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[Wife in Exchange] E–pub ó Robyn Donald

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Wife in Exchange

Robyn Donald · 8 characters

Beneath Passions Skies Late Checkout (Witch City Mystery Redbone 2
ALONG Y ALLAnd hangs head I believe him Hero s actions can t be explained any other way He saw her photo her brother took his betrothed pridehonor demanded revenge He sent a cable to lure the heroine to his island lair and gave her the choice raperelease or marriage Heroine chooses marriage and away we go to a gothic tale of marriage with benefitsNZ heroine chalks up his eccentricities to his Spanish heritage and shows a lot of thought and forbearance as she takes On Her Role As her role as and chatelaine of the castle Hero tries every trick in vintage alpha chatelaine of the castle Hero tries every trick in vintage alpha gentle sex punishing sex arbitrary rules and power trips ewels horseback rides insults sarcasm sweet talk Arvyndase (Silverspeech) jealousy Finally he gives up and offers her her freedom along with the get out of grovel free card shown aboveThis was published on April 1 1979 LOL It s a fun vintage story but be prepared for forced everything and some mental gymnastics to get to the HEA Ahh no school like old school I willust let Sam Winchester sum it up Because why not girl It is old timey alphahole And good old fashioned old timey nympho Hispanic douche abducts threatens rapes and then marries firebrand liberated New Zealand miss And missy falls in love because of his principles which include raping and taking the virginity of a woman because her brother ran away with his fiance And the fiance is called wait for it Pilar So aggressive gender role enforcement check Sweet stereotypes without character development check Rape but it was so good that she loves it check Blaming the liberated woman for her husband s unhappiness check Killing of said liberated woman conveniently and blaming her for complaining about patriarchy check Holy angsty monotone with bad editing What is not to louv I know this is Harveyland and sky is the limit to find a reason to fall in love with a cruel abusive heromy favorite type however this book was so boring heroine to fall in love with a cruel abusive heromy favorite type however this book was so boring heroine attitude to peopleevents was soooo silly The only things that make me give two stars were Hero s dialogues with hview spoiler Why do you want me to love you Juan To make my revenge sweet he said cynically releasing her It must be so must it not I am the ogre who forced you into his marriage bed with threats and blackmail There can be no other reason for me to desire your love except that it would further humiliate you and your brother if you loved the man who raped your innocence Yep he was in love with h during this lovely tete a tete sigh hide spoiler I liked this romance but it disturbed me that they slept in separate bedrooms Even in the end when she was in his bedroom he didn t allow her for once to sleep in his bed I always thought that married couples should share same bed and bedroom or is it ust me that needs physical nearness to feel an emotional connection. Ng her was realYou can't prevent me from doing what I want with you Juan said harshly I'll keep you shackled close to me Kaara until you learn to love the chains that bind you. ,
Ut worst of all was the lack of clear motivation for hero s constant blowing hot and cold Though he tries to explain it all away at the conclusion of the book I could not for the life of me figure out his bouts of anger followed by charming episodes followed by rage followed by suaveness Did he enjoy or loathe her smart mouth Did he want her to be afraid of him or not Did he want her to fall in love with him or not Did he or did he not pine for his ex fiancee
His Explanation That He 
explanation that he not call out the ex s name in an agonized way during his sleep rather it must have been ust another word that sounded like the ex s name was not convincing at all given the fact that he called out that name not once but almost every night according to the heroine And of course he gives the heroine s brother the ultimatum of giving him back the ex fiancee he stole from the hero in exchange for the heroine s freedom He explained that one away by saying he was ealous of the bond between the heroine and her brother whom she obviously admired and loved and by proving that her brother would choose his own wife over his sister he hoped to sever that brother would choose his own wife over his sister he hoped to sever that so heroine would then have no choice but to fall back on the hero and become totally dependent on him with no risk of heroine trying to run away Ooooookay That s not weird at all Right Moving onI accuse HPs of having too many cardboard cut out stock characters and I constantly admire authors effort to at least try to create complex layered characters but here it wasn t that the hero character was ambiguous he was frankly opaueOverall despite its plot and character holes I did enjoy Wife in Exchange than Response based on the strength of the writing alone but I must say that this trope is ust too illogical to suspend my disbelief even in a plausibility free zone like HPlandia A real bodice ripper with a erk as a hero and a spineless doll as an heroine Its such a boring book that i wanted to stop reading it in the first chapter but i kept going to stop reading it in the first chapter but i kept going did not get better Soo bored Her brother runs of with the H girl so he sends for the h and when she gets there the H tells her that hes gonna rape her but she gets to choose whether she gonnw be his mistress or his wife She chooses wife and so she becomes a titled rich wife of the H and they have lots of great sex and the h falls in love so now her angst start because the H is not in love with her but he s been calling amorcita which means love in Spanish since chapter 2 or 3 so yeah even the angst felt kinsa fake I dont know And telling me the h is independent and defiant but making her a martyr for her brother is stupid And this book only works because the H is a rich attractive man because if he was not rich or attractive he would be a creepy rapist HE LOVED HER ALL. Ive woman of old a victim of the Spaniard's lust for revenge against her brotherFear clogged Kaara's throat so that she couldn't speak It was like a nightmare but the man faci. ,
Pretty crazy old school Maybe I should give it stars ust for that He kidnaps her and threatens to rape her in revenge for her brother making off with his fiance Instead that He kidnaps her and threatens to rape her in revenge for her brother making off with his fiance Instead He kidnaps her and threatens to rape her in revenge for her brother making off with his fiance Instead marries her so that the revenge will ust go on and on Then he proceeds to treat her like crap He was totally domineering sneering and lord of the manor He kept telling her that she was such a complaining child and couldn t she find something to do A good spanish wife would be happy And I m thinkin A real bodice ripper old school Harleuin Read it if you enjoy a cruel alpha hero and a sweet heroine Can t finish this book so I will not rate it As far as I could manage to read the characterizations and conversations are stupendously unrealistic h goes Oddly the second book this week that presented me with a revenge plot against an innocent bystander heroine to redress a perceived grievance for something her brother has doneThe previous book I read with this plot was Response by Penny Jordan In that story The Arrogant Autocratic Greek Tycoon arrogant autocratic Greek tycoon seduces the virginal English Rose heroine even forcing her to admit she has fallen in love with him then cruelly dumps her the morning after he takes her virginity telling her the whole hoax was a revenge scheme against her brother whom the hero believed was his sister s rapistHere Robyn Donald gives us an arrogant autocratic Spanish tycoon who tricks the modern and liberated but still innocent and virginal New Zealander heroine to his lair on the fictitious Pacific island of Melindi which looks suspiciously similar to Hawaii if it was ruled by a throwback to Spanish ConuistadorsThe heroine s brother s crime in this story is that he eloped with the hero s betrothed So hero planned to rape the heroine as revenge However ten minutes after he meets and experiences this red headed firebrand who rightly slaps his face and douses him with his own champagne he decides she is wife material His revenge will now be complete because his brother and his new bride will forever have to live with the guilt that their happiness comes at the cost of heroine s lifetime of misery being at the beck and call of a man who does not love her nor does she love Plus he gets to have hot firebrand sex and beget a couple of heirs for his dynastysigh As usual the logic and common sense in HPlandia abound Though Robyn Donald s version of the revenge on sister of man who defied you is a lot better written than Penny Jordan s it is by no means less trainwrecky It is almost of a hot mess because there are so many tangent threads left unconcluded or at least not satisfactorily concluded a flirtation with an OM a catty distant cousin OW a former mistress with her own demands on hero a depressed neighbour a haughty aunt a mistress love nest right on the property etc He was a man without mercyKaara knew that before the night was over she would become Juan de Carvallos's possession Abducted held prisoner she would be ravished like some capt. ,