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Mastered (The Enforcers, eThe same case as a member of the Cold Case unit an investigation that leads him back to his former partnerIn Just Friends John Harvey tells a story about coke and its influence on the complicated relationship of three friends Pat Val and Jimmy In Easy as ABC Laura Lippman describes a man renovating a house whombarks on an affair with the owner a woman with a short attention span who constantly demands additions to the original agreed upon plans When she *moves on to another lover she becomes an ven bigger part *on to another lover she becomes an ven bigger part the design In String Music Tonio Harris a young adolescent is trying to survive growing up on the wrong side of town HE USES THE GAME OF BASKETBALL uses the game of basketball ground himself as various forces pull at the direction he wants his life to take Meanwhile Sergeant Peters a cop on the night shift working the high crime district keeps an ye on both him and his familyIn Concrete Evidence Ian Rankin tells the story of a skeleton buried beneath a concrete cement floor and the partnership of two men working construction who have differing views for the future of their companyIn April in Paris a dying man visits the scene of his one true love in Paris It was a love between a young girl and a middle aged man that blossomed during the political upheaval and the riots of Bloody Monday But his reveries bring back memories of humiliation suicide and murderIn Avenging Miriam a fourteen year old girl is kicked to death by a swarm of nine children who surround her Sebastien is a man who cannot live with the ugliness of the crime and wants the perpetrators punished He hires Kiernan to do the job a man *who must answer an important uestion before he xecutes his last *must answer an important uestion before he xecutes his last is not a bad story in the book and that made it a very satisfying and ntertaining read There are some truly standout stories in this collection of 15 amassed and Uncommon Wisdom edited by Peter Robinson whose Banks crime series has been delighting us for many yearsShort stories need to grab you right from the start with character depth plot setting conflict and then pow resolution good or bad in only a few pages While all these tales are very good my faves were Easy as A B C by Laura Lippman Concrete Evidence by Ian Rankin and a special sci fi crime treat Biding Time by Robert J Sawyer Robinson gives us a story of his own April in Paris that will give you a jolt and is as different from a Banks story as could possibly be What s great about this collection is the introduction to authors who may be new to you For me I m checking out other Sawyer books pronto along with Karin Slaughter whose story in here Necessary Women had me re read it because it just packed such a wallop the first time had to make sure I got it rightDuring our pandemic times short stories are an ideal kind of bookasy to pick up read a story read another one later in the week when we re not so distracted Some good stories and some not Still I njoyed this group of short storeies This was my backup book for when I didn t have another book on the go It was a good backup book A good selection A fun read like having ur favorite dessert over and ove. Nnelly Sara Paretsky John Harvey George Pelecanos Eric Wright Robert Sawyer José Latour Robert Barnard and Mark Billingham The talent found in these pages will not only keep you guessing but will also keep you up at nig.

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The Penguin Book Of Crime StoriesLlection it became pretty clear that this was a great book Since the stories were selected by Peter Robinson prolific author of the Inspector Banks series I should have known I was in good hands Among the contributors were Michael Connelly Laura Lippman Sara Paretsky Mary Jane Maffini Robert J Sawyer and Ian Rankin all writers I admire very muchThe truth is there wasn t a bad st Read most if not all of the stories Think I had read one of them previously lsewhere Generally uite well done some with very *Surprising Twists Wide Range *twists Wide range well known authors freuently of full length novels This became a bit of a series of short story anthologies which will be worth pursuing It was one of the better books in the Mystery grab bag I picked up at the library recently Most of them are slightly older books that many including me may not have read before Decent Mystery short stories Robinson has put together a collection of fifteen crime stories of varying length and subject matter There are some
"established well known "
well known in the group while others are new voices readers may not know He begins the collection with an Art excellent introductionxploring the God Is in the Crowd evolution of short stories about crime that once featured hard boiled detectives but have sincevolved into stories that are tougher realistic and delve deeply into the criminal mindHe looks back on the British crime stories such as those written by Agatha Christie In those stories detectives relied on reason and gentlemanly courtesy ven when faced with a brutal murder The ranks of the police were often filled with men from the lower classes who tended to be both bumbling and benign American crime stories were different They featured tough detectives who were often violent and made wisecracking comments an ffective foil for their intelligence They had to present a hard demeanor to be The Matriarchs (The Family effective at the work they did As crime storiesvolved over time they focused less on Notes for the Everlost entertaining the reader with a case of murder punishing the criminal and then neatly tying up the loosends Instead writers began When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) exploring the dark recesses of the criminal mind and the murky shadows of the human psyche In today s short stories both the police and the criminals are less morally anchored plots and loosends are often left unresolved and good people sometimes do bad things for the right reasons These crime stories are than a puzzle for the reader to unravel with sound based logic And they can often be consumed and finished in one sitting something that holds attraction in a fast paced world where there are No Biggy! endless demands competing forveryone s attention Of the fifteen stories Robinson has chosen to present I have seven favorites some but not all from writers I read on a regular basis In the story Angle of Investigation readers meet Harry Bosch as a rookie cop recently returned from Vietnam He is a patrolman on the job for only two days and still with his training partner Ronald Eckersley The pair come upon a horrific murder scene a woman drowned in the tub with her dog Flash forward than thirty years and Bosch is investigating. Rs and new voices The Penguin Book of Crime Stories is a compelling page turner the all in one read mystery lovers have been waiting for This not to be missed collection includes riveting stories by Ian Rankin Michael Co. ,

Excellent stories Each one offers something different *Among My Favorites Were Peter Robinson Who *my favorites were Peter Robinson who on a past crime Sara Paretsky who writes a delightful baseball themed story Michael Connolly who writes a straight forward mystery and a short story from George Pelecanos I have not been a fan of Pelecanos s novels but this short story is one of the best I ve read in a long while It isn t so much a mystery as a slice of life tale about a black urban youth trying to avoid trouble and the black Sergeant who tries to look out for him George Pelecanos just nails the language atmosphereMy least favorite was a story by Karin Slaughter Her tale was a little too disturbing for me All in all a terrific collection Not Crush It! every story is what some might consider a straight forward mystery Some are reflections on disfunctional relationships and lost loves I m looking forward to reading the second volume of these shorts also selected by Peter Robinson The Penguin Book of Crime Stories Volume II is a collection of short stories from crime writers around the world Peter Robinson selected the stories and introduces the lot which includes stories from Ruth Rendell John Connolly Lee Child Jeffery Deaver Sue Grafton Reginald Hill Dennis Richard Murphy and many Every time I read a book of short stories I m reminded of how much I love them When the collection consists of stories from various authors such as this one it s a special treat In this book I loved the variety of stories characters and writing styles Injoyed all of them but there were a few that really stuck out for me Among my favourites Dead in the Water by Dennis Richard Murphy which took a page or two to get into but was fabulous The Listening Room by Robert J Randisi and Triangle by Jeffery Deaver Also The Visitors Book by Sophie Hannah because it was so creepy All of these were full Visitors Book by Sophie Hannah because it was so creepy All of these were full surprises with regards to storyline and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ending There were two stories that I liked but didn tnjoy as much as I thought I would These were Maureen Jennings s The Weeping Time and Sue Grafton s A Poison That Leaves No Trace I ve read books by both of these authors before and really Deep Listening enjoy their work but for some reason neither of these stories stood out as favourites I d really like to read works from Jeffery Deaver John Connolly Reginald Hill and probably all of the other authors who were new to me Injoyed this book so much I really could have read *at least another dozen or so stories highly *least another dozen or so stories Highly for mysteries lovers and those who Bird-by-Bird Gardening enjoy a great short story For information about this book or to browse inside please visit Penguin s websiteI d like to thank those nice people at Penguin for this review copy The Penguin Book of Crime Stories Volume II by Peter Robinson Penguin 2010 ISBN 9780143172345Trade paperback 208pThis review is also available on my blog Daisy s Book Journal a pretty fair collection of crime storiesnough said Whenever I read a collection of short stories I usually check off the ones I like best in the table of contents When I realized I d checked off over half of the fifteen crime stories in this co. International bestselling author Peter Robinson turns his razor sharp instinct for crime writing to this uniue anthology featuring the cream of crime fiction With a selection of 15 stories featuring The Works of Saint Augustine established bestselle.