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T and entertaining read and I was really glad to have found this book as it gave me some fun hours copy courtesy of the publisher and obtained through NetGalley Ladies after reading this book from the absolute ueen of romance sizzle and sensual passion I will never be able to look at another fictional hero in the same wayThe character of Nick was incredible and I loved him to the point of distraction Seriously ladies I am still wiping drool away from my lips the man was simply delish The plot was one that the stuff pretty woman dreams are made of Hallie

TO FLIRT WITH AND WHEN DROP DEAD GOOD flirt with danger and when drop dead good make me weak in the knees take me to bed right now I am ours to do with as ou please Nick makes her the offer of a lifetime she jumps at the chance head first or rather falls into his arms and falls lips first for his to die for kisses But of course she does not bargain that being Nick s pretend wife for a week wil Having read the previous shorter version Wife for a Week I admit to being massively distracted while reading this book and probably spent time figuring out what had changed than actually settling back to enjoy the story Which is a shame because it s a lovely and witty romance the hilarious exchanges between Hallie and Nick still made me smile their chemistry is still off the charts and expanded length gave room for the JasmineKai secondary romance to have so much depth I ve a feeling it will be a much better re read for me the next time I revisit this mini series and this is a great intro to the Bennett familyEstara s review Has A Major Caveat In Terms Of a major caveat in terms of one event was handled note spoiler which is a fair point One of the most cutest book i ve ever read 3Its truly amazing and NICK DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY HOW AMAZING AND JOSS AND HOW SEXY HE ISI D BE FANGIRLING OVER HIM FOR DAYSThis relationship is perff and i read it nonstopI couldnt take my eyes off the bookIts a bit oshlil but still man the storyline s is just fabFirst e A fabulous rompI loved this story Kelly Hunter has the ability to make me laugh but also have a tear in my eye The plot surrounding the mix up with the vase was inspiredthe sub plot of the noble Kai and the delightful Jasmine made me want the book to be twice as long and to deliver a HEA for them too I read this because I discovered Kelly Hunter through the recent four kings series This story did not disappoint Geniu. Raditional Valentine’s Day proposal but she’s hardly a traditional girl Maybe a week in the high life with a man to match will be just the ticket Just as long as she doesn’t start wishing the ‘I do’ is realExpanded version of Wife for a We. A shoe store and nothing exciting seems to be happening in her life so when Nick and his mum walk into the shoe store and Nick offers Hallie to be his pretend wife for a week to seal a deal in Hong Kong excitement seems to have walked into Hallie s life After borrowed rings and living the high pretty woman life Hallie forms new relations and Gets Into A Deadly TwistThere Has To Be Something With into a deadly twistThere has to be something with and fairytales I felt the marriage offer was uick since they just met a few minutes ago I enjoyed the witty banter between Hallie and Nick and it started as soon as he walked into the shoe store The twist developed towards the end put a spin on things I also enjoyed the inclusitivty of Jasmine Tey s story she was a huge element in Nick and Hallie s story so it was great to read her personal story it was an entertaining read I actually really enjoyed this book Mills and Boon gets a bad reputation for producing formulaic trashy fiction but I think The book begins with Hallie working in a shoe shop when Nick comes in with his mother Clea While Hallie helps Clea to find a shoe Nick asks her to go with him to Hong Kong for a week and while there pretend to be his wife Because Hallie needs the money she takes the offer When they get to Hong Kong we are introduced to Jasmine John and Kai John is a very overprotective father to Jasmine due to an incident in the past and Kai is Jasmine s personal bodyguardI have to say the beginning felt a little rough I mean after 15 minutes Nick asks Hallie to pretend to be his wife and go to another country with him It was a bit forced to me Other than that I really liked this book There is a lot of witty humor I chuckled a lot while reading Nick and Hallie bantering away The light relationship development between Nick and Hallie was beautifully contrasted with Jasmine s plot Being sheltered all her life she earns for freedom a freedom her father keeps denying her Further her relationship with Kai is at a turning point and everything seems so fragile that a single false step could destroy any chance for themI also loved the little so fragile that a single false step could destroy any chance for themI also loved the little plot developed towards the end While it was not heavy this is chick lit after all it played an important role in making clear how far Nick and Hallie had gone in their relationship not to mention the fun moments provided by this plot I would never have guessed the motivesAll in all it was a very ligh. A Hermes handbag; women saw and women wanted even though they knew the price was going to be astronomicalHallie Bennett likes a challenge though – and his offer is tempting 5000 if she pretends to be his wife for a week It might not be the most Li really enjoyed the shorter category this was based on and was a bit distracted figuring out what was added here but for me this was the first read although I ve read other books by Kelly Hunter and uite like her in generalThis book has the great strengths again the snappy dialogue and just basically nice people usually found in a Kelly Hunter book the suspense plot that was there came into being because of the heroine s lack of knowledge of Hong Kong customs so I forgave her even though I totally called what the problem would be view spoilerIn a surprising turn which wasn T Addressed And Might Be A Dealbreaker addressed and might be a dealbreaker some readers the conseuences of her misstep are fatal for an innocent bystander hide spoiler I m going to write a detailed review later but for now I ll say that I loved this book The writing was superb the humor intelligent and well placed both main characters were likeable and just imperfect enough so that the reader could feel them as real people and not fantasy creatures The plot especially in the beginning was a bit unrealistic but in this kind of book it did not bother me in the least The first half was decidedly humorous than the second half but it s a book that never becomes too dark or maudlin anywayThe secondary romance was almost as engaging if not as the main one and I m looking forward to reading Kai s and Jasmine s story And I do sincerely hope that Mrs Hunter plans to write Tristan s Hallie s brother story as well because I want to learn about himSetting London and Hong KongMain plot Fake marriageMain heroes A handsome millionaire who luckily for us doesn t deny his feelings to the heroine with his dying breath and a bit ditzy spontaneous but clever loving and strong heroineSex scenes a few sexy and uite well doneHighly recommended if ou want to read something to make up our moodHallieNick aka the Hermes bagD ARC provided by NetGalley My very first of Kelly Hunter And I got this book as a birthday present from one of my first of Kelly Hunter And I got this book as a birthday present from one of my Nurmawati Djuhawan aka Chiko Well she offered me to pick any book and I just picked this offered me to pick any book and I just picked this Merely because I looooooooved the cover Little did I know that it s the same book as Wife for a Week Ha Not that it matters What I loved The Cover obviously Nick Kai the theme Hallie JasmineAnd I can t wait to read the rest of the series for I want to know about Hallie s brothers D review to come Hallie Bennet works at. The perfect Valentine’s giftAs far as women’s fashion accessories went he was spectacular A black haired cobalt eyed dangerous looking toy who no doubt warned ou outright not to bother playing with him if ou didn’t like his rules He was like.

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The Trouble with Valentines

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