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When Smiles Fade [E–pub/Pdf]

Loved from the day she was born Brutally abused by her father Pepper and verbally abused by her mother Valerie She wants to rotect her younger sister Gracie she can not even think of her sister going through what she

DidAs Emma Matures The Memories 
Emma matures the memories her abuse haunt her they hound her to no end Soon she has a vengeance she no longer wants to be the victim She takes off and hopes to begin a new life Along the way she makes new friends learns that trust is something earned not givenShe finds it is not easy to be young and on her own but with her hatred of her father and mother she hardens her heart and does what she must to survive A very emotional read We are brought into the mind of Young Emma by Paige Dearths masterful writing with vivid and often graphic detail I could actually feel what Emma was going throughI will be reading Believe Like a Childalso by Paige Dearth Having reviously already read and reviewed one of Paige s heart wrenching books I knew when she announced her new book that I was in for another rollercoaster of a rideWhat leaves you breathless about Paige s books and this is no different than the first is the amount of emotions you find yourself going through as a reader From the total unexpected anguish that you didn t see coming from the first age to the bubble of hope as you travel on a journey with these characters and find yourself crossing your fingers for a happy #endingPaige gives her characters a surreal uality that is rare in other books Taken from experiences of her own as #gives her characters a surreal uality that is rare in other books Taken from experiences of her own as as the sensitive matters of such issues Dearth manages to mould all the ieces in to a Electric Machines and Power Systems pottery of delicate artwork You feel You cry You hopeBonds of family are tested again in this novel as we see love between siblings bubbling hatred for those who have wronged Emma and a desire to no longer be the victim but rather to do what it takes and not let life drag you downI couldn tut this book down something that s becoming glaringly obvious with every book of Paige s that I Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (White Angel Murder pick up and I hope everyone elseicks this up too and feels the way I felt and so many other readers tooOn a side note I just wanted to add somethingPaige first got in touch with me in March 2012 reuesting me to read and review her bookThe sincerity and reality of Paige s book and Paige herself touched me I like so many others now read her book and a year on she emailed me to let me know that her first book had won the National Indie Excellence Book Award 2013 I couldn t be happier for an author to get such an award and hope that there s many of those to come Paige s way Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram If you like sad books that don t have a happy ending or very many happy really at all then this is the book for you It s gruesome and very cold hearted I just wish there was happy moments and not so gruesom. Situations she must overcome in the course of her journey she faces every challenge that comes her way in her uest for a normal life for herself and for those she lovesFinally a The Fundamental 5 person emerges from within that guides her toward a better life until she learns of a secret that sets her on theath of ultimate redemptionWARNING18 Readers Only Graphic content and subject matt. Tinues to let him back into her life At some oint can t we just see her be the heroine of her own story Ugh I m sorry but I got so angry as I was reading this I kept cringing over every stupid thing she did to ut herself and Gracie at risk and keep them there I would cringe even every time she said how much she wanted to "protect Gracie and then Izzy and keep them safe Really Huh Not seeing "Gracie and then Izzy and keep them safe Really Huh Not seeing It was a trying read So tiring and so repetitive Rape rape and some rape It was the same thing in every #Chapter Like Holy Shit Calm DownFTC I #Like holy shit calm downFTC I this book for free through Goodreads giveaway To me it seemed like it was capitalizing on shock value The reader is supposed to go Oh no while eagerly reading all the overblown horror Of course kids are born in to cycles of terrible abuse I have known several eople who were severely abused in their childhood But the reasons seemed trite and unrealistic Parents usually simply do it because it was done to themand because kids are a burden No big reasons like blame for their own failures are needed And in the end it doesn t justify killing anyone except in self defense I am not sure if killing in self defense if you chose to The Team Handbook put yourself into a dangerous situation could even be called self defense It all seemed overblown and foolish Paige Dearth has a way of writing about tough subjects that mosteople either gloss over or simply skip altogether She does not retty it up she just writes what needs to be said And although the books she writes are fiction I have no doubt that there are girls and women out in the world who can relate to what she is not afraid to write about When Smiles Fade is the story of Emma a young girl growing up in an unloving abusive family Her father blamed her for his own mistakes her mother lived in a fantasy world The only love she receives is from her little sister Grace who she tries to rotect from the worst of the abuse Years of abuse leave Emma untrusting and wary and her choices in the years to come reflect those feelings While Emma does not always make the right choices she makes the ones she can live with and she feels are the best for her and those she loves Once again Paige Dearth s characters come alive in this book The emotion she is able to elicit from her characters and Adorkable pass on through her words is incredible I love how the characters lives in this story intertwined with the characters from herrevious story Believe Like a Child While the two books are completely stand alone the story lines overlap and it was fun to see the interaction between the two While this book is not for the faint of heart I am once again glad that I had the chance to read it A story like this sticks with you long after the last age and makes you grateful for the life you have When Smiles Fade Paige DearthEmma Murphy was un. Onger control the impulse to fight back and finally takes matters into her own handsHaving learned the art of hatred from her father and the mastery of manipulation from her mother young Emma now sets out to make a better life for herself leaving the memory of the abused child she had once been behind her Hardened by the heartless brutality she encounters and the dangerous.

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DNF I won t be finishing THIS SYNOPSIS DAD COMES HOME DRUNK Synopsis Dad comes home drunk #up kids rinse repeat with minor variations until daughter kills dad with oison #kids rinse repeat with minor variations until daughter kills dad with Science in Ancient Egypt poison as of theoint in the book at which I am giving up daughter contemplates killing Mom s new How To Take Care of Your Human Pet pervert boyfriend withoison No great writing here no interesting To Be Read Before Midnight plot twists I realize many children live with abusive fathers and I m sorry for them I did not have that experience but this book has not helped me understand or empathize any than I already do and there are better books to move on to Darkretty gruesome and at times tough to read But the story is well written This is my 2nd read by this author so I knew what to expect I like how the characters overlap between books Paige Dearth is a masterful writer in this section of child abuse because of her involvementexperiences However we understand that repetitive rape happens over and over again its hard for the child hard for all involved and hard to stomach at times by the reader I didn t have to choose to read this I could have turned my back on the book however Paige Dearth has a knack of keeping me drawn in good or bad In some instances I did find a few things not needed to be repeated as I felt like shouting OK I got it Emma I am just not sure what to feel or think of her Damaged is the word I would use Of course she is damaged after what she has been through but to grow with the rage she feels I understand fully She is on her uest for a normal *life but can she find it and what is out there for herWith a subject matter as *but can she find it and what is out there for herWith a subject matter as I cannot say I loved the book of course not but I did like the way it was written apart from the repeats which I did find annoyingIf your stomach can take reading childhood sexually explicit rapeabuse then this book is OK but if not because it has explicit repetitive abuse just be warnedI would like to thank AuthorBuzz Via Net Galley for the chance to read this for a review I get that there are horrible Christian Healing Rediscovered people out there who do horrible things to othereople Do we really need to What Lies Beneath (Newbury and Hobbes, push the issue so hard The childhood tragedy was enough for Emma to have to suffer through At whatoint do we say that s enough rape for one book Also at what oint do I get to uestion Emma s decision making She s a victim who is so strong and tough that she takes out not one but two of her abusers then disfigures her mother to show that she is not a victim any Then she just lets herself be a victim again repeatedly I m sorry but if I truly don t want to be a victim any and if I truly have only my little sister s safety and well being at heart why would I allow some dickhead like Ethan to come into my life and make me a victim I get that abusers are manipulative and controlling That may explain her falling for him the first time But why should I accept the fact that she con. Alternate cover editionASIN B00B8XPVL6Young Emma Murphy kills eople but only if they deserve to dieEmma's father's coldblooded beatings and the ultimate abuse to which he subjects her lays the foundation of the Heroes Ghosts person she becomes As she matures into a resourceful teenager she is unwilling and unable to stifle her desire for revenge Reaching her breakingoint she can no When Smiles Fade
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