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They can t cohabitate then guess what gets jettisonedMe Alright wiseass You agree that reasoning backwards is not good So this is another one of those pointless exercises you re so fond ofThem But the ata has been politicized If you think those numbers are inerrant then I have a bridge to sell you And listen it s a trade off between economic loss and loss of life and I think feelings have a great What Happens to Our Trash? deal to say about proper governance in that situation Score another one for feelingsMe Iidn t say we shouldn t have fucking feelings As a matter of fact I m advocating against loss of life by telling you not to attend that meeting on Klingon and its applications to erotic role playing I m only making a case for responding intelligently to a situation of extreme uncertainty I The Pursuit of Mary Bennet don t think we have perfect information But what information weo have makes very clear that you re a Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, dumb shit if learning how to say Can I play Pterodactyl when I m about to go In Klingon is important than slowing the spread of this virusThem Well here s the thingMe I ll kill youThem WhatMe I will artfully tie your testicles into a balloon animal and smack you across the forehead so hard that your shoelaces explodeThem whatMe I made myself perfectly clearThem You know how I feel about String TheoryMe WotThem I thought of hiddenimensions when you mentioned balloon knotsMe WHATThem A Calabi Yau manifold specificallyMe Wait a minute This is me isn t itMe WhatMe I will use your Fallopian tubes as an N95 surgical mask if you try to step out that Shooting for a Century doorMe whatMe You know how I feel about GiraffesMe WotMe That Dawkins book was great yeaMe I loved itWhat s this book about Well if I had to encapsulate it in a flimsy lipid membrane I say it s something like ATCG But if I felt oddly compelled to share my thoughts with strangers on the internet I I, Partridge d say something like There iseep beauty hidden within the seemingly mundane aspects of our Shadow of the Templar daily reality that most of us fail to apprehendue to what Dawkins calls The Anesthetic of Familiarity an intense beauty that makes the ramblings of mystics and untethered romantics look embarrassingly uaint by comparison It is all around us and available to anyone motivated by genuine curiosity to utter perhaps the hardest phrase in the English language I Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light don t know And from there you can begin to learn a bit about the natural world the scope of its complexity and the thrill of knowing how shit works As an added bonus an appreciation for the time and effort it takes to actually know something will help you better prepare for existential shocks in the form of pissed off proteins With any luck your willingness to combatumbfuckery will spread exponentially and lead to a informed society less enthralled by smoke and mirrors and savvy on the nefarious schemes of microorganisms and garden gnomesThis book is about how the splendor of the natural world beats all that Mickey Mouse Bull Suash people produce out of ignorance prejudice superstition and oing too many whippets so badly that its shoes go flying off with tangential force eual to a supersonic centrifuge filling with enriched pain precipitating out of liuid regret Have you ever seen someone take an ass beating so bad that their shoes ended up on a nearby roof Well let me tell you about the first time I took the

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s name vain Actually no Let me share this bit with you from my Science Daddy Richard Feynman I have a friend who s an artist and has sometimes taken a view which I on t agree with very well He ll hold up a flower and say look how beautiful it is and I ll agree Then he says I as an artist can see how beautiful this is but you as a scientist take this all apart and it becomes a ull thing and I think that he s kind of nutty First of all the beauty that he sees is available to other people and to me too I believe Although I may not be uite as refined aesthetically as he is I can appreciate the beauty of a flower At the same time I see much about the flower than he sees I could imagine the cells in there the complicated actions inside which also have a beauty I mean it s not just beauty at this imension at one centimeter there s also beauty at smaller The Darkness dimensions the inner structure also the processes The fact that the colors in the flower evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting it means that insects can see the color It adds a uestionoes this aesthetic sense also exist in the lower forms Why is it aesthetic All kinds of interesting uestions which the science knowledge only adds to the excitement the mystery and the awe of a flower It only adds I Flyboy don t understand how it subtracts Retrieve your shoes with this book Written a few years prior to The God Delusion this book serves as a useful bridge for anyone familiar with Dawkins s atheist output but unfamiliar with his scientific titles His critics often like to portray him as arrogant hectoring or that other old chestnut shrill and overly absorbed with the cold clinical application of the scientific method Well he may not be cuddly and I may not agree with his approach to everything but for the most part I find him genial honorable and good natured and this book essentially a non religious celebration of life and the scientific methodisplays his warmth and humanity in bucketloads as it reveals how a greater understanding of science enlarges rather than A Dark Sicilian Secret diminishes our sense of wonder This was enlightening beautifully written and highly recommended I know I will read it again Enjoyed this book a lot especially the chapters on how humanselude themselves or allow others to elude them including newspapers that include astrology columns That seems very fitting for todays world where politicians yell fake news if they on t like the story about themselves The final chapter is really great as well about memes and "Language I Would Love "I would love praise Unweaving the Rainbow Science Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder as a layman s introduction to the wonders of science The premise of the book is that the scientific view is not the bleak and cold perspective that it has a reputation for In support of this the book is chock full of little tidbits th. Omy and genetics to language and virtual reality combining them in a landmark statement of the human appetite for wonder This is the book Richard Dawkins was meant to write a brilliant assessment of what science is and isn't a tribute to science not because it is useful but because it is uplifting.

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The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels,
Unweaving the Rainbow Science Delusion and the Appetite for WonderThe first half or so was amazing and the rest was still really interesting especially the end if not uite as exhilarating At the same time you have to remember that even that powerhouse of scientific poetry Carl Sagan had some Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography dry chapters every now and then Someryness At the Italians Command definitelyoesn t make it any less worth the read and its mild anyway Overall this book was extremely enjoyable and a breeze to get through 45 stars will probably be 5 on the reread As a person unlearned well okay let s be honest frankly ignorant in science I enjoyed this wide ranging book Dawkins largely achieves his aim to show that an understanding of the science of phenomena can create a sense of wonder eual to mythic or poetic metaphor with a concomitant gain in understanding and an increased Oh Baby! desire to know still and to look askance atelusions that are unsupportable in light of what we know and continue to learn Not every chapter is strong The part on bad science metaphors is not as interesting as the rest and serves simply as an attack on a view of evolution on which he Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, disagrees Those well versed in science might find passages to carp at For the interested non scientist this book is engaging and a useful primer on many topics Keats no mean explorer of knowledge in spite of hisismissal of Newton s optics as an unpoetic unweaving of the rainbow would I would bet enjoy this book mightily once he became current with the growth of scientific understanding since his time A weak book from Dawkins Regardless of his ideas being right or wrong he is a bad writer and here he is worse than ever He stumbles from the banal to the sublime to the complex to the simple to the popular to the academic without even noticing that One page you are reading a very important theory and in the next paragraph h The actual science bits in here are great Learned heaps about the workings of light and colour sound and hearing was even reminded that the idea of superstitious behavior in animals is attributed to Skinner and not sadly my own idea Much geeky excitement experienced all round by yours truly Dawkins The Maid of Lorne does a fine job of explaining complex ideas clearly and wellThat s what was good about Unweaving the RainbowSadly what feels like way than half of the book was spent painstakingly trying to argue people out of believing in astrology ghosts remote viewing etc using logic and scientific fact Its starts about one third the way in My problem with this is threefold1 Dawkins is assuming that logic and scientific fact would have persuasive power for anyone believing in what he calls superstition or ad hoc magic And really why would it I think believers would be the first to point out that this sort of thing is beyond the purview of science2 Dawkins assumes that theseeluded people are reading his book I can t say for sure but personally I would be surprised if a iehard believer in ESP or astrology would be interested in reading Dawkins explanation of Fraunhofer lines the electromagnetic spectrum and other fairly hardcore sciencey topics that fill the first third of this book Seems like a ifferent sort of audience So he ends up preaching to the choir and there is something rather uncomfortably self righteous about this Not to mention How to Become a Virgin dull3 Dawkins Ion t mean to be unkind but I can t think of any other to state the fact embarrasses himself when he wanders out of the world of science and into literature and the humanities Critiues of the scientific accuracy of Wordsworth poems or a fantasy story by Mark Twain are cringe makingWhat Dawkins Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, doesn t understand about human psychology is a lot I think his whole crusade against religion has been a waste of a good scientific mind and hasone a lot of The Bosss Baby Surprise damage to theiscussion His "aggressive ismissive and
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approach has put people on the efensive and "dismissive and Command Performance disrespectful approach has only put people on theefensive and an unfortunate exampleI was hoping for a lot wonder of science Instead I felt like I was getting lectured at Length For Something I Didn T Even for something I Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, didn t even Whato I care about astrologyAnyhow I was hoping for wonders of science and less railing Disappointing Better books on science and wonder that I The Perfect Blend d recommend One of the Goodreads reviews on this book relates simply that the writer of the review had been on a cruise ship with the author prior to reading the book When she DID read the book she regretted that sheidn t o some kind of small violence to his person while on the cruise with himIn many ways that sums up my take beautifully This was the most interesting book I ve ever espised Certainly I have a brain not suited to the exigencies of science But when he wasn t losing me in a web of convoluted explanation he was was looking Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss down his nose at me like a curmudgeonly professor who is inordinately piued that an average undergraduate had the audacity torop by Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] during office hours and ask a stupid uestionThat said I learned a lot and while Iid not become a convert to his thesis that science can be as beautiful as poetry I will admit that were my brain suited to the beauty of say probability I would have been in ecstasy while perusing the pages of this tome In Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, discussing how weiscover our world we arrived by being born and we Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm didn t burst conscious into the world but accumulated awareness gradually through babyhood The fact that we slowly apprehend our world rather than suddenlyiscover it should not subtract from its wonder And maybe that s where he lost me I haven t accumulated enough awareness to see what he sees And to believe what he believes But condescension Whispers Of The Heart does not encourage me to become aware It encourages me to shrug and go back to my music or my poetry or my philosophy All of that said there were several aha moments some I never knew that before aha some I never thought about it that way before aha and some I had totally forgotten about that aha Like his analogy about how expansive the earth s past is Fling your arms wide in an expansive gesture to span all of evolution from its origin at your left fingertip to today at your right fingertip All the way across your midline to well past your right shoulder life consists of nothing but bacteria Many celled invertebrate life flowers somewhere around your. Did Newton unweave the rainbow by reducing it to its prismatic colors as Keats contended Did he in other wordsiminish beauty Far from it says acclaimed scientist Richard Dawkins; Newton's unweaving is the key to much of modern astronomy and to the breathtaking poetry of modern cosmology Mysterie. Right elbow The The Dukes Gamble dinosaurs originate in the middle of your right palm and go extinct around your last finger joint The whole story of Homo sapiens and our predecessor Homo erectus is contained in the thickness of one nail clipping As for recorded history as for the Sumerians the Babylonians the Jewish patriarchs theynasties of Pharohs the legions of Rome the Christian Fathers the Laws of the Medes and Persians which never change as for Troy and the Greeks Helen and Achilles and Agamemnon Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, dead as for Napolean and Hitler the Beatles and Bill Clinton they and everyone that knew them are blown away in theust from one light stroke of a nail fileIn my opinion that ualifies as scientific poetry But that s because it takes an idea and sketches it with metaphor and examples that are accessible and understandable to my way of thinking And Dawkins too often refuses to stoop to that levelFor example consider this uote from astrophysicist Chandrasekhar beauty is that to which the human mind responds at its Let Go deepest and most profound Indeed Of course I left out the beginning of the uote which talks about math and how it relates to nature That s not beautiful to me I understand why it s beautiful to those whose brains process mathifferently But my brain Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition does not work that way My mind responds to aifferent beauty Does that make my idea of beauty any less valid Dawkins would undoubtedly say Yes Then he Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh d kick me out of his office and grumbleiscontentedly as he adjusted his suspenders and wandered back to his Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward deskBut when Dawkins DOES lower himself to my level and speak my language he pulls me right in hisiscussion on coincidence and how in our multi media age we are likely to see a pattern where there is none was eye opening And his fascinating riff on the fact that science is an affront to common sense made me smile in satisfaction For example every time you rink a glass of water you are imbibing at least one molecule that passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell there are many molecules in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in the sea solid matter even a hard iamond consists almost entirely of empty space Another riff that gave me pause was Dawkins take on God s covenant with Abraham He How to Disappear didn t promise Abraham eternal life as an individual But heid promise something else And I will make my covenant between me and thee and will multiply thee exceedingly and thou shalt be a father of many nations And I will make thee exceeding fruitful and I will make nations of thee and kings shall come out of thee Abraham was left in no Act Like You Know doubt that the future lay with his seed not his individuality God knew his DarwinismThat is what I was looking for in this book Someone with the title Professor of the Public Understanding of Science should really like average thoughtful humans a bit than Dawkins seems to And if one is going to celebrate theiversity of life one should also celebrate the A Guide to Americas Sex Laws diversity of ways of looking at life We can t all think like Dawkins It is hubris of Dawkins to expect all of us to try And to belittle us when we fail Rather he could have made his case for why his way of thinking is a valid and valuable addition to the layers of awareness that allow us to continually find beauty in our universe But toiscount and belittle "The Other Ways Of Finding Beauty Was "other ways of finding beauty was mistake He should have calculated that in some sort of euation before he published Dawkins makes a strong case for those of us who believe that scientific literacy not only oes not have to come at the price of aesthetic appreciation but can actually enhance it Put another way good science inspires good poetry The sense of wonder we feel when watching #the sun set should if anything be enhanced if we are aware of #sun set should if anything be enhanced if we are aware of physics of light reaching our retina the 93 million miles the light had to travel to reach us the ability of the light to at times be refracted into a rainbow etc Science can also correct bad poetry or metaphors he oes a good job of showing why an understanding of the arbitrary position of stars light as it reaches us should argue against astrology and is as unrelenting against numerology postmodernism and religious fundamentalism Anyone who appreciates Bill Bryson will enjoy this book The author gives one of the most cogent explanations I have read for our propensity to overweight anecdotal statistically insignificant eventsMy only gripes about the book were his tendency to assume the reader has as much knowledge of and fondness for Keats and Byron as he seems to have and his apparent impatience for those who lose themselves in their metaphors looking for meaning in random physical events I believe only a minority of people can tolerate the anxiety that comes from confronting their smallness in the universe a universe that if it is ruled by a eity oes not apparently need to be as Stephen Hawkings so aptly illustrated in a Brief History of Time Have you ever while sheltering in space time under threat of a belligerent snippet of information enclosed in a flimsy lipid membrane sat on your porch A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World during the rain and tried toerive from first principles how it is that a rainbow forms Trying to Anthropology as Cultural Critique discard all the things you ve learned aboutroplets of moisture and the refractive index of light Imagining how you Anyone d interpret the phenomenon from a position of scientific ignorance For me this brought to mind two things First that Keats should ve had his testicles artfully tied into a balloon animal and smacked across the forehead so hard that his shoelaces exploded Second this conversation that I had recently with a friend who was thinking about attending a large social gatheringMe Don to itThem I feel like everything will be okayMe Well I m glad you FEEL like everything will be okay That s little consolation for those of us who choose to glad you FEEL like everything will be okay That s little consolation for those of us who choose to with reality Facts on t care about your feelingsThem ActuallyMe Oh godThem You re proceeding off the assumption that facts exist as free floating rationales independent of human minds and that we are creatures primarily motivated by reason When in fact research indicates just the opposite So in a very real sense facts o care about my feelings and if. S Boggs don't lose their poetry because they are solved the solution often is beautiful than the puzzle uncoveringeeper mysteries With the wit insight and spellbinding prose that have made him a best selling author Dawkins takes up the most important and compelling topics in modern science from astron.