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35 STARSWhen Jack and Syd buy their first home together in London they feel like they ve hit the jackpot It s a big rambling old house and although it needs lots of work they ot a really ood deal because the owner wanted a young couple to have it and accepted their lower bid But you know the saying If it seems too ood to be true then it probably is Well that s certainly the case hereJack though took an instant dislike to the house he found it dark and creepy and that was even before he made a College Apologetics (with Supplemental Reading grisly discovery in the attic They decide to keep the discovery to themselves but keeping this secret means they ve made a really bad call leading to some life changing eventsThe narrative is told in the form of individual journals written by Jack and Syd It was an intelligent if unusual style of writing but I uicklyot used to it and actually enjoyed it It certainly Overlord, Vol. 3 (light novel): The Bloody Valkyrie gavereat insight into their lives both in the present and in the past The characters are a little strange but work well within the storyline It had a fairly creepy feeling especially at the beginning and produced some really tense moments together with an all pervading air of menace There were some ood twists and turns Although it wasn t the most ripping psychological thriller that I ve read it was certainly Dark Intrusions gripping enough to retain my attentionThank you to Netgalley and Penguin UK for my ARC I haveiven an honest review in exchange 25 starsI do believe my expectations were too highThe story begins with an intriguing scene that caught my interest right away one of the characters declares The thing I ve planned so carefully has one drastically horribly wrong The beginning was reat and I loved set up of how a new couple Jack and Syd were shopping for their first home in London Syd falls instantly in love with the house while Jack has his reservations The house was described as being abandoned by the owner who fled to Australia to find true love leaving all his possessions and a cluttered mess behindThey buy the house and strange things begin to happen I was thinking this was Decade of Despair going to venture into horror or perhaps paranormalsmells penetrating the wallsruesome discovery in the attic and strange happenings What started out as a dark thriller took a turn and became of a domestic abuse type storythriller I wanted to find out how this twisted plot played out but in the end this one left me underwhelmedThanks to Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review It s impossible to start this book and not become addicted to it instantly The way the book is written Jack and his irlfriend Syd write their side of the story as a journal in alternating chapters just intrigues you so much you have to keep reading What is it about the house that s so troublesome What s that smell Who is Elise Admittedly I would have liked a little oings on with The House since that s the This is a wonderfully dark and twisted psychological thriller by Simon Lelic It shifts and runs into unexpected places different from the blurb Go-Go-Go! given about the book Jack has uncomfortable feelings about a London house that hisirlfriend Syd Baker thinks is perfect for them To their surprise Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook given they tendered a lower offer the owner chooses them When something is tooood to be true they should have been wary but they move in without a second thought The previous owner has left behind all his belongings which the happy couple begin to sort through However there are strange sounds and Reine Mädchensache gruesome discoveries in the attic There is a child s treasure box with a familiar name on it The story begins with the police watching the house with Jack and Syd writing down their experiences of living there with the occasional contentious perception This is a novel about the past haunting the present with its firm and tenaciousripThe narrative is delivered through our couple Jack and Syd documenting how their lives begin to spiral out of their control Jack is a housing officer who oes out of his way to help his desperate clients He is not close with his middle class parents who disapprove of Syd Syd s past contains trauma and drug taking making her a volatile character but she is committed to Jack hoping for a settled future with him Syd s mother visits and recognises a picture on their wall Syd finds herself becoming close to Elsie Payne a young irl that lives locally We learn of the details of the historical past of Syd and Jack and how it connects to their dire present situation This is a story that covers the issues of dysfunctional families fathers trust loss and the search for justice by whatever means possibleLelic has a Offenders and Detainees gripping writing style that justrabs the reader right from the beginning His plotting is remarkably well handled and the narrative is so compelling tense and suspenseful driven by the well executed twists I find psychological thrillers a hit or miss affair this is a hit in every sense I can see this being a bestseller and a hit or miss affair this is a hit in every sense I can see this being a bestseller and so What is really outstanding is the characters of Jack and Syd they are superbly developed particularly Syd A morally ambiguous and brilliant read that I highly recommend Many thanks to Penguin for an ARC 35 I haven t been very lucky with thriller so far this year but I m very happy to say this one was worth the readThe writing style won t be for everyone it s very casual and mostly in the form of journal entries However my main criteria for thrillers is to be surprise by at least some of journal entries However my main criteria for

Thrillers Is To Be 
is to be by at least some the twist and I thought I knew what was what I was wrongIf you re looking for a book you won t want to put down I recommend itThank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review A truly uniue reading experience with some fantastic twists that had me up late finishing See my full review on my blogWhen I first started to read The New Neighbors by Simon Lelic I honestly. What if your perfect home turned out to be the scene of the perfect crimeLondoners Jack and Syd moved into the house a year ago It seemed like their dre.

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The HouseIth suspicions that something paranormal might have taken over the house it has strong elements of domestic thriller and themes like violence secrets despair the wish to right the wrong and learning to live with wounds that refuse to heal It is a novel that will not disappoint you and thank God I concluded this review without any spoilers Many thanks to Penguin UK and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review 45 Dark and Twisted Stars 5This book was originally titled The House I believe this is actually a apt title this book is about Jack and Sid finding their dream house a house really out of their price range yet unbelievably they et it at first they feel lucky although Jack is never uite sold on the house The house is also filled with all the possessions and furnishings of the previous owner who moved to Australia and left his belongings behind at first they were having fun oing through the former owner s belongings having fun playing the vinyl records but then they encounter a strange smell and then things o sideways and bump in the nightThe beginning of this book is told very cleverly Jack and Sid are co authoring a manuscript to ive to the police explaining all the events leading up to the discovery of a murdered neighbor in the alley behind their house I thought this was very effective you Dead-End Road Mysteries got alimpse into both Sid and Jack s perspectives it was almost as though you were reading their journal or they were talking directly to you I found both Sid and Jack s characters uite interesting although I was always a little sure that Jack was being honest Sid was a little bit of a mysteryDon t want to Hear the Wolves go too much into the plot just know it is full of twists and turns and uite dark there is also abuse so if this is something that puts you off a book I would not recommendSomething I found interesting is in the beginning I was thinking is this ahost story Did I misread the blurb I had read it many months ago then I read the authors notes at the end of the book and this book did in fact start off as a host story but then it took a turn I d classify this as a domestic thriller with a dab of psychological thriller thrown in so if you are a fan of either of these enres I would strongly recommend thank you so much to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book This is a domesticpsychological thriller heavier on the domestic side which kind of threw me for a loop I always love a dual perspective novel and this one added another dimension the first part of the story is told from journal entries and the conversational tone of the narrative was uniue This one just went in a different direction than I was expecting and I think that because my expectations weren t met I was a bit thrown It is difficult as an avid reader of this BFI Film Classics genre to be surprised and it is truly because of my personal expectations that this one didn t head where I thought it wouldo I encourage readers to try this one for themselvesThank you to Netgalley Berkley and Simon Lelic for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Damn this book was GOODFun fact about me first I ve been dying to crack into the suspensethriller enre again for a long time now so when I came across this book on NetGalley I had to put in a reuest for it and was elated to find that I Was Approved It Shot was approved It shot my TBR list just because it fit the bill for what I was craving perfectly and boy am I lad it did because Simon Lelic s prose alone was enough to keep me totally invested in this story from start to finish When you re caught inside a dungeon even the faintest flicker in the dark is like a promise of daylight And if it turns out not to be if it turns out instead to be a burning staircase Well You take your chances anywayI cannot say enough ood things about Lelic s command of language and the conversational of his prose Written in an alternating first person point of view Jack and Syndney s perspectives The House was totally ripping from start to finish First person point of view and I sometimes have problems I find that a lot of newer authors writing from this POV tend to focus too heavily on action and forget to include prose that engages your mind Lelic never does The plot moves along at a snappy pace the entire time but the prose never suffers In fact it s uite beautiful throughout Plus the story is absolutely peppered with little landmines that urge the reader onwards Fair warning the places this story Fiend goes end up being uite dark but the journey is well worth it I was on the edge of my seat the entire way throughI can t say enoughood things about the characters of Jack and Sydney I feel like they were both especially well developed Not Voice of Conscience going to lie of the few suspensethrillers I ve read before the leads have been mostly contemptible Here though I feel like their characterizations totally make senseiven all that we come to know about them I was rooting for both of them from start to finish and that s really the most that I can ask for of any story isn t it I ll admit that while I m not well versed in suspense as a enre yet although I d love to et well acuainted in the future I think Lelic has a very promising future ahead of him The House is full of compelling characters and twists and turns that really threw me for a loop I loved this book enough that I plan on buying a physical copy when it releases and I d definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the thriller The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, genre at large The only reason I m faulting it half a star is that there s a subplot with Jack about halfway through that I felt could have been done without but it really didn t detract too much from the story at large 45 out of 5 starsSee this review and like it on my blog Book Bastion Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Books UK for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ck and Syd chose to ignore it That was a mistakeBecause someone has just been murdered Right outside their back doorAnd now the police are watching them. Didn t know what to make of it Lelic uses a really interesting style with this book where for about the first 23 the two main characters are writing back and forth journal entries trying to explain what happened and what led them to the first big twist no spoilers sorry What was interesting though was that their journal entries almost sounded like they were reading each other s as they wrote even though their intended audience was a third party Sometimes they d respond to what the other said in a very humorous way I really ended up enjoying it Though I m not sure I completely trusted either narrative since they repeatedly mentioned that they were leaving some things out Discovering those things was half the surprise though Jack and Syd have found their forever house After looking at houses all over London Jack and Syd finally find the house THE house The forever house that they canrow old in Sure the house is dark and a little creepy but it is large and in a Marvins Room good neighborhood and theyet an offer accepted almost immediately Strange though that they offered jut under asking with several other buyers on the market Don t worry the agent tells them The owner took a liking to Jack and Syd He chose them out of all the offers And then Jack makes a shocking discovery After a horrible smell starts to emanate from the attic Jack Roberto to the Dark Tower Came goes up to investigate And then he finds it the discovery He can t tell Syd what he found though It will only upset her And he can t tell her about the sounds he hears at night when he can t sleep Meanwhile Syd has formed a friendship with a youngirl across the way She can t be bothered by the problems with the house And yet why does the former owners picture look so familiar And then a dead body is discovered outside the house and Jack and Syd realize they should have told the police what was Polyphemus going on from the beginning before it was too lateReflectionIf that summary seemed confusing or disjointed don t worry That is sort of the thing with this book I actually found myself repeatedlyoing back to the plot summary because I couldn t figure out if I had missed something It takes a bit for the pieces of the puzzle to reveal themselves with this one But it is intentional At first it will feel like a Pink Ribbons, Inc. ghost story In fact I wondered if perhaps it was ahost story And in a way it is The author says at the end that he has always wanted to write a Star Cookies Comfort ghost story so he wrote this Because after allhosts are just things from our past that haunt us And that is truly what this book is aboutI wish I could talk about the plot but I absolutely refuse to Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies give away any spoilers This book is really fun in the reveals I had to read it closely because the twists and knowledge bombset dropped so uickly They are easy to miss if you don t pay attention And the characters are all keeping things from each other and sometimes from the reader But the way the final twist comes together is just fantastic I really enjoyed the ending of this oneThank you to the publishers at Berkley and to Simon Lelic for an advanced copy you to the publishers at Berkley and to Simon Lelic for an advanced copy this book in exchange for an honest review This thing I ve planned for so carefully it has all Doros asin mga Anghel gone drastically horribly wrong Well this proved to be a very difficult review for me to write Not because I didn t like the book obviously I didn t just like it I enjoyed it so much that I started composing bits and pieces of my review at around 50% mark The problem is that there are so many twists and turns and hidden secrets in the story that I was terrified I would slip up and spoil everything So this isoing to be short We follow the story of Syd and Jack a young couple who has just been offered a deal for a house that they ve never believed would come to them The house is an impressive building in a beautiful London neighbourhood and it is as if it chose them for its owners However Jack has a feeling that there is something dodgy with the house and especially with the circumstances under which the previous owner left all of his belongings behind to start a new life in Australia following a woman he met online The writing style is something that I haven t seen recently and it is engaging online The writing style is something that I haven t seen recently and it is engaging makes the book flow nicely It is an exchange in written form between Syd and Jack their experiences before they met each other their life together an attempt to clarify their thoughts and make sense of the things that have happened to themBecause of this techniue we don t have elaborate speeches and complex
Descriptions We Have Clear 
We have clear and everyday language but The Other Alice given in a coherent way as if we re eavesdropping the discussion between two people as if we re reading their diariesThere is nothing pretentious and Simon Lelic has done a wonderful job To say anything about the characters is a risk because I m unable to refer to them withoutiving away parts of the plot I m just The Inside Text going to say that Syd and Jack are people you will care about and they will lead you safely throughout the story Syd was especially interesting a complex character that was well matched to her vulnerable thoughtful partnerAlso there are two fathers whose behaviour isoing to a make you furious and b The Connected Home give you nightmares The moments where the writer takes us back in time and lets us into the past of the characters are amazingly composed and they are integral to the whole story They aren t just background information they are linked to the troubles of the present Here is where writers show their ability too back and forth in time all the while keeping the readers interested and invested in the plot I m saying this because one could risk a comparison between The House and The Upstairs Room And yet these books couldn t have been different The House achieved everything The Upstairs Rooms tried to do and failed Simon Lelic has created a uniue thriller It starts Am home tons of space the perfect location and a friendly owner who wanted a young couple to have itSo when they made a risly discovery in the attic Ja.
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