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(PDF) Three of Us Three of Us #1

Hs to read Now that the second book is out I finally read it I do not real cliffhangers until all books are out This was honestly awful No thanks lol The Heat and tease is ONNNNNNNNNNNNThe Audley twins Levi and Zeke are in love with their sassy girlfriend Livvie but because their relationship is uniue they are waiting till she turns 18 years old and certain that they are what she wants The twins are also keeping their words to Livvie s mother Sonia but it s so much harder since Livvie s now on campus with them There hometown didn t see a problem with their unit relationship but on the nosey college campus people are talking and not in a good way But the Audley brothers are not having it and the people who offend Livvie Audley brothers are not having it and the people who offend livvie pay be it male or offend Livvie pay be it male or you re looking for two very OTT alpha twins with caveman tendencies who are loyal possessive and v 35 StarsLevi Zeke and Olivia have been in a relationship for three years both Audley twins and Olivia knowing they ve found their soulmate butthey ve never ven kissed Sounds weird right But Levi and Zeke are stand up guys completely devoted to their woman and they promised her mom they d wait until sh. devoted to their woman and they promised her mom they d wait until sh. Mpus where the two men have been hiding out for the last two years while somehow still keeping tabs on her very move she will shake their world Levi and Zeke made a promise to Olivia’s mom they wouldn’t touch her until she was ready They’re not sure what tha. Typical college romanceChildhood sweethearts twins menage all virgins waiting for the right oneLight and fluffySuper cute Very steamy and hotFrom the first page to the last page you will love this book It s hot rotic and filthy Two brothers twins at that and the girl they have loved since she was 15 A sickly sweet MFM story I have a slight issue when the two Males In The M Nage Are Relatedbut That S Just in the m nage are relatedbut that s just I found the heroine to be uite immature and found myself rolling my His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, eyes uite a lot at some of her actions Unfortunately I didn t love itn Hot and so very sweet All three are virgins but those boys sure don t act like it Now it nds and I wouldn t call it a cliff hanger since there are no unfinished business like wait there s to their story to come Lovely trio 4 starsIt s rare for me to read a m nage because I have several boxes that need ticked read a m nage because I have several boxes that need ticked order for me to njoy it this hit it out do the park for me The biggest being they have never shared before I always want that to be something special between the heroes and heroine No cheating they only had Pursuit of Justice eyes forach other all virgins no Dangerous to Touch epilogue was which was why it took me several mont. 
Olivia is ready for two things college and her men Despite dating the Audley twins since she was fifteen it’s been a chaste relationship No matter how she tries to tempt them Her men haven’tven kissed her and she’s tired of waiting The minute she hits ca. E was truly ready for what being with them means It kills them Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude every day to wait to not be with her like they want to but for her they d do anythingOlivia loves Levi and Zeke than the world and wants to be with them forever but she s tired of waiting to start that life with them She appreciates them honoring their promise to her mom but she s known for years what she wanted from and with them Now that she s joined them at college and herighteenth birthday is only days away they re all counting down until officially being one unitBut what was accepted back home is met with ridicule and insults lsewhere and Levi and Zeke can t help but worry how that will impact Olivia They needn t worry though as she s a ride or die girl All that matters to her is them and vice versa If people can t handle that she doesn t need them in her people can t handle that she doesn t need them in her anywayOne click now and follow along as this Unconventional Relationship Proves Real relationship proves real perseveres and can overcome any obstacles in their way of their path to a HEA On a side note I do have to say that Olivia referring to them as boys got uite repetitiveI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this boo. T means but they know they will wait forever just to have her The problem is that Olivia keeps testing their vows It’s hard not to give your girl what she wants when that’s all you’ve ver wanted to do The minute the clock turns midnight though all bets are

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Three of Us Three of Us #1
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