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Les and grew up at King Pelles palace where also housed the maimed king the lance and the Holy Grail Yet Galahad was blissfully unaware of anything around him Even though there were plenty of ualified knights at home a maid had to go fetch Lancelot from King Arthur s court to come to make Galahad a knight After Lancelot was dismissed Galahad made his way to Arthur but refused to tell anyone who he was After killing lots of people at random and failed to Arthur but refused to tell anyone who he was After killing lots of people at random and failed to any innocent maiden during the uest and after wondering about lost most of the time for several years he returned home to his grandfather s castle Those who had watched him grow up and had known him all his life suddenly hailed him as the miracle worker This full circle wasted veryone a lot of time and Cultural Aesthetics energy and unnecessary sufferingMoreover being the pre ordained perfect good knight Galahad didn t have to do anythingxcept just be as verything was prepared for him and handed to him on silver platters After so many blessings were bestowed on him and so many miracles waited hundreds of years for him he conveniently died young before he could form any independent thought or had A Chance To Live chance to live make any mistake in the rigid one dimensional world of the Holy Grail But strangely the spiritual palace where Galahad and Perceval died and buried was the far distant land on Egypt s confines Egypt ReallyNot sure who wrote the original Who lse but a fanatical cloistered schizophrenic monk who sees visions and hears voices The simple mindedness of the stories and characters and the inane self justifications reminded me of a Medieval satire A monk was trying to catch a pig and the pig s suealing brought out the abbot who wanted to know what was going on The monk replied that he was trying to cut off one of the pig s legs to make soup for an ailing brother and the pig was thanking God for being chosen When the abbot asked why cutting off one leg the monk replied that he didn t want to kill the pig He only wanted to take one leg so the pig can still have three leftAs the good and bad of the characters did not depend on their actions but solely on the author s say so and as right and wrong of the allegories were so confused and twisted by the author s nonsensical pontification as many incidents with no possible Descartes and His Contemporaries explanation were flippantly chalked up by the author as God did not Thelusive Holy Grail But only one of them is judged worthy to see the mysteries within the sacred vessel and look upon the ineffable Enfused with tragic grandeur and an aura of mysticism The uest is an absorbing and radiant allegory of man's perilous search for divine grace and had a profound influence on later Arthurian romances and versions of the Grail legendFor than seventy years Penguin has been the The condition of the book was advertised "as very good however it fell completely apart on the day I spent reading it Since it "very good however it fell completely apart on the day I spent reading it Since it for a class I had to using it High Tide at Midnight even though all of the pages had fallen off the binding and were separated into different sections that I had to keep track of Ridiculous Ok I am reallynjoying this book It is from a different world from ours and is a bit simple in its moralising but but one can still appreciate the moral advice given Education and Equality even if chastity as a virtue seems odd and the number of good and bad beings tempting the heroes is a bit indulgent for them The tales themselves are fascinating if repetitive I am a big Tennyson fan but found his Holy Grail far too long winded withndless conversations This has none of that and is tighter and faster which actually does suit the modern taste Surprisingly Deceptive Beauties easy to read the text and translation flows The morality is a bit tedious but for a newcomer like me to the Arthurian scene it is illuminating that morality and not mysticism is what mattered to this mediaeval writer A good read Sometimes there are good reasons why later writers try to improve anarlier work This work originally written in the first uarter of the 13 century is a case in point Even though the stories were about the knights of the Round Table the focus was religious propaganda for simpletons So the motifs were simpleWhite hair and white robes good guysWomen and black garbs bad guysMonks and hermits self righteous police and all knowing fortunetellersKnights stupid bumbling sinners and gangstersVirginity and chastity greatest of all virtuesLust and pride worst of all mortal sinsGod angry and vengeful absolute tyrant who must be obeyed without uestionHuman damned if you do and damned if you don tDreams messages from God only monks and hermits can interpretReality illusions and mirage from the DevilAnd all the characters were cardboard cartoon caricaturesLancelot cries a lot and hallucinates a lotGawain boy just wants to have funPerceval does what he was told as a good boy shouldBors his not to ask why his but to do and dieGalahad the silent mysterious loner who charges about helping whoever was losing a fight without bothering to find out who s right or wrong then gallops away into the sunset without a wordLet s see now Galahad was the grandson of the fisher king King Pel. Composed by an unknown author in arly thirteenth century France The uest of the Holy Grail is a fusion of Arthurian legend and Christian symbolism reinterpreting ancient Celtic myth as a profound spiritual fable It recounts the uest of the knights of Camelot the simple Perceval the thoughtful Bors the rash Gawain the weak Lancelot and the saintly Galahad as they journey through danger and temptation to reach.

Characters The Quest of the Holy Grail (Penguin Classics), Packaging May Vary

Ish it the book is almost impossible to read and difficult to take seriously unless you live in the Dark Age No wonder later writers who lived in the real world among real people tried to laborate on the interesting action seuences and skip the ridiculous religious diatribes This is a story of the Knights of Round Table and the uest for the Holy Grail It has religous overtones and the story is well wrtten I would reccomend this book Would recommend Had to read this for school It was better than Flavor and Soul expected Pleasantly surprised at how good the book was Very informative The Grail literature has fascinated me for many years This book is very well done and I highly recommend it This book is special for meNow I feel like Galahad Perceval and Bors would always stay in my heartBeing part of a busyveryday city life this book carries you away from it somewhere very far away and somewhere within youThe way heroes of this book act while facing their trials is very very inspiring and is presented in such a way that you uestion yourself How can it be otherwiseFor those who are interested to understand the Bible on a deeper level it does xplain some of the Christian symbols and parablesFantastic book I would give than 5 stars but unfortunately that s not an option This is a heavily Christianized version of the famous Grail legend I say that because the uest of the Holy Grail was written about by many throughout the ages and this version is probably the most distant from the Celtic pagan tradition The commentary and notes are xcellent and Pauline Matarasso s insight into the theology and symbolism of the work isextremely Forgery, Replica, Fiction entertaining andnlightening Her theory that the book may have been written by a Cistercian monk based on clues in the text is also interesting given the number of scriptural references and mystical overtones One of t It was a good read at times a bit strange but also really interesting i had a hard time putting the book down It gave me a better understanding behind the knights of the round table and while what has become legend and xplained in symbol can still be found today the way round table and while what has become legend and xplained in symbol can still be found today the way stories are told are somewhat too symbolicobscure to be truly well understood and may also have been temperedaltered with A good read nonetheless and what I was interested at the time I read this book over 10 years ag. Eading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1700titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust theseries to provide authoritative texts nhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to datetranslations by award winning translators. .
 The Quest of the Holy Grail (Penguin Classics), Packaging May Vary