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Two Sirs for Sasha

Cooper McKenzie ☆ 2 Characters

A does not have An Extensive Plot Or extensive plot or character development but it is a fine book to while away a couple hours of timeReview copy provided for an honest review Payton and Gavin have been looking for that perfect woman so far they have been left wanting but when Payton find Sasha putting p a dom wanted poster in the men s room all bets are off Very enjoyable short read 35 4 starsNice little menage BDSM story but was way *Too Short Could Have *short Could have a much better story if there had been substance and storyline Fluffy BDSM Not much Ds The test was stupid Undeveloped and too short Hot Damn Cooper McKenzie has done it again 18 read big time Two sexy hot Doms looking for one female sub to share their life with Fyi the males are straight they just want to share their love with a woman togetherand boy they make one hell of A MATCH DROOL I HONESTLY CAN T SAY. match drool I honestly can t say. and Peyton are best friends business partners and Dominants They are looking for a submissive woman able to share their passion and enthusiasm for the Ds lifestyle Finding a female submissive in the men’s room posting an advertis. Shadow s review posted Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsTwo Sirs Pleasures Book ReviewsTwo Sirs Sasha is a frothy little read 9 in the author s Club Esoterica series but able to stand on its own For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde uite nicelyGavin and Peyton catch Sasha puttingp a sign in the men s room at Club Esoterica indicating that she is looking for a Dom and decide Scary Stories 3 uickly that she needs two Doms them They have been searching for some time for a woman who is willing to putp with two Doms at onceBut Sasha has severe self confidence issues and runs from them after hearing two other self confidence issues and runs from them after hearing two other at the club describe her as fat Can these two powerful Doms convince their sub that they really do want herThere is some very light BDSM involved in this novella but this is most definitely a m nage book although there is no contact between the men Both are focused on training and pleasing their new subTwo Sirs for Sash. Sasha McCoy is caught posting a sign in the men’s room at Club Esoteria She is hoping to meet a Dom who could help her heal from past abuse from her ex husband and father The last thing she expects is to be claimed by Gavin Wellings and Peyton.
Rebels of Sabrehill One Mother Wanted (Hope Valley Brides
Anything wrong about this author or her books They are aways sodelicious and yummyand0o NVM I really enjoy this series or her books They are aways sodelicious and yummyand0o NVM I really enjoy this series wish these books were a bit longer everything moves at such a rapid pace I really liked this one though I love this series and this was a hot and entertaining read but for me it didn t The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species uite livep to expectation I still enjoyed reading it but I felt as though the author just skimmed across things in an effort to get another book in the series out thereI d have liked to have seen made of the heroine s past and her struggle to overcome her issues These were just touched onThe sex was hot as you d expect the heroes were delicious but the plot was a bit too simple for my liking Still an enjoyable time to while away an hour or so A must read I adore this series a hope there are many stories to come I last read this from 100117 to 100117. Ement that begins Dom Wanted they think they might have found the woman
"of their dreamswill "
their dreamsWill be able to pass their tests Will she submit her happiness to them Can they keep their pace slow and easy as they teach her how to be their submissiv.

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