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What They Found Love on 145th Street (PDF)

The final chapter attempts to xplain the need FOR LOVE WHILE THE WORLD BEYOND OUR OWN love while facing the world beyond our own yard A young soldier from the Harlem neighborhood struggles to survive physically and motionally in the middle of the violence in Afghanistan Love offers an oasis from the horrors of war Each chapter shares a story and many of them overlap and intertwine as readers are reacuainted with the neighborhood of 145th Street WHAT THEY FOUND is a welcome companion to the first collection or stands very strongly on its own Fifteen short stories and there wasn t one I didn t like My favorite was Madonna the touching story of a teenage mother raising her nine month old son alone Letha wanted to know what it was like to have sex then immediately regretted the choice she had made Her first time wasn t about love but she had much love for the child that was conceived Being poor didn t stop her from taking care of Amari She did the best she could with what little she had because her son meant the world to her But although she loved Amari than anything she thought of herself as nothing special It took Billy Carroll another teen in the neighborhood to help her to see her good ualities Erika LawrenceMyers WD 2007 What They Found Love on 145th street New York NY Random House IncShort StoriesPrintSelection Process Something About the Author Detroit Gale ResearchReviewWhat They Found Love on 145th street is a compilation of short stories based within a specific location in Harlem The stories revolve around characters within the surrounding area including the Evans Beauty Shop This is a book about a neighborhood and the people that live there The stories vary from finding first love to losing a long time love to xploring cautionary tales and stories about heroes Abeni and Noee are sisters who are positive characters that make good decisions and want meaningful lives They are searching for love but is it in the wrong place Pat is only Revived eight years old and takes care of her mother and younger brother How will Pat continue to carry so much responsibility Gaylee is an honor student with the goal of attending college She dates Malcom and finds out that he is hiding something that could change her future Calvin is having troubles but he thinks the best way to handle it is through violence Corporal Curtis Mason is deployed to Afghanistan and wonders if he will make it back home as he watches soldiers around him lose their lives These short stories are well written and vividly described This book is recommended to those in their late teens thatnjoy young adult literature and short stories A collection of short stories from one of the great authors These stories are all about love husband wife parent child siblings neighbors and friends The stories work great separately for readings and also paint one large mosaic picture of Harlem and this community Readers who liked Street Love will like seeing characters they are already familiar with. Way to help her brother and her family Other stories center on the daily drama of the Curl E ue beauty shop or capture the slapstick side of passion From the Hardcover diti. I have read only the first story in this collection titledthe fashion showbar b uegrand opening memorial serviceI personally think that the theme is that people have a different way of celebrating death for xample having a church ceremonial or like in this case they have a grand opening of a beauty salon and a bar b ue this case they have a grand opening of a beauty salon and a bar b ue for MrEvansThis xplains that i personally think that the theme is veryone has a special way personally think that the theme is veryone has a special way doing the celebration of death I really loved this book It s the first I ve read from Walter Dean Myers but have heard a lot about his writing This book was a great first read This is a collection of short stories with characters all from the same neighborhood ven the same street 145th Street I loved how all the stories were connected in come way and I got an in depth look at this neighborhood without a straight storyline directly connecting all the characters I think students would appreciate this collection because it still has the semblance of one story similar to The House on Mango Street which I would likely read in conjunction with this book The writing was beautiful and realistic and I think the stories were interesting no matter where you re from but present characters that inner city students don t often see This is a companion to Walter Dean Myers 145th Street Short Stories By the time I received my copy of What They Found Love on 145th Street and found out about the former it was already too late Although I wasn t impressed by the first story in What They Found the stories that followed got better so I decided to bump my original rating of 3 stars to 4 This notable collection features 15 short stories that illustrate different kinds of love and how it can be found in unlikely places Sometimes funny and sometimes sad these stories celebrate the life love and sorrow of a community and its people Considering there wasn t A Heart of Stone even a hint of a talking rodent robot or spaceship in this book I liked it a lotLinked short stories some heart breakingly sad some light and funny A major character in one story might be a minor character in the nextAnd available as anbook from the Ottawa Public Library While reading this book which is a collection of short stories I was drawn in by the interesting diverse lives of people all coming from the same place It shows you that though you may come from the same place as other people you have the advantage of making your own story The book was well written and being a ninth grader I don t know if that means much I would definitely read the book again and probably find something new that I hadn t seen before It s the first time in a while that I have sat down and really read a book Of course based in the title of the book all the stories had love in them Some type of love story seems to always have to be in a book or a movie which to me makes it so cliche but for this book I can make an xception Elizabeth JoseMyers W D 2007 What they found Love on 145th stre. WALTER DEAN MYERS returns to the world of 145th Street Short Stories to show how love can be found and thrive in the most unlikely places Curtis finds love in Ira as he strug. Et New York Wendy Lamb BooksGenre Short StoriesFormat

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Process Goodreads They Found Love on 145th Street is a series of strategically written PrintSelection Process Goodreads What They Found Love on 145th Street is a series of strategically written stories about the lives of the people who live in Harlem New York where lives can sometimes be found to be cold hard mpty and desperate yet also inspired and touched with glimmers of hope by the people around them Through all of this they all xperience love in various ways seeing it through different lensesWalter Dean Myers author of the book manages to seamlessly weave the tales of the characters of all different ages from one story to another Some are witty and wise others foolish and bitter Yet in ach of these individuals are seen the fragility of human nature that grounds them when it comes to love Tough guys shed tears uiet introverts find bravado and big talkers find that the cat has got their tongue all in the name of love in one form or anotherThe stories are filled with character and personality from beginning to Divertimento end While reading the stories I found myself transported back to the younger days of myducation when I spent time at a magnet school of a large metropolitan city and was xposed to people from all walks of life I saw myself sitting and reading by an open window hearing the sounds of traffic and people walking by Feelings of being at home washed over me and I found myself substituting some of the characters in the book with people I had known growing up Myers ability to create these feelings in the reader is what sets him apart from other authors There is a certain poignancy portrayed through the pain in the stories and he makes you feel as if you are a part of itFor those looking for a different kind of read that will transport you into the bleak bitter reality others sometimes that will transport you into the bleak bitter reality others sometimes while simultaneously nlightening you to the moments of brightness in a world of darkness look no further Myers has Promise at Dawn exactly what you seek in this collectionRecommended Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomI reallynjoyed 145TH STREET SHORT STORIES when it came out uite a few years ago so I was anxious to read this new collection of stories Once again Walter Dean Myers takes readers into the world on 145th Street WHAT THEY FOUND revisits the characters of the previous short stories and updates their lives The central theme of WHAT THEY FOUND is love Each story shares a relationship romantic love sibling love parental love and The stories are flavored with Harlem life as only Myers is able to capture There s the frustration of loving a brother who is a constant disappointment to the family Leading a life of drugs and crime takes its toll on love There are relationships in the making and relationships beginning to crumble Myers describes the tough love of women raising babies alone or trying verything to hang onto the father of a child Some relationships beat the odds stacked against them while others continue to xist only in dreams. Gles to stay alive in a war he doesn't want to fight and Letha discovers her own beauty in the love of her child There is the good daughter who realizes that there's only one. What They Found Love on 145th Street