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Free (The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6) AUTHOR Jean Plaidy

Go-Go-Go! lI really wanted toike this *BOOK I ABSOLUTELY LOVED PLAIDY S *I absolutely LOVED Plaidy s saga and the Borgia books and thought what with I absolutely LOVED Plaidy s Tudor saga and the Borgia books and thought what with novel being about the people I enjoy studying I would Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook love this tooSadly the novel failed to come toife for me It felt rushed almost as if the author couldn t be bothered to tell the story of Henry and Eleanor There was nothing real no grit no meat no emotion just a very basic and bare retelling of the key points of Eleanor s Reine Mädchensache life with a bit of dialogue thrown in Scenes such as the birth of a child weddings saying goodbye tooved ones etc that should have been filled with feeling were dealt with in a sentence or two Scene setting was often non existent and the prose was repetitivei was bored for most prose was repetitiveI was bored for most the time I was reading this and probably won t be reading any of Plaidy s Plantagenet novels The Tudor and Lucrezia Borgia novels were far superior I used to Animal Babies love Jean Plaidy s books so much when I was in my early teens but they just don t do anything for me any Lightly fictionalised historyittle characterisation points endlessly repeated Henry Offenders and Detainees likes foreigners we get it Iike my fiction meatier interesting and complex This story of Henry III Eleanor of Provence her family and the barons rebellion under Simon de Montfort is perhaps the best of the Plantagenet series so far but it was something of a relief to finish Recommended for fans or younger readers only I am truly running out of praise for this author I adore her What a great book regarding ueen Eleanor and Henry III It also tells a smaller tale of her three sisters ueen Maruerite of France Beatrice and Sanchia What a different tale as Henry III was the son of one of the worst Kings in history King John who came from probably the most dysfunctional royal family of all time to one of the closest and oyal families Although I admire ueen Eleanor for the ove of her husband and children but she truly would not be someone I would care for personally This is the sixth book in the series and ends with her son King Edward I taking the throne on to Book 7 In the 6th Plantagenet novel you will earn about the reign of Henry III 1 Oct 1207 16 Nov 1272 This Marguerite eldest daughter of the Count of Provence had married a king of France and now her sister Eleanor is determined to make just as grand a match Good fortune and wily cunning bring her Henry of The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6

review The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6

Istory of Henry III and his French ueen Eleanor the second daughter of an impoverished Count of Provence with 4 beautiful daughters Eleanor is used to being the ring eader of the four daughters feeling herself cleverer and in every other way the eual leader of the four daughters feeling herself cleverer and in every other way the eual her older sister A Court friend of the Count s sings Marguerite The Oldest Daughter S Praises To The King Of France oldest daughter s praises to the king of France results in their marriage Eleanor enlists his help and advice to meet Henry of England s brother whilst he is in France and give him a poem she has written about his English seat It bears fruit and results in her marriage to Henry in timeBut she is used to being indulged and fails to see the danger she is putting her husband in by e Eleanor was insufferably arrogant and Henry wasn t much better Would have iked to have seen of Simon De Montfort uite a good book focused on the Hear the Wolves life an reign of one of the perhapsesser known Kings of England Henry III and his relationship with his French ueen Eleanor de Provence Henry not only devoted but was one of the rare kings who was faithful to his wife but his devotion proved to be a double edged sword and his reluctance to deal with Eleanor s extravangance and manipualtion of him eventually have disastrouns conseuences for the whole Kingdom The narrative is a Valors Measure little repetitive and the way that the novel focuses as much on personal relationships of theeading characters as much as politcal events may be off putting for some I found the depiction of the character actions and motivations of some of the secondary historical figures fascinating particularly Prince Edward BFI Film Classics later Edward I Longshanks and the King s Brother John Duke of Cornwall Plaidy s depiction of Prince Edward was unusually sympathetic though not uncritical and her explanation for one controversial incident in teenage years makes seems to make sense and causes me to uestion the assertion that this incident serves as proof of Edward s allegedly uncompomisingly and uncurably evil nature I felt the ending was rushes while in outher ares it drug on forever and repeated some points over and over This is a paperback edition by Pan Books Ltd published January 198. Vy ever greater taxation on theand and the spectre of revolt soon ooms against him For Simon de Montfort the adventurer who will give England its first true parliament the house of destiny is at hand. .

Ook follows Henry s reign from the time that he married Eleanor of Provence and promoted many of her French relatives which caused a great deal *of difficulty for him during his reign henry *difficulty for him during his reign Henry Eleanor at the age of 29 of difficulty for him during his reign Henry married Eleanor at the age of 29 was old for a King who needed heirs Eleanor was only 14Henry was the eldest son of King John and Isabella of Angoul me His brother Richard took Eleanor s sister Sanchia as his second wife when she was 16 years old John and Isabella had 5 children Edward I became King in 1272 Margaret married to the King of Scotland Alexander III Beatrice married to Duke of Normandy John II Edmund 2nd marriage Blanche of Artois and Katherine died aged 4 and it is believed that she was deafWhat I وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله loved about this book is that Iearned about the Magna Carta which I really new nothing about The Magna Carta was the first document forced onto an English King Henry s father by a group of his subjects the barons in an attempt to Fiend limit his powers byaw and protect their privileges It explicitly protected certain rights of the King s subjects allowing appeal against unlawful imprisonment Magna Carta was arguably the most significant early influence on the extensive historical process that Voice of Conscience led to the rule of constitutionalaw today in the English speaking world During his reign Henry stuggled with the Magna Carta and felt that it was constantly used against himHenry was known for his anti Jewish decrees and unfair taxes such as a decree compelling them to wear a special badge of shame in the form of the Two Tablets He was also extravagant and when his first child Prince Edward was born Henry demanded that Londoners bring him rich gifts to celebrate He even sent back gifts that did not please himA good historical novel inspires you to not only read but to go and PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) look up facts and make further discoveries Jean Plaidy certainly does that for me After reading one of Jean Plaidy s books from another series I was aittle apprehensive to read this one I felt that the The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, last book had a strong narrative but that Plaidy disrupted the flow of the plot by adding events from the period in great detail though they remained irrele Fictionalised Ngland A good and generous husband but a weak king he rules a nation that still remembers his cruel and foolish father King John As Henry showers gifts on his new bride his extravagance forces him toe.

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