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[Pdf] The ueen of Katwe BY Tim Crothers

Nd the story to be so powerful #I thought writing was a bit average Maybe that was a good thing because it did #thought the writing was bit average Maybe that was a good thing because it did these young people to draw all the attention I njoyed the story told here The title pretty much says what it s about a girl from the slums of Uganada learning chess and learning how it may be the thing that helps her rise out of her poverish startAs others have commented there is a lot of other filler story around Phiona s story For me I think there is an important piece of the story there in that Crother s describes the multigenerational poverty that has stricken these people Sometimes he sides steps the main story to add these little vignettes It does disjoint the flow of the main story but I don t find it too hard to remember two things at onceIt was an And Bid Him Sing easy uick read I would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of a heartwarming story has interest in homelessness and poverty ornjoys sportsI recieved this book from the publisher via GR giveaway very Inspirational story After a 5 page prologue about Phiona we jump through a series of stories about other people I found it to be very disjointed and confusing Even now after reading 100 pages when I go back I have no idea who some of these people really are What really gets me is that Aristotle Detective (Aristotle every person s story starts with their grandparent or parent s story meaning that we haveven people to sort out People that are not Bones, Clones, and Biomes essential to the story Right now I m at the point where he s introducing the missionaries that brought the soccerchess program to Uganda and he s telling their stories in the same way I feel like if I have to read about another person s unrelated and irrelevant parentgrandparent s life I might toss the book across the room What I really am interested in is Phiona s life For the record page 1 67 99 114 or a total of 82 pages and 36% of a 229 page book are not about the title character I got about 30% into the book and returned it because I had paid 11 for it and decided I wanted my money backI might not have written a review at all but because I m a chess coach and chess author I felt that I had a duty to report myxperience with the bookI did not post my review on I wanted to but since I have the number one best seller on kindle chess currently I only wanted to write a review on there if it was positive I didn t want it to look like I was trying to sabotage the competitionHere on goodreads I doubt this review would help sales of my tactics book so I think it is ok I doubt people on goodreads are looking for chess books in generalI very much wanted to read this book I still want to learn about this amazing woman who became a very strong chess player and yet grew up in such unspeakable circumstancesAnd yet I was a good percentage in to the book and other than the preface which gives a rather odd and I think misleading view of tournament chess the girl who becomes the chess player has not yet been mentioned I cannot tell if the author is describing relatives ancestors or what because he doesn t Bringing the Empire Home explain who these people are and why he is telling me about them He just starts telling about random people from Uganda with no mention of the girl chess player and no clear direction that that sven where he is goingCertainly I get a picture of the ugliness of life in Uganda and just how difficult it would be to succeed at chess there At first I only gave this book one star but since it is at least interesting and informative I decided to add two xtra stars after thinking about that for a while One problem I have with the book was the author calling her a chess master when she only has a FIDE rating of 1600 By that measurement I am a chess master myself She is a woman candidate master it turns out To gain this title you need a certain number of international wins and it has to do with something called norms I won t go into what that means but I felt the author Tim Crothers should haveGranted her circumstances make it amazing that she became anything other than another dead 12 yr old in the streets of Uganda but I can t really speak of her circumstances as I gave up before I ver got to themIn order to just learn about this amazing girl I suggest Wikipedia would be better than this book but if you want to learn about how difficult life is in Uganda perhaps this is a good book to read The Building the Cold War entire time I was reading the choppy short sentences and rambling interviews in this book I felt as if I were reading. Ptember 2010 she traveled to Siberia a rare journey out of Katwe to compete in the Chess Olympiad the world’s most prestigious team chessvent Phiona’s dream is to one day become a Grandmaster the most Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) elite title in chess But to reach that goal she must grapple withveryday life in one of the world’s most unstable countries a place where girls are taught to be mothers not dreamers and the threats of AIDS kidnapping and starvation loom over the peopleLike Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s The Dressmaker of Khair Khana The ueen of Katwe is an intimate and heartrending portrait of human life on the poor fringes of the twenty first centur. ,

The ueen of Katwe

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Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestChess is a lot like a language the pieces are the phonemes and their movements are morphemes The positions they make together on the board are like sentences and phrases and a talented Dancing at Armageddon enough chess player can really make a statementWhen you think about it chess is downright magical A universal language that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries A language so universal thatven villagers in rural Uganda can speak itMost of the nonfiction I read tends to run along the girl power route so obviously I was thrilled when I found a girl power book that was not just about one of my favorite activities but also about a woman of #color competing in a game that is dominated by men It #competing in a game that is dominated by men It been turned into a movie too A movie I desperately want to see which stars Lupita Nyong o How could this not be goodWellI noticed a lot of the reviews for this
*book were *
were not great That surprised me because books like usually have great reviews because people find them so inspiring or interesting As I began to read the book I began to understand why so many people had reservations about UEEN OF KATWE I ll list the reasons out as I go and talk about them because the reviewers really hit the nail on the head in this case1 Phiona Mutesi is not actually a grandmaster There s an alternate title of the book The ueen of Katwe A Story of Life Chess and One Extraordinary Girl s Dream of Becoming a Grandmaster It never Double Jeopardy explicitly states that she is a grandmaster but it could be perceived as misleading Maybe that s why it changed The other title is attention getting but I like this one better It really captures her journey and ambitions in a sentence And her rookie status actually didn t bother me that much because I m a rookie player too and I don t think it s a stretch to call her a champion since she really is the best chess player in Ugandaeven if that s setting the bar low2 This book is not just Phiona Mutesi s story This is true Most of the book is about Phiona but there are a lot of lengthy digressions We learn about the history of Phiona s teacher and the leader of the Sports Outreach program that allowed chess to be possible for Phiona and her friends Robert Katende We also learn about the white people who funded the charity and the white people who created the scholarship that allowed Phiona to go to school These parts were interestingspecially Katende s but they weren t Phiona s story I could see why people were annoyed3 They took religion out of the movie versionthis book is very preachy Religion plays a fairly big role in this story because the Sports Outreach program was a Christian charity funded and founded by Christians Robert Katende gives sermons targeted for young people that wouldn t be out of place in a Veggie Tales cartoon I didn t mind this Religion can cause people do want to do great things in the right hands it s a tool that lets people plunge the depths of spiritual goodness I admire the faith and devotion of those who use their belief in God for good That said I can also understand why religion was left out of the movie As controversial as it is I think the message is that you don t have to have religion to have a moral compass that points you to better the world Being secular makes the story universally accessible4 The writing was not good I sort of half agree on this one The writing was not high brow or particularly polished but the author got the story across in a way that was readable and interesting Could it have been organized better Probably Honestly though it wasn t bad Phiona is such an interesting subject and I liked how the author kind of got swept up in chess too He makes it sound interesting which is hard to do in books about chess reading about it just isn t that interestingSo yeah the book has some flaws and Phiona was built up to be a little greater than she actually is at least at the moment but I liked THE UEEN OF KATWE It s got girl power and chess and it s basically a biography of a girl s hopes and dreams as they re in the process of being fulfilled We don t know if she ll make it and neither does she but she s working as hard as she can against all of the odds to make it happen If that s not inspiring I don t know what is3 stars I can say that I Composition and Literature enjoyed this book however it was a book that took it s toll We often forget thatven in this day and age there are people and places that are not as fortunate as we in Ame. Based on a popular ESPN magazine article selected by Dave Eggers for The Best American Nonreuired Reading and a finalist for a National Magazine Award the inspiring true story of Phiona Mutesi a teenage chess prodigy from the slums of Kampala UgandaPHIONA MUTESI sleeps in a decrepit shack with her mother and three siblings and struggles to find a single meal ach day Phiona has been out of school most of her life because her mother cannot afford it so she is only now learning to read and write Phiona Mutesi is also one of the best chess players in the worldOne day in 2005 while searching for food nine year old Phiona followed her brother to a dusty veranda where she met Robert Katende. Rica areRobert Katende started soccer lessons #in Uganda When he "Realized That Not All Children Could Play Soccer He Started "that not all children could play soccer he started children #Uganda When he realized that not all children could play soccer he started teaching children game of chess To get the children to participate he would feed them a bowl of porridge often the only meal these slum children from Katwe received in a day Phiona was introduced to the game of chess at the age of 9 by her brother She started out being taught by the only other girl going to the lessons a 3 year old She grew and started to xcel at chess As she progressed she remained the only girl advanced nough to attend the various conferences when the money could be found to get her there "She Won Her Chess Matches And Advanced "won her chess matches and advanced the adult women s division again she won Phiona does not want to become a wife like her sisters and her mother and scrape veryday just for food to feed her children for that day To sleep in a hut with a dirt floor no windows and sewage running by the door She wants out of the slums She helps her mother and sister but her dream is to be able to advance her skills to a Masters in chess Coming from severe poverty with the worry of starvation kidnapping or genocide chess may be the one thing that can pull Phiona out of the slums and save her life Great human interest story sadly with an unstable future outcome This is such a perfect title for this book ueen both a chess piece and the girl who defies all odds with grace and beauty Sometimes one reads not to learn or know something but simply to meet a person so Contested Reproduction extraordinary one thinks of her time and again That is how I feel about this girl I think of her time and againThis is a book that will change your perspective on many things perhaps but most importantly it will show you the importance of never giving upven when the something desired looks like a lost cause This book spoke to the teacher in me but I suspect Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) everyone reading it will walk away with a different lesson learned There are so many meaningful moments in the bookPhiona Mutesi has grown up in Uganda in what must be the worst slum in thentire world Katwe Katwe where human life has no value and girls are considered to be a little less than human It is only through Phiona s grim determination to trudge through one day and then one and one after that that she survives at all Phiona shouldn t have survived Born to a teen mother with older children and other responsibilities born of a father who would soon die of AIDS with another family to support to a nation that sees thousands of its children dying from starvation and disease Phiona shouldn t have become a ueen and her story is no fairy tale It is indeed one magical for it is marked by simple human perseverance A story of a regular girl under terribly adverse circumstances who triumphs by finding the beauty within herself I don t know if there are happily Creating Country Music ever after s for her I am too fearful to follow up with researchThis is a story that anyone could love sportsnthusiasts chess Blacklands enthusiasts and those like me who just love a beautiful story about a remarkable life Before you get tooxcited about this amazing heart warming life affirming story soon to be filmed by Disney you might want to check out Phiona Mutesi s FIDE rating pageOr if you want still facts as opposed to romantic speculations there are 25 of her games here Call me a cold blooded unpoetic chess player but try as I will I cannot see any of the amazing talent described for Evolutionary Patterns example in this article Sorry Powerful heart breaking inspiring troubling I don t knowxactly how to describe this story of a young girl growing up in one of the worse slums in Uganda who becomes one of the best chess players on the continent If this were not non fiction I would criticize it for its implausibility Although Phiona Mutesi is the chess champion to which the title refers this is about an Evolution As Entropy entire group of slum children who find hope support intellectual stimulation selfsteem and direction in a church run program that has brought this game of the Forging Gay Identities elite to the poorest of the poor These children lacking decentducation adeuate food basic shelter and stable families are Forbidden History excelling at a game that most find challenging Sadly there is no money to allow Phiona or the other children to attend international tournaments to meet the reuirements of becoming a Grand Master of pursuing their dreams of anducation or finding any way to realize their amazing potential as human beings Life is so unfair Although I fou. Who had also grown up in the Kampala slums Katende a war refugee turned missionary had an improbable dream to Fiche Blian ag Fás empower kids through chess a game so foreign there is no word for it in their native language Laying a chessboard in the dirt of the Katwe slum Robert painstakingly taught the gameach day When he left at night slum kids played on with bottlecaps on scraps of cardboard At first they came for a free bowl of porridge but many grew to love chess a game that like their daily lives means persevering against great obstacles Of these kids one stood out as an immense talent PhionaBy the age of leven Phiona was her country’s junior champion and at fifteen the national champion In Se. ,