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What a Dragon Should Know (DOWNLOAD)

Was pretty entertainingDagmar for those of you who don t know is sually referred to as The Beast and considered one of the most dangerous people to cross in the Dragon Kin series Even the dragons are afraid of her but not because she s the least bit physically frightening Nope She s one of those cold calculating schemers that topples kingdoms and evil sister in laws without ever breaking a sweatSo how does an apparently air headed pretty boy win over a lady like thatWell you ve gotta read sweatSo how does an apparently air headed pretty boy win over a lady like thatWell you ve gotta read bookDuh Know your audienceBy the time the readers hit a book number 3 in a series they have certain expectations In this case we want outrageous and funny dialogue crazy bloodthirsty characters and plenty of dragon sex Unfortunately this book decided it was time to go deeper or maybe it just wanted to expand the world and story How dare you try to make shifter smut seriousInstead of getting my favorite dragon Gwenvael s story we get everyone else s continuation of their stories with a dash of Gwenvael thrown in What a rip off Screw you lifeAnd considering that Gwenvael s mate is nicknamed The Beast we really should have had a full book on them But nooooo we had a full book on Talaith the Bitch but the Beast gets the short end of the stick AND we had too many scenes with Talaith the Bitch being a bitch in this book too What the hell Is she such a bitch that she bitch slapped the author into writing her a storyline in someone else s book and her little loud mouthed daughter tooNeedless to say I need to step away from Dragon Smut Land for a bit I ll get back to it once I feel less ragey Maybe GA Aiken s Dragon Kin series continues to capture my heart and keep me The Impatient Virgin up night after night WHAT A DRAGON SHOULD KNOW is Gwenvael and Dagmar s book Dagmar is the only daughter of The Reinholdt and she is a mastermind politician who simply kicks ass While she isn t like my favourite warrior Annwyl the Bloodeen Dagmar still fits in with these fierce warriors in her own way With her spectacles and her modesty Gwenvael can t believe that he is meeting The Beast of the Northlanders However with her iron will and sharp tongue Dagmar really holds her own amongst the warriorsI was really looking forward to Gwenvael s book He was a character I loved from the very Beginning I Loved His I loved his attitude his jokes his sluttiness and his loyalty Dagmar and Gwenvael were an Engineering Thermodynamics unlikely match but they really endedp being a great couple Though the romance in this novel isn t always the main focus their love was still strong and believableWhat I love about this series is that we see previous couples come back and we see their relationships continue to develop So that means we see a lot of Annwyl and Fearghus as well as Breic and Talaith Futher Aiken also sets p future books with Keita and Izzy and E I m really looking forward to Izzy s bookI guess my Dragon Kin obsession will continue because I ll be diving straight into the next book right after this I just can t get enough of these witty sexy dragons Plain Jane Bold Genius Heroine Meets Hilarious Too Pretty Dragon Shifter Hero They are one of my favorite couples of all time and I have reread this book so much that if it wasn t on my Kindle it would be falling apart There is nothing about this book I don t like The chemistry is of the charts The adventure is compelling The banter is to die for I love the calculating nature of both leads though it manifest in one in charm and they other in coldnessOh is this book funny And they are perfect for each other And there are dogs. Out the Beast aka Dagmar Reinholdt is a woman one with steel gray eyes and a shocking disregard for my good looks Beneath her plain robes and prim spectacles lies a sensual creature waiting to be nleashed Who better than a dragon to thaw out that icy demeanorAnd who better than a beast to finally tame a mighty dragon's hear. My main issue with this one is that it felt like Gwenvael only had a supporting part There were so many other characters and side stories going on I felt the romance between him and Dagmar was a secondary plot Me no likeySo I m deducting a star The steamy parts were excellent but not enough I am not interested in the other plots either so I ended A Wedding at the Italians Demand up skimming after awhile Sigh Dagmar was a fabulous female character I m not an Annwyl fangirl either so her part in this was just so so for me shrugsI am curious about Eibhear so might read his story He s my next favorite after Gwenvael but I don t really care for the female he s getting setp to be with EhBut Gwenvael is definitely on my book boyfriend list I lurv himI did enjoy all the humor my book boyfriend list I lurv himI did enjoy all the humor this one Much better than the previous bookOriginal postCome to mama Gwenvael I liked this book Read almost every word too and very few books can make me do that It has to be interesting beautiful compelling humorous writing that makes me do that This book falls into the humorous categoryWhat I lik Audio April 2020 Laughed out load Cried and loved it all over againAudio July 2018 I laughed a lot Gwenvael Dagmar are just great together See review below As for the audio well it s superb The narrator brings out the characters personalities This is one of my favorite books in the series The Gods come out to play and the babies arrive Lots of fun 5 What a Dragon Stars What a Dragon Should Know is book three in the Dragon Kin series by GA Aiken I absolutely love thee s dragon This series has captured my heart and keeps me coming back What a Dragon Should Know is a re read for me I love diving back into this world Dagmar is the only daughter of The Reinholdt She is a masterminded politician that kicks ass and can hold her own amongst the warriors with a sharp tongue and iron will Gwenvael the Handsome is the most fun loving of all the dragons next to Eibhear No one takes him seriously and that he ses to his advantage I loved his attitude and sluttiness along with his loyalty to family The author always finds a way to make the leads complement eachother especially when they are an nlikely match What I love most is that you feel the connections between the characters whether they are family friends or mates The love that flows with the romance is strong and believable The humor and banter is always great fun to read about and we get to see previous couples come back along with seeing how their relationships continue to develop I will always come back to this series I can t get enough of the fun loving witty sexy dragons I highly recommend pick A Perfect Evil (Maggie ODell, up the Dragon Kin DNF at 60%Shock Dismay Outrage Discombobulation This book is naught but Bloody Boring Blah Blah Blah B andnlikable as fish characters What the bloody stinking suid happened to the humor in this series that s what I want to know Dragon Actually was hilarious as shrimp but this one Ugh and meh and blah and bleh yes I know I m a poet Not only was it NOT funny at all it was also NOT deliciously OTT as fish And that is The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, uitenacceptable if you ask me Because the only thing that can make a series like this one somewhat bearable moderately survivable and not kill it with fire material is its ridiculously ridiculous survivable and not kill it with fire material is its ridiculously ridiculous So turn it into a way too serious for its own good story and what you get is a clich d as fish dull trite Extra Strength Boredom Extravaganza ESBE It would have been bad enough if the author had focused only on the two Super Extra Uninteresting MCs SEUMC I didn t give a fish. Only for those I love would I traipse into the merciless Northlands to risk life limb and my exuisite beauty But do they appreciate it Do they say “Gwenvael the Handsome you are the best among s the most loved of all dragons” No For centuries my family has refused to acknowledge my magnificence as well as my innate humi. ,
What a Dragon Should KnowAbout but to make things worse she decided to dilute the shrimp out of her Her Yawn Worthy Story By yawn worthy story by endless digressions about every single bloody dragon in the series How tremendously exciting indeed And to make worse things even worse there are no Wondrously Slaughterous Shenanigans WSS in this story And scandalous still not a single batshit crazy character on the premises Which considering that my girlfriend Annwyl the Bloody is part of the cast is slightly very ite disgraceful and stuff ESPECIALLY when you know what an ever sobbing pathetic powerless wimp Aitken dared turn her into here My scrumptiously nbalanced bloodthirsty girlfriend a pitiful whining weakling I THINK NOT Nefarious Last Words NLW done done done with this crap series I am indeed Thank thee kindly says my ever grateful TBR shelf Also this book is 384 pages long That s 380 pages too bloody many if you ask me Book 1 Dragon Actually Book 2 About a Dragon I ve caught p on all the books and this one was my reigning favorite I wasn t sure about our handsome Gold at first and I was making faces at the fact that Dagmar was described as plain Because that just seemed to easy to predict butHOLY CRAPI laughed so hard throughout the entire novel I loved their relationship chemistry and dialogue They made sense to me I loved both characters and appreciated that while the plot was moved along our two little liars relationship wasn t forgotten Anyway this one was my favorite of the Dragon Kin series besides Ailean s book and later on Vigholf s book 5 stars for Gwenvael my personal whore All I can say is that this book is probably the best in the series At the moment I have YET TO READ KEITA THE VIPER AND EIBHEAR THE to read Keita the Viper and Eibhear the s my sweet baby story Here are some of the scenes that made me LOL literally If this doesn t make you want to read this I don t know what will Enjoy What are we doing with him Briec asked eagerly Are we throwing him out a window Let s throw him out a window Or off the roofWe re going to take him to Annwyl Won t our mother notice if he no longer has his headShe ll notice Fearghus answered ignoring Gwenvael s struggles The estion becomes will she care Briec to FearghusDagmar tried to stand and Gwenvael caught her hand pulling her back down You can t leave me I m tortured and brooding You need to show me how much you adore me so I can love myself againYou never stopped loving yourselfBecause I m amazing Gwenvael to DagmarP S I love how Gwenvael wakes p screaming I didn t touch her when he s startled Same goes for Dagmar who says It s not a lie Not The Kings Sister uite as super funny as some of the other installments but still excellentM kay Not to poop on the parade but I had to do some mental editing when it came to our heroLet me explain whyGwenvael has long blonde hairNow when I think of long blonde hair on men my mind wanders into two distinctly different directions A Growr And B I Can t Believe It s Not Butter Alrighty it s not just long blonde hair thoughGwenvael is described as having blonde hair that comes below his kneesTo me this isn t sexySo I veryickly pulled out my mental scissors and gave that boy a trimYou re welcomeAnd now that I had my Gwenvael I could let the lust fest beginOh and also focus on the person that I really wanted to read about Dagamr ReinholdtDagmar has always been one of my favorite characters in the other books so finally getting a chance to read her backstory was awesome She was just as impressively devilish as I thought she d be and seeing how Gwenvael the Handsome won her over. Lity Yet for them and because I am so chivalrous I will brave the worst this land has to offerSo here I stand waiting to broker an alliance with the one the Northlanders call The Beast A being so fearful the greatest warriors will only whisper its name Yet I Gwenvael will courageously face down this terrifyingwoman It turns.