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[Vanished Smile The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa] Pdf Á R.A. Scotti

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Ices and complications The painting vanished practically into thin air one afternoon leaving the French police scrambling for suspects some of whom included young Pablo Picasso and Guillame Apollinaire and going on a WORLDWIDE SEARCH FOR THE STOLEN PAINTING search for the stolen painting of the French detectives in charge of the case was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and used the case to test his theories on fingerprinting in order to solve a case The ntire world meanwhile went into straight up mourning for the lost painting The ventual culprit was caught but seemed like such an unlikely criminal Mastermind That No One Believed He Had that no one believed he had done it Years later a new story surfaced that revealed the real reasons for the theft but hang on ven that story might be a lie Even decades later Unseen City experts aren t surexactly why the Mona Lisa was stolen There are theories but nothing has been conclusively proven yet If you ve never heard that the Mona Lisa was stolen and are seriously intrigued by the story then RA Scotti s book is a great crash course on the heist She describes the painting s notoriety pre and post theft goes into detail about the various suspects and their motivations and discusses the history of the painting itself such as who Mona Lisa really was and how da Vinci painted the work The story reads like a Hollywood heist story and it s a lot of fun I have only two gripes first the story is only 227 pages long so Scotti doesn t go into as much detail as I d have liked when she discusses the theories behind the theft and also Scotti s narration has a tendency to run towards the melodramatic Mona Lisa had been spirited away leaving no forwarding address to the point where I would read a breathlessly dramatic sentence and Art expect to hear the CSI Miami theme song start blaring from the pages Also in this version the Mona Lisa is basically a character and Scotti writes like it s a person that s been kidnappedMen had been coming to court her for years bearing flowers notes and poems She accepted their attentions democratically but gave nothing in return just the same half smile She conferred it on allually A promise a tease a warning No man could be sureThis is a painting Scotti s writing about A painting It got annoying painting Scotti s writing about A painting It got annoying to keep reading about the Mona Lisa being referred to as her It s a painting Scotti not a human being Try to calm down over there It s hard to believe but it s truein 1911 the Mona Lisa disappeared off the wall of the Louvre Museum in ParisAnd it was gone for two years There were few clues only a doorknob that had been taken off the door the protective case that had God Is in the Crowd enclosed it and a left thumbprint police only took right thumbprints at the time No reuests for money No signs of it in the world Gone So how did the museum get it back And where was it for those two years A fascinating true mystery for all of us who love Paris Scotti achieves near perfection in a book that I anticipated finding little interest but was overwhelmingly surprised with the fluid writing style and thorough research that seemed to coververy uestion I could surmise about its topic This is a history book from which many other writers could take notes when it comes to presentation Its Holmesian mystery was interwoven with facts from Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard every angle that kept menthralled throughout and left me curious as to Scotti s other works which I will soon be in. The latest methods of criminology including fingerprinting tried to trace the thieves a burgeoning international media hyped news of the heistNo story captured the imagination of the world uite like this one Thousands flocked to the Louvre to see the mpty space where the painting had hung They mourned as if Mona Lisa were a lost loved one left flowers and notes and set new attendance records For than two years Mona Lisa’s absence haunted the art world provoking the uest. ,

Vestigating Do yourself a favor and check her out Nineteen
"eleven was a "
was a of grand scapades In the boatyards of Belfast a magnificent new ocean liner was under construction Its builders boasted that it would be unsinkable In Antarctica Captain Robert Falcon Scott was trudging across a frozen plateau to the South Pole the Union Jack folded in his Pack dreaming of making history and in Paris a plan was brewing to pinch the most famous painting in the world Of these three grand Notes for the Everlost escapades the first seemed assured of success the second likely and the third not only improbable but impossibleThis is a book about the theft of the painting by Leonardo Da Vince whose disappearance from the walls of the Louvre in 1911 caused a ruckus unlike any paintingver or since has caused I did see the Mona Lisa twice in the Louvre once in a uite moment in the morning and the first time among a few busloads of Japanese tourists Yes she is something special so I understand the sentiment that this little painting has createdAnyhow this book is about the theft the politics in those years close to the beginning of WWI how the French police never cracked the case at all but in their investigations we find a certain Pablo Picasso who was involved with theft from the Louvre It also contains a decent amount of history about the Mona Lisa and its travels to the current place she is atThe writer does offer us some When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) explanations about the theft and yet tells us as well that the story of the professed thief might not be accurate there are far interesting stories but it is impossible to find the truth about what really has happenedIt is a well written book about a fascinating theft of a fascinating painting and the writer himself does paint a very good portrait of the periode it happened What happened took place in a time before the world caught fire and that is also part of the tale of the theftA verynjoyable and historical interesting tale that is real live crime and a great document of a certain time in our historyVery No Biggy! enjoyable This is the story of the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911 It s an interesting series ofvents but you can get all the information about it you need from the wikipedia article which I strongly suggest because the uality of writing in this book is abysmal The author cannot resist adding flowery melodramatic and freuently nonsensical descriptions that practically writhe off the page The whole thing calls to mind a ninth grader desperately trying to pad an Crush It! essayHere s anxampleNight like liuid velvet settled over the mansard roofs innocent if a night is ver innocent A night is young but never innocent and as Sunday merged with Monday and the city awakened to a new day the game that would stun Paris and astound the world was afootSo wait is The Night Innocent Or Not night innocent or not I think that s really key to the crime here This is a reasonably interesting non fiction look at the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre I actually had never heard of this situation but it was fascinating to see how crime was researched and solved in the arly 1900 s mostly using interrogation and some crime scene Deep Listening examination Photography was just starting out so in this situation the very first mug shot was taken And the same investigator also began using fingerprints trying to solve the crime with his limited collection First read 2014I need to reread this. Ion Was she lost forever A century later uestions still lingerPart love story part mystery Vanished Smile reopens the case of the most audacious and perplexing art theftver committed R A Scotti’s riveting ingeniously realized account is itself a masterly portrait of a world in transition Combining her skills as a historian and a novelist Scotti turns the tantalizing clues into a story of the painting’s transformation into the most familiar and lasting icon of all tim. .

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Vanished Smile The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa