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Before The Legend The Firebirds Tale Pagan Babies One Night of Passion (Danvers,
A surprising revelation from the family pet I have never read any of the previous books in the World of the Lupin series but is the other storylines are similar to this novella I am going to be increased by TBR pile exponentiallyAN INCONVENIENT MATE by Lora LeighAnother installment in the Breed series this novella introduces 25year old Isabelle Martinez a member of the Navajo Nation and ruling council and Malachi the Coyote Breed male who is destined to become her mate and lover But the inconvenience of the mating heat and a hunger for between the two is the premise behind the title MALACHI AND ISABELLE ARE BOTH IN TOWN FOR A and Isabelle Are Both In Town For both in town for meeting between the Breeds and the Navajo council regarding some missing children and the Breeds and the Navajo council regarding some missing children and The Breeds suspect the Martinez family nows the whereabouts of the missing people but are refusing to divulge any information to The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, keep secret the pacts and agreements Enter Holden a man from Isabelle s past who is intent on reclaiming a woman who despises the ground upon which he walks To further complicate the scenario Holden works for a faction hoping to isolate the Breeds from society and believes himself the better suitor If he can t have Isabelle no one willI have read and enjoyed all of Leigh s Breed books and this short story welcomes another Breed male who has finally found his mate As with all of her storylines there is explicit sex and violence The inclusion of several of different characters including Rule Breaker Lawe Justice Ashley and Stygian sets the stage for the release of December s Breed book titled Lawe s Justice I can t wait for December Bodice Rippers Do not let the cheesy cover with the decapitated stubbly man torso and the strategicly placed bow tempt you into passing on Tied with a Bow If you do you will be missing out on a collection of stories both ultra spicy and sweet and some tidbits from Lora Leigh s and Eileen Wilks established series mixed in with some promising starts to series in brand new worlds from Virginia Kantra and Kimberly Frost The stories in the order that I read them Human Error by Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi connected novella Benedict goes home with Arjenie to meet her family and to celebrate Solstice and the grand explosion of culturally sanctioned greed aka Christmas I never read anthologies in order and being a huge Lupi fan I couldn t wait and jumped straight into the Benedict and Arjenie short I love those Lupi males and Arjenie is charming in her own oddball way as well this story had a nice amount of mayhem in the background and the pair s now solid bond made me want to go back and reread the last book Blood Challenge109 pagesAn Inconvenient Mate by Lora Leigh Breed s novella Coyote Breed Malachi finds his mate at an inconvenient time but will wait no longer to make her his I generally like Breed shorts since Leigh normally tones the erotism down in a bit from her full length novels This time though her story had all of the language and fluids which will be nothing new to Breeds fans but are whateep me from jumping on the Breed bandwagon even though Leigh s background plots are good Even so I still really liked the poem that leads off the story it fits with the heroine s feelings for Malachi and her feelings add a bit of sweetness that almost manages to balance the sweaty stuff For those who follow the Breeds there are enough cameos to make fans happy113 pages Upon A Midnight Clear by Virginia Kantra Children of the Air preuel Answering a dying mother s last prayer to save her young daughter costs an angel his wings Later after living years as a human when Lucien s adopted father threatens to cut him off unless he makes something of his life Lucien rebels and decides to find a rich wife instead of bowing to his father s demands Fallen angels are all the rage right now but Kantra s story added a different slant by giving us regency fallen angels instead of urban fantasy ones and I really liked this story because it had that feeling of destined soul mates without ever going to that heavy handed place that destined mate stories tend to live in98 pages First Light by Kimberly Frost connected to her new Etherlin series After finding a ring in college a Pulitzer journalist has dreamed of a gorgeous bronze man as a lover and has also witnessed his battles When she finally finds her dream man unconscious in the snow it is clear that he s not human and not a modern man but is completely irresistible in the flesh I took me a bit to get hooked on this story mostly because the world building is so ambitious The world of the Etherlin is inhabited by Muses Ventala children of a human vampire pairing Demons and Angels But when there is an extremely poignant moment for a pair of star crossed lovers which I am hoping is a set up for their own story in the series and after Frost icks it up with her leads and the background plot as well I really ended up liking this and wishlisted her series starter All That Bleeds 102 pages Review for Lora Leigh s An Inconvenient Mate onlyNormally I enjoy Leigh s Breeds stories especially the earlier one. Leigh headlines an all new paranormal roma. Tied with a Bow

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The review is only for Lora Leigh s story An Inconvenient MateBreeds 25Coyote Breeds 3Featured Couple Malachi Coyote Isabelle HumanThis Is A Very Important Isabelle HumanThis is a very important for the Breeds fans It is actually the beginning of a storyline that involves the search for a very significant rogue breed Graeme or Gideon who will have his story told in book Bengal s uest It is also the beginning of the end for Amber s story line Jonas daughter who needs to be cured Her story started a few books before and it will end a few books after this oneA Native American Reservation is brought forward to the story of Breeds Isabella is the secretary for their Elders Board and she is also family to almost *ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD HER FATHER GRANDFATHER *the members of the board Her father grandfather uncle are members of the board She should have come with a warning Look but not touch because the whole Navajo Nation will be against you Malachi is an agent in the Bureau of Breed Affairs member of a team that have come to ask permission for access to the Reservation to look for the rogue breedMalachi and Isabelle met in a Bar and they are attracted to each other straight away Malachi nows that she is destined to him he nows about the Mating Heat and he nows what to expect from their matingMalachi is a coyote He likes a challenge so even the whole Navajo Nation or all the Native Americans united will not be able to stop him from taking what he wantsThe events in this book collide with the events from the book Lawe s Justice These books should be read together I now what you re thinking I need to stop reading these Christmas romance novels I just get so excited with the idea and then and then they re just stupid Tied with a bow no exception Juststupid TIED WITH A BOW New Release Review posted November 22 2011Tied with a Bow is a 4 story paranormal anthology from Lora Leigh Virginia Kantra Eileen Wilks and Kimberly Frost Released November 1 2011 three of the four storylines take place around the holidays but not one is specific to the theme presented on the coverUPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR by Virginia KantraThis novella is a preuel to the Children of the Air series Julien Hartwell is an angel assigned to earth to bring back the souls of the dying during the plague riddled European 1700s But when a young mother on the verge of death sees the spirit of the angel she begs him to save and protect her 12 year old daughter Aimee If Julien reveals his identity to protect the child he will be banned from heaven for eternity and become one of the fallen 9 years later the now fallen angel once again rescues the now adult Aimee from a series of misadventures and mistreatment at the hands of her extended family only to realize this is the same Aimee he sacrificed his immortal life to protect We meet Aimee s extended family of aunts and uncles as well as her cousin Howard a manipulative self centered womanizer who has already impregnated one of the household staff and continues to sexually harass the young Aimee at every opportunity Julien is presented as the epitome of beauty in both his ethereal and earthly forms and we are introduced to Damon Carle the Earl of Amherst father to eleven fallen angels I enjoyed this story It was an easy read with the usual compliment of improbable love romance beautiful people a HEA and the potential for several storylines FIRST LIGHT by Kimberly FrostAnother new series launch Kimberly introduces Kate Devan a Pulitzer prize winning reportermuse who dreams of a beautiful stranger from a time long ago after she has found a blood encrusted ring Fast forward Kate stumbles upon the same man from her dreams buried in the snow now hunted by forward Kate stumbles upon the same man from her dreams buried in the snow now hunted by and demons Archangel Nathaniel and Kate begin their adventure with no nowledge of who or what he is All they have in common is the bloodied ring and group of otherworldly stalkers intent on taking both of the down to get possession of the prized antiue ringWith the introductions of Merrick Gadhreel Ice and Gold an explanation as to why archangels find it difficult to befriend a human once again the future holds several possibilities for love and desire in world of immortals monsters and angels with wingsHUMAN ERROR by Eileen WilksHuman Error is the 6th novella and 14th storyline in Eileen Wilks Lupi series Dragons demons witches skinwalkers lupin and gnomes are only a few of the supernatural beings added to the list of potential enemies and friendArjennie Delacroix from a family of Wiccan and Benedict her lupin mate return home for the celebration of Yule only to walk into a force of power that upsets the peace and calm of the local countryside When the local authorities approach the Delacroix family for assistance tracking a strange Arnhem killer Benedict s hackles are raised at the mysterious scents and unfamiliar markings not usually acknowledged by the humans Searching for theiller who is now believed to have abducted a small child Arjennie surmises a mythical skinwalker to be the prime suspect in a series of events that culminates with Benedict getting shot the Wiccans once again involved in a circle of protection and. #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora. S but lately the calibre of these super sexy books have been dropping and it s been awhile since I was truly excited or impressed The last one that really been dropping and it s been awhile since I was truly excited or impressed The last one that really my world was Anya and Del Rey s story in Coyote s Mate Tough as nails yet vulnerable heroine hard and uncompromising alpha Coyote Breed mating heat HOT HOT HOT That was it the Coyote Breeds were officially my favorite genetically engineered humans enhanced with animal DNA So when I learned Leigh s novella in Tied With a Bow would feature another sexy Coyote Breed the first since Del Rey I was pretty excited to read it Especially since Leigh only seems to give us good ol fashioned mating heat in her novellas without all the pesky new issues that seem to eep cropping in her recent novels Well it turns out my excitement for An Inconvenient mate was pretty unfounded there was nothing in was pretty unfounded there was nothing in novella to get excited aboutThis little short story was flat with the plot and dialogue feeling forced and amateurish instead of having been written by a seasoned author and at times it was even nonsensical Oh there were still throbbing clits tight nipples and raging hard ons that could only be cured with explicit sex and we all now what happens when Coyote and Wolf Breeds get it on with their mates that s why we all Love Is Blind keep coming back for but after having read 24 other Breeds stories with similar scenes even this wasn t enough toeep my full attention Maybe I should just to stick to rereading her earlier stuff to get my Breeds fix Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Taleuick Dirty Four stories that will have you wishing for your own hot holidaysOpening Sentence The angel came down in the long gallery of the Conciergerie prison the notorious an This review is only for Upon a Midnight Clear Virginia Kantra Only an angel could have resisted her And he was no longer an angelThank God I wouldn t be honest if I said this was a mind blowing read but I can tell you that it certainly had me hooked from the beginning to the end It was a sweet and beautiful short story of a fallen angel and a girl whose life he saved She taught him how to love and be loved and he taught her how to live her life passionately and fearlessly and enjoy it as much as she d like to It was so sweet seeing them together I loved how their feelings for each other gradually grew and also the way their romance bloomed Such delightful moments I must be grateful to God or the Fates who brought you to me again when I was in need You said once I had saved you But in truth I need you to save me Overall it was a lovely read I m glad I picked it upRecommend for fans of historical romance Lora Leigh story only I got this book because of Ms Leigh s edition to the Breed series I have been a huge fan of the Breeds as soon as I read the first one and that carried throughout most of the series However I had started to feel like the series was getting tired towards the end and that perhaps it was time to cut them lose but eep finding myself saying just one this will be the last especially as I had thought that the last installment Navarro s Promise had improved from the previous fewI am also not a great fan of short storiesNovella s and try to stay clear of books with than 2 stories inside as I am usually frustrated and disappointed with the length of the stories but I am glad that I did go on to read this as I really felt it was getting close to the original Breed stories that I had loved Of course I wish that it was longer but I still enjoyed it none the less and will go on to read the next installment Lawe s Justice which is due out next month Ratings only forVirginia Kantra 3 Not a bad story just not greatLora Leigh 425 Short story but enjoyable to read I still enjoy my Breeds Anthology I can read about demons aliens vampires serial illers threesomes shapeshifters but I can t read about angels I just have this block and a loud voice in my head yelling NEXT so of course two of these stories are about angels Since I won t read these stories my rating was not affected "by their deletion Of the two stories I read I loved them and purchasing this book " their deletion Of the two stories I read I loved them and purchasing this book worth it just for those two stories1 Upon a Midnight Clear by Virginia Kantra Not read2 First Light by Kimberly Frost Not read3 Human Error by Eileen Wilks Arjenie and Benedict go to visit her family during the holidays and things do not start out great In fact her uncle pulls a gun on Benedict Then they find out that her cousins may have unintentionally brought over a bad spirit that is out to get their family Great story I just love the Lupi series 4 An Inconvenient Mate by Lora Leigh Isabelle sees Malachai at a bar and can t look away She even walks up and makes some suggestive remarks to him which is out of character for her Malachai realizes that she is his mate but needs to wait until after a meeting with her family about access to their tribe s files before he can do anything about it I like these books so much better when the women or men don t fight it Yes a little trepidation is good but to fight it tooth and nail is so futile Really good short story. Nce anthology that turns up the holiday he.