside the base Megan has a lot of trouble sleeping due to worry about her Dad and begins having night terrors That is somewhat rectified by sleeping with her Mom in her bed and she has a pillow with a picture of her Dad s face on it Each night before she goes to bed she would spritz the pillow with her Dad s after shave lotion which calmed her down a great deal To keep herself busy and as free from worry as possible Carol works at Wal Mart a few hours a week When she is home she cleans every surface in the house Marcus often jokes that they have the cleanest home on the base Waiting for this tour of duty to be over is very difficult on the family They have made a calendar that hangs on the kitchen wall which counts down the days until his return Each day Megan crosses off one day and announces to Carol and Marcus how many days are left Each day the family waits for an e mail or phone call from Afghanistan and they are worried sick because it has been 3 weeks since they d last heard anything This is unusual and the longest their father has ever gone without communicating with them Then one day on the news they heard that a Canadian soldier has been killed by an IED and several others were wounded The family is heart stricken thinking it could be their father and that is why they haven t heard from. Marcus and his sister are counting down the days until their father comes home from Afghanistan When the big day arrives the family is overcome by happiness and relief that.