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[PDF] Three Years with the Rat

Azy path those two already Passed *THROUGHNEVER IN THE STORY *THROUGHNEVER IN THE STORY LEARN *in the story have learn the young brother name despite the fact that he is the main character He s always called by names given to him by others DangerLittle BrotherScruffy and it seems that actually he is being shaped by others Always looking up to his sister he is confused when she disappears As he proceed in solving the mystery of their research and disappearance he finds himself tooTotally recommended if you enjoy mental games Scientist writes book about temporal conundrums and existential meaning Heady trippy stuff I found it somewhat pretentious with a number of unfortunate sentences a strangely sidelined central uest an unmanageable climactic reveal and an overall tonal drabness Rats I generally love these sorts of books and I do give Hosking credit for taking on such an ambitious project but do give Hosking credit for taking on such an ambitious project but it s too early in his career to do so He has an MFA in Creative Writing as well as various other degrees such as PhD in neuroscience and he s currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard doing r Father Time Time is weird It dilates sometimes creating chasms other times seeming to defy a gulf of years Jay Hosking s novel reminds us that if it s not nice to fool with Mother Nature then it s positively dangerous to mess with Father Time Our main character is pretty much a regular guy ust trying to have a life and put his difficult upbringing into the past He is at a crossroads of sorts a time when many paths are possible We have all heard about the implications coming from uantum physics that suggest the possibility of multiple universes If a subatomic particle conceivably exists in than one place at one time then it s possible that big collections of such particles like us might have similar possibilities Our character is buffeted by these ideas but is The Red Hat Society Cookbook just trying to make his way through He reminds me of a noir character who isn t as concerned so much with solving the mystery as he is withust surviving In this way Hosking presents fascinating ideas without ever getting bogged down The format of the book cleverly enhances the ideas in it This is a well thought out in this beautifully realized book I won this from the publisher in a GR giveawayThis was a very interesting story some aspects of it reminded me of Stranger Things which was cool because I loved that show The mystery was intriguing and kept going right up to the end One thing that I found a bit strange was the format It is set up so that each part tells the story of three years in reverse order 2008 2007 2006 So at times there are things that happen in 2008 that don t make sense until you read the 2006 chapter It is a good way to keep readers intrigued and keep the mystery going but it was a bit confusing at times Overall I enjoyed the book and felt that everything was wrapped up well I didn t care much for most of the characters but I feel like that was likely intentional I would recommend this for anyone that enjoys thrillersdarker mystery or science fiction. To uestion time and space itself and ultimately toward a perilous confrontation at the very limits of imaginationThis kinetic novel catapults the classic noir plot of a woman gone missing into the 21st century city where so called reality crashes into speculative science in a novel reminiscent of Danielewski's House of Leaves Three Years with the Rat is simultaneously a mind twisting mystery that plays with the very nature of time and the story of a young man who must face the dangerously destructive forces we all carry within ourselve. ,
Acters are well developed and compelling especially the main trio of Grace John and the narrator The narrator is ignorant when it comes to all the science which is good for the reader we can see things through his eyes and get the explanations along with him when they comeThis is a cool trippy novel Hosking deals with themes of science time mental health relationships and reality gracefully He handles all the different topics with eual aplomb Three Years with the Rat is a real treat to read and I highly recommend it And the title is perfect Read it and see for yourself A mind warping thriller that will make you uestion reality as you conceive of it One of the most assured and haunting debuts I ve read in recent memory A very impressive debut novel by Jay Hosking with a mind bending and compelling story that s not afraid to tackle science science fiction philosophy and s not afraid to tackle science science fiction philosophy and don t know magical realism To be honest I m not sure I fully understood what happened in the endThere are several buts though First of all the characters felt flat and lifeless for the most part the one character I was rooting for was actually Buddy the rat Secondly the non linear approach to describing the events constantly changing from 2008 to 2006 in no apparent logical order that I could grasp anyway made it very confusing to follow the plot I wasn t sure most of the time when things were taking place and it was annoying to be honest The premise is very intriguing the uestions it poses are very interesting and exciting but the overall execution leaves uite a bit to be desired It s not a long read so give it a shot maybe you will be able to make sense of what actually happened Then come and tell me please Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay *As Well As The Owner Of CCLaP *well as the owner of CCLaP is not being reprinted illegallyThe promotional material for Jay Hosking s Three Years with the Rat claims that the novel is reminiscent of Mark Danielewski s House of Leaves but as typical with this kind of stuff that s simply a lie in fact the one and only thing the two books have in common is that they both feature a space that s bigger on the inside than on the outside Other than that this book consists of not much than a fairly pedestrian coming of age tale plotted with the immaturity of a Young Adult novel and featuring dialogue that badly suffers from Joss Whedon Syndrome a book that hits all the notes you would expect from such a story boy moves to Big City boy makes new group of friends boy gets into first serious romantic relationship boy brea This is what I call a delicious readA Sci mystery twists conflicts and self arguments This book is full of them Story is about a young brother who comes back to the city after some years and start hanging out with his sister her boyfriend and their friends His sister goes missing one day and after a year the boyfriend goes missing too To try to search and find these two the young brother steps in the cr. E he finds camaraderie romance and even a decent obBut it soon becomes clear that things are not well with Grace Always acerbic she now veers into sudden rages that are increasingly directed at her adoring boyfriend John who is also her fellow researcher When Grace disappears and John shortly thereafter the narrator makes an astonishing discovery in their apartment a box big enough to crawl inside a lab rat and a note that says This is the only way back for us Soon he embarks on a mission to discover the truth a pursuit that forces him. Im sorry but this book had the bad luck to be the one *I read before ACOWAR came out so I went through it pretty fast *read before ACOWAR came out so I went through it pretty fast from what I can tell t his story was pretty much all over the place maybe is one of those books that you need to sit down and calmly read The story meddles with physic aspects philosophical uestion and weak characters not a good mixture But there were glimpses where the story shines and the intricacies of the story are actually a plus Maybe I didn t like it as much because it reminded me too much of house of leaves which I didn t like but if you did then this book is for you This is an intriguing read and yet I never really was too taken with it It s a short book but a slow read even though it kept me interested Really nothing much happens and there is no discernable climax A strange book filled with science and yet probably best classified as magical realism The plot concerns time and a woman scientist who wants to discover how time can be experienced objectively rather than subjectively In simplistic terms she wants to stop time so she can experience life on her own terms to spend time alone without the constraints of real world time The book covers a three year time span in a non linear manner with each chapter taking place during one of those three years We follow her life and how she drags her boyfriend and brother into this experiment with her I can t say much but overall the book was easy to read but meandering and I never got involved or liked any of the characters making the read ust ok for me Three Years with the Rat is a very cool book It s really well written brilliantly conceived and elegantly constructed It s the kind of story you want to get to the heart of and it delivers on all counts Jay Hosking is an exciting innovative writer Three Years with the Rat is told by a nameless narrator an aimless young man who moves to Toronto to start a new life close to his brilliant sister Grace Grace and her boyfriend John are psychophysics grad students who are working in a lab on a complicated experiment involving lab rats Our narrator falls in with their friends gets a girlfriend and gets a new Sequins and Spurs job Butust as his life is looking up his sister begins to have a nervous breakdown She disappears John has a troubling breakdown of his own and then also disappears All that s left behind are some mysterious boxes one of the lab rats and some other inexplicable elements of their experiment Along with a note from John for the narrator which reads This is the only way back for us The narrator must figure it all out if he ever wants to see Grace and John again or even ust discover what happened to themIf you like the movie Memento or any Christopher Nolan movie the format of this novel will appeal to you Each part is divided into three chapters with the first set in 2008 the second in first set in 2008 the second in and the third in 2006 Seeing events unfold chronologically backwards makes it a thrill to connect the dots and piece together how things ended up the way they did The char. A young man's uest to find his missing sister will catapult him into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets in this provocative genre bending and page turning debutAfter several years of drifting between school and go nowhere obs a young man is drawn back into the big city of his youth The magnet is his beloved older sister Grace always smart and charismatic even when she was rebelling and always his hero Now she is a promising graduate student in psychophysics and the centre of a group of friends who take Little Brother into their fold wher. Three Years with the Rat

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