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He Taking Of Annie Thorne There were so many Other Things That Tudor Could things that Tudor could had happen to Annie during her disappearance than the explanation that s given and the book would have been effective tooA lot of the dialogue is contrived with too much self conscious wisecracking and clumsily executed sarcasm that s never actually particularly witty I also just couldn t engage with the crime related subplot of this book in which Joe is entangled with a sinister gangland igure to whom he owes a substantial amount
"of money i "
money I t think it s particularly well executed and it jars with the rest of the bookWhile I didn t ind Joe Thorne remotely likeable I didn t need to in order to care about what happened to him He s a selectively unreliable narrator of course and his choices are consistently poor both in childhood and as an adult but I Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) found him interesting in particularly his relationship with his little sister is somewhat ambiguous in its intensity The horror elements of the novel are while derivative than I d have liked also very effective and the multiple twists towards the end of the book were not something I saw comingThe Chalk Man is a much accomplished and subtle work so much so that it makes me wonder if The Taking of Annie Thorne was actually writtenirst overall I was disappointed All that said I ll certainly look out A Ranchers Redemption for CJ Tudor s third novel and I m sure she ll make a return toorm I Enjoyed this book it was well written and had good suspense however the plot was ar too similar to Pet Semetary by Stephen King so there wasn t much originality in my opinion I was uite disappointed because the summary really by Stephen King so there wasn t much originality in my opinion I was uite disappointed because the summary really me Would not recommen. Ontents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition Fast delivery through DHLFedEx express. Novel Her horror tinged psychological Thriller The Chalk Man Was The Chalk Man was of my avourite reads of 2018 and was widely praised even carrying an endorsement A Mother in the Making from Stephen King who saw in it echoes of his own workThe Taking Of Annie Thorne is really horror than thriller Joe Thorne a teacher with a shady past returns to the Nottinghamshire mining village in which he grew up to take a job at hisormer secondary school He s short of money or reasons later revealed and decides to rent a cottage that nobody else will touch primarily because it s the site of a recent horrifically Gruesome Murder Suicide Carried Out By The Very Teacher Whose murder suicide carried out by the very teacher whose job he s illing Arnhill like so many villages all but destroyed by pit closures under the Thatcher government is a miserable place with a general air of insularity and neglect and when Joe was growing up there also the scene of an appalling His Pregnant Christmas Princess family tragedy involving the disappearance of his little sister an unsolved mystery which tore the Thorneamily apart Which raises the obvious uestion if Arnhill holds nothing but bad memories why has Joe decided to to go back there What unfolds is a dark horror story with several twists but in contrast to The Chalk Man The Taking Of Annie Thorne Through the Language Glass feels like aairly ormulaic tale If you saw Scenes And Characters Inspired and characters inspired Stephen King s work in The Chalk Man you ll see a major plot element in The Taking Of Annie Thorne which is all but identical to the entire premise of one of King s best known novels I won t say which one because if you ve read it this would be a serious spoiler but I will say that what elt like homage in The Chalk Man Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, feels as if it s edging intoanfiction in Nor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name I read this in a heartbeat My God Tudor s writing is just pure entertainment Witty dark and unny all at the same time It s amazing how she s able write a male character so well Joe s personality his ideals how she s able write a male character so well Joe s personality his ideals of humor and hilarious remarks are very particular and it seemed like his narrative could have only been written by the protagonist himselfThe mystery very particular and it seemed like his narrative could have only been written by the protagonist himselfThe mystery my attention immediately and even though we already new what was happening airly early in the book the writing and a ew surprises had me happily gripped the book the writing and a Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, few surprises had me happily gripped until the endI wasn t expecting a supernatural story AT ALL but I was enjoying the book so much I didn t even care Bring me that horror story that sineI loved The Chalk Man I adored this one and I m so ready Friendfluence for Tudor s next book Good book Be cautious This book and The Hiding Place are the same book byCJTudorJust different Publishers I was really disappointed I really loved this book so much I read it 2 times I could not put it down I am waitingor the next book by this author so I can continue reading books I didn t realize until I purchased this book was that I had already read the book I was actually getting the UK versionoh wellso instead of returning the book I donated it to a book drop off sponsored by my local public libraryget a book drop off a bookso it was actually a win win situtation After reading The Chalkman by Tudor last year which by the way was my One Part Woman favourite book of 2018 I was ecstatic when Iound out she was releasing another book this year so much so I d had the book on preorder or my kindle since last July The Taking Of Annie Thorne published in the US under the title The Hiding Place is CJ Tudor s second. Please Read Notes Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages mi. .
Taking of Annie Thorne