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[Pdf] The Presidents Stuck in the Bathtub

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The Presidents Stuck in the BathtubFunny what kids pick up When I was "a tot of four I had a little lectronic game that came with its own book You d "tot of four I had a little lectronic game that came with its own book You d the pages and press the button that corresponded to the correct trivia uestion In this way I learned that Mozart wrote his first piece of music when he was five I figured I had some leeway because of this that Marie Antoinette had her head cut off and that President Taft got stuck in his bathtub because he was so fat That S The Kind Of Presidential the kind of presidential a kid s gonna carry with them the rest of their life It s also how I learned that teaching kids about famous people at a young age actually will stick with them into adulthood if the medium is interesting nough Poetry would not be my first method of instilling memories but in The President s Stuck in t This book is super cute It s a fun look at The Man from Beijing each president that focuses on lesser known facts and humorous stories Playfully illustratedntertaining poems about Creating Lasting Value each president reveal amusing facts andach verse is accompanied by a brief informative note *I Enjoyed Reading This * enjoyed reading this s book filled with Presidential factoids I Understanding Markets and Strategy even learned a few new things about the Presidents 43 poems reveal interesting tidbits aboutvery President Informative footnotes provide historical background for Montana Dreams each poem A fun way to liven up American History The President s Stuck in the Bathtub Poems About the Presidents by Susan Katz 2012Genre PoetryFormat BookPlot summaryA poetic celebration of lesser known presidentialvents and Immerwelt - Der Pakt eccentricitiesConsiderations or precautions for readers advisory strong language sex death religious overtones violencetc No special considerationsReview citation if available Betty Carter The Horn Book Guide Fall 2012 v23 i2 p1711 Section source used to find the material Horn Book guideRecommended age Grades K 3 I LOVED this book It is a poetic anthology of all of our presidents Susan Katz playfully provides tidbits of political andor personal information about all of the men of the White House I Modern South Asia enjoy this book because it is anxcellent way to xpose students to the presidents in a light hearted manner As a social studies teacher I feel that we focus so much on the formal accomplishments of presidents that we tend to forget that they were real people By jokingly bringing up the backgrounds and silly stories behind some of these men we are reminded that although presidents are impressive people they are still just people Robert Neubecker matches the playful poems with telling whimsical and often hilarious artwork that will most certainly get you giggling This is a great book for ALL ages I Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidentsSure William Taft got stuck in his tub but did you know that John uincy Adams used to skinny dip in the Potomac Herbert Hoover spoke Chinese with his wife and Gerald Ford had his Ids interested in History as well as poems The first way that I would use this poem is during an interdisciplinary unit on Poetry and History In History we would be learning all about Presidents but specifically about how vents in the Presidents lives shaped how they made decisions in office During ELA we would study poetry biographies and autobiographies about Presidents Reading this book would be a great choice to read to the class because the poems contain factual information so they are Ancestral Voices essentially mini biography poems For the first few days of this unit I wouldngage my class in reading these poems as well as teach them about the main features of poems and biographies Once *I FEEL THAT MY STUDENTS ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THESE *feel that my students are comfortable with these I would tell them that they are going to create poems about their own lives using one fun factaccomplishment like the President poems did After the completion of these projects I would have ach student share theirs with the class Another way that I could use this book is to teach about Poetry types One thing that I noticed while reading this book is that different rhyming schemes are present Also the poems have different organizations and stanzas I would start the lesson my choosing two poems that are completely different types to display at the front of the room I would then ask the students to try to point out what they notice and find differences between the two I love the concept of this book a poem about ach of the Presidents However the uality of the poems was uneven and it would have been very helpful if a note had been given on ach page or at the back of the book as to what poetic form was being used Some poems "rhymed some didn t I think this might confuse some young "some didn t I think this might confuse some young I do like the way the poems reveal little known facts about ach President or his presidency which made it interesting I specially liked the poem about Thomas Jefferson because I didn t know about the inventions mentioned I also didn t know that some of the Presidents like Gerald Ford had changed their names before becoming President The poem about Harding s tendency to use alliteration in speeches made me want to find a recording of one The story about Harry S Truman thinking that the White House was haunted I actually read a few months ago thinking that the White House was haunted I actually read a few months ago another children s book about ghosts in the White House The author provides additional facts including a uote nickname and something that the President was first in doing at the back of the book I m not wild about the illustrations but they ll do This book should certainly spark the interest of young readers Recommende. Who have lived in the White House With footnotes relating the facts behind the inspiration for ach poem and a section called “Presidential Notes and uotes” in the back this is one hilarious history lesson that kids will lect to read over and over agai. .
Hink this would be a great for President s Day for young men At the same time I teach AP Government to seniors in high school I would happily use some of these poems while covering the xecutive branch Did you know that Bill Clinton once almost put an audience to sleep because his speech was so boring The President s Stuck in the Bathtub is a wonderfully humorous collection poems ach about one of the Presidents of the United States From these poems audiences learn a wide range of facts about American presidents There are a wide range of facts from the informative to the lighthearted This book would be a great addition to an upper lementary classroom read aloud Each poem could be read before learning about a new president or just as a great addition to a lesson on American history The collections of poems are a great avenue to ngage students I believe that by incor This was definitely a WOW book for me because I am fascinated with Presidential History When I think back on learning History in school I had a hard time with it not because it was not interesting but because I was overwhelmed by the amount of facts that I needed to memorize for tests Disliking "History and Social studies was a trend for me in school until my 9th grade History "and Social studies was a trend for me in school until my 9th grade History presented information to me in a completely new way On the first day of class she told us that History is like a big story book of all that has happened over time When you try to study for tests don t try to memorize facts alone Instead treat ach piece of history as a new part of a story and replay that story in your mind Every good story needs characters and a plot I really Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) enjoyed this book of poems because it turns history of 44 people into a story format Each page contains a poem about a President the pages are in order of Presidentiallection the illustrations are beautiful and the language is accessible to upper Counter-Amores elementary students The feature that sets this book apart from any other book about presidents is that the poems don t detail the Presidents lives Instead it takes a fun fact or important accomplishment and turns it into a poem with creative language Each poem also contains the dates that the President served in office and a summary at thend of the poem of the factual information that the poem was based on Overall this book was very funny and informative and I think my students one day would njoy it as much as I did As I read through these poems there were several ideas that came to my mind of how I could use it in my classroom one day This book would be an xcellent resource for my classroom library to get Ame changed from Leslie Lynch King It’s true In The President’s Stuck in the Bathtub the lives of the presidents are served up as fact filled and fanciful poems that will make you laugh cringe and gasp with amazement at the colorful cast of men and women.