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The Way of Lovers
Make too much noise so I was forced to take piano lessons by a slightly scary woman with horrible breath Needless to say I enjoy a book like this where I can live vicariously through the characters The character of Sawyer for me was the star of this book She is a young 21 trying to find her confidence and place in this world and it was fun watching her character grow The other character Vix for me wasn t uite as substantial I think Gale spent time having to defend her bisexuality than actually building up her character I get there is plenty of biphobia out there I ust would have liked for Vix to be able to be bi and for it not to be a constant discussion I think if being bi is treated as the norm it will hopefully ust become of the norm I hope I m making sense hereI was pleasantly surprised by how much humor this book had It wasn t laugh out loud humor but witty humor that made me smile all throughout the book Gale even chose to give the sex scenes a little humor And to me it actually worked I don t recall a romance where an author added a little humor to intimate scenes before For me it made the characters seem real And the sex scenes didn t feel like they were there ust so a book could have sex scenes they were there to make the characters connect and grow closer which is something I always appreciate I also want to mention I have a little bit of a pet peeve when it comes to reading lyrics of made up songs in books I ust don t like it and I find it to be almost uncomfortable The lyrics are almost always super cheesy I must say it was nice that there were no pages filled with fake song lyrics in this book The characters would sing and play there instruments but as a reader you interpret what kind of lyrics The characters would sometimes write down one liners that they wanted to use as a title or song lyric but that was it It was really refreshing for a change Overall I enjoyed this read It didn t blow me away but it was fun going on the road with a semi popular rock band The romance was sweet and Sawyer was a great character The next book in this series has a lead male character so it s not one I m interested in at this time but if Gale tries to write lesfic again I would read it An ARC was given to me for a honest review If you substitute bass player for all violin fiddle player references in this book substitute Julliard for LSU and reduce the angst by about 50% this is the story of my early 20 s No oke And I have to say life on the road in a kinda sorta semi famous rock band is pretty much EXACTLY like this SeriouslyI m usually a touch wary to read LGBT novels by straight authors even so when they write not only ff books but also mm and mf but Gale totally pulled this one off It s high on the angstdrama scale but I really loved being able to lose myself in the music scene for Wellness, Not Weight just a few hours It brought back so many fond memories Even the references to sleeping in a van it was a SUV pulling a trailer for us and the ever freuent stops at the laundromat made me smileAs a story this totally worked and I bought into it completely I think I m a bit biasedust because this so closely mirrors my own life although I didn t get the HEA at the end but still My funny bone tends to be broken at the most inopportune times but even the sarcastic wit before during and after sex really worked for me in this one I truly enjoyed it If you love music angsty romance or ust love ff romance then I think you ll really enjoy THIS ONE IT S A SOLID one It s a solid stars in my bookI also want to mention again that I love how Carina Press solid 4 stars in my bookI also want to mention again that I love how Carina Press division of Harleuin is adding and LGBT books to their lineup YEAH Side note this was previously published by Riptide and is now being re publishedMany thanks to Carina Press for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review This book is being rereleased under a new publisher it will be available again for purchase 17th June 2019 I still highly recommend it so be sure to check it out when it s available againReview also on my blogTwitterI received an arc f ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I seem to be in the minority on this one but this did nothing for me I m not usually a fan of stories with young MCs and though this couldn t be categorised as young adult because Vix is 25 and Sawyer 21 the characters read like they were both college age It d usually take me less than a day to read a book this size but I put this down several times so it took a few days to get through it The premise is that Vix is the lead singer of a band she s also bisexual Sawyer is staring the final year of Juilliard at the end of summer and knew Vix in high school and sort of harboured a crush on her She oins Vix s band as a fiddle player for the summer tour The two hit it off and start a relationship There s also plenty of secondary characters in the form of the other band members and members of other bands but only Jeff Vix s ex gets the most fleshed out In all honestly the character development of all of the characters was lacking I liked
Sawyer Than Vix But 
than Vix but that much As an aside I m not bi but have friends who are and one of their main gripes is people always believing that they re sexually promiscuous and will sleep with anyone and will always be up for a threesome and the lack of positive bi character representation in stories This book perpetuates that myth not because Vix s character is described as having slept with both men and women but because she mentions having multiple threesomes and the other bi character Jax who I believe is featured in the seuel also offers to have a threesome with the main characters even though one of them is a lesbian ironically Vix calls him out on his bisexual stereotyping I m by no means saying that no bisexuals should have threesomes but it s a tired trope in stories featuring bi characters and I could have lived without it here So all in all the relationship between the two did nothing for me there s too much back and forth about Vix being bi whether their relationship will affect the band Sawyer lying to her parents etc and at no point did I believe they actually had the emotional maturity to overcome these obstacles When they did get together at the end I absolutely did not believe they would still be together even a few years later I guess I d give this 25 stars but I m rounding down there were Modern Korean Literature just too many things I didn t like. Secret high school crush isust an added bonus Especially when Vix kisses her one night after a show and they discover that the stage isn’t the only place they have chemistryBut the tour won’t last forever and as the summer winds down Sawyer has to make a tough decision about her future and what it means to follow her heart. I got approved for this on NetGalley within 24 hours and I have honestly never felt so validated as a gay book nerd I binge read this over the course of two days and it was basically the euivalent of a giant bowl of caramel popcorn with chocolate drizzles It s sweet and fun and ICYMI these girls made my heart feel all warm and soft The Love Song of Sawyer Bell is a uick sweet ff romance about two musicians falling in love during a summer tour Vix is the lead singer of her own band and desperately in need of a new violinist Sawyer is a Juilliard student looking for an escape a break in the monotony of an environment she s slowly come to despise It s a summer of self discovery for both of them of honesty and friendship and romance Theirs is a story about of following your passion and finding yourself both on and off stageThroughout the book Gale does a fantastic Perfect job of addressing bi erasure stereotypes fetishization and whole bunch of other issues Vix is proudly bisexual and speaks openly about her sexuality She calls out strangers acuaintances and even people close to her on some of the problematic statementsassumptions they make This is probably one of the most bi positive books I ve ever read and it made my little bi heart v happy also Jax one of Vix and Sawyer s other bandmates is bi as well and apparently there s gonna be a book about him so Sawyer is a lesbian and onlyust starting to come out and explore her own sexuality I loved that she was given space to figure things out in an environment that supported her and that some of her naive assumptions were corrected by other charactersOn the subject of tackling important issues the story also addresses sexism in the music industry which is something Vix has struggled with over the course of her careerThe only aspect of the book that felt slightly iffy to me was the background ace rep Connor one of the other band members is on the page ace Although it s never specified whether he s aro as well he s definitely presented as having no interest in romantic OR sexual relationships As someone who identifies on the ace spectrum but not aro this kinda read as euating asexuality and aromanticismwhich was frustrating Asexuality is such a nuanced and diverse identity and this rep felt sorta reductive Again Connor s sexuality is v much a background thing in regards to the overall story but it did nag at me as something that needed clarificationbetter explanation maybe in future booksOverall this was a fun story about music and soft gay girls that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good ff romance I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis review was also posted on my blog I m reading too many books that are fucking with my head rn and I m so down for a cute ff romance between two musicians 45 Stars I admit I don t read much FF romance 99999% of what I read is MM However when I saw that Avon Gale was putting out an FF romance I Going Om just had to give it a try Andust as I suspected I would I loved itHave you ever wondered if the path you ve chosen is the right one Or worked so hard for something only to discover that the result is nothing like the dream Yeah I think we ve all been there at one point or another The uestion then becomes what do you do Do you keep going in hopes that the dream eventually makes you happy Or do you choose another path even though you have no idea what lies ahead that way The Love Song of Sawyer Bell is about choices About taking control of your life and taking a turn you never before considered It s about rediscovering the love you thought was lost forever It s about being willing to take risks Sawyer was at a crossroads and decided to take a chance on herself and her future Victoria Vix Vincent knows what she wants out of life She wants to chance on herself and her future Victoria Vix Vincent knows what she wants out of life She wants to her own songs and she s doing it Her to sing her own songs and she s doing it Her may not have made it big yet but she loves touring and playing guitar and singing and if that means sleeping in the back of their tour van for months at a time well she s ok with that Vix is driven and confident and unafraid I truly admire that Or maybe she is a little afraid but aren t we allSawyer Bell is a classically trained violinist that has decided to break out her self imposed hell She always wanted to go to Juilliard and she made it But the dream was nothing like the reality of it And after three years at Juilliard Sawyer barely even likes playing any She s completely disenchanted with all of it So instead of touring Europe with a symphony over the summer like everyone expects her to Sawyer decided to audition for an indie band instead Sometimes you ve ust got to live a little The Love Song of Sawyer Bell was romantic and sexy and I loved the chemistry between Vix and Sawyer I often enjoy rock star romances and even though Vix s band aren t yet rock stars they re talented and well on their way The band is very ueer friendly With Vix Being Bisexual Connor Vix being bisexual Connor ace and their recently departed fiddle player being gay and replaced by Sawyer who is ust coming to terms with her own sexuality Self discovery and coming out stories are among my favorite and I loved how Sawyer s was handled I also loved Taking Stage just how unabashedly bisexual Vix was and her take no prisoners approach when it came to stereotypes And the ending while an HFN finishes on a hopeful note see what I did there while our ladies take their future by the horns I alsoust noticed that book 2 features Jax YAY and am truly looking forward to reading it I really liked Jax for the page time he got in this book ARC of The Love Song of Sawyer Bell was generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was out for a wee Pride brunch over the wknd and while toasting my lady with bubs I looked over her shoulder and saw someone in the corner with what I am certain was Manic Panic purple hair dye and felt like I was having a seizureThis book was ok It did not woo me by any means and I really struggled with parts of it one of which was Vix the above mentioned purple haired MC She s bisexual and boy does she ever let you know it I d say half the book talks about it and this tired me out real uick I wanted to know about her other than ust her sexuality yet a point was trying to be made here She loves sex with males or females and apparently get a lot of it on the road and makes no apologies Which is fine with me but I found. Victoria “Vix” Vincent has only two weeks to find a replacement fiddle player for her band’s summer tour When classically trained violinist Sawyer Bell shows up for an audition Vix is thrilled Sawyer is talented gorgeous funny and excited about playing indie rock instead of Beethoven Their friendship soon blossoms into roma. The Love Song of Sawyer Bell Tour Dates #1

Avon Gale ó 5 Read

Her to be immature and rather stunted emotionally not understanding her motives or humour She smoked like a chimney and really did not have many redeeming ualities that I found attractiveThe other MC violinist turned fiddle player was somewhat interesting but at 21 her story read like a finding myself YA novel She was naive and sweet and hippie like and wore dresses with boots and was uber talented Her sweetness becameagain too much Maybe I was in a low mood when I read this book but nothing drew me in She had a crush on Vix since school which is why she auditioned for this group in the first place I am also really glad I am not nor have I ever been in the amateur band scene Traveling in a van with goat smelling boys and occasionally staying in dive hotels where let s face it where businessmen take hookers and where the frantic MCs often didn t immediately take off the top uilt on the bed made me cringe Note to everyone ALWAYS TAKE OFF THE TOP COVER Staff don t wash that sucker ever Fuck Overall about a 255 Writing itself was good and this was a first for me by this writer but will approach future read with a little trepidation Sometimes it takes a while to find your own music but believe me its so worth it when you do What a adorbfest this book was Likable leads with great chemistry and easy banter Vix and Sawyer s conflicts actually made sense and felt real Another thing that felt realistic and completely adorable were the intimate scenes which was a refreshing change because they are always taken so seriously Here the MCs kept making okes through it all This book made me smile a lot It was the most fun I ve had reading in a while Received this ARC from Netgalley and Riptide Publishing for an honest reviewI ve wanted to read this book since I first saw it June 13 2017 listed as upcoming or whatever it is Riptide calls their books that ll appear sometime in the future The book looked super interesting Course I think I saw the second book first which was something of a letdown because I noticed it looked interesting then noticed that the lead character in that one was a man then noticed thi Disclaimer I received this free in return for an honest review from Netgalley my thanks go to them and Riptide Publishing for the chance to read this The free book has not impacted on my ability to review this honestly and criticallyRead for the URR 2017 New Year s Reading Challenge prompt Rock Star Romance 2910 Unexpectedly fantastic I m very wary of Netgalley books having had some unfortunate experiences with clunky writing and dreadful editing in the past so I started this with the trepidation from past experience in one ear and a five star recommendation from a trusted friend in the other Thank goodness I listened to the friend instead of past experience It didn t hurt that Avon Gale is an accomplished author with a number of well thought of books to her nameI loved classically trained Sawyer with her cute dresses and cowboy boots she really stood out as the character I could best picture in my mind and as soon as Vix started taking pictures of her legs resting on the dashboard of the van I knew that that would be a fantastic album cover I can totally picture a pair of crossed legs lower thigh to cowboy boots resting on the dash as the late afternoon sun comes streaming in the window as a terrific cover also would have been great cover art for this book imhoI found Vix Less Easy To Understand And easy to understand and with especially towards the end When she refused to say anything to Sawyer about her doubts I was screaming at her That This Was What Was Going To this was what was going to the relationship and then look what almost happened But the smoking cigarettes and weed were the scenes that most put me off the book and happened But the smoking cigarettes and weed were the scenes that most put me off the book and individual characters doing the smoking maybe that s why I found myself relating to Sawyer the most because she was the only one who didn t do either I understand that cigarettes a little bit of marijuana and some drinking are things that are going to be included in a rock star romance but the cigarettes and marijuana are The Survival List just two things that I m never going to be okay with all I ll ever seen them as are death and a gateway drug that will eventually lead to death respectively The sex was uite different from what I ve read before a lot explaining about the mechanics and that there s no right and wrongust what you like or don t than I m used to not at all a bad thing because usually the experienced partner An Immigration History Of Britain just assumes they know exactly what to do with their new partner and does it perfectly the first time and that s not realistic I especially liked the way Vix rubbished the myths about bisexuality and the fact thatust because she could be attracted to either sex didn t mean that she felt like she was missing out on something when she was with one or the other gender It also didn t mean that she couldn t be faithful to whichever gender she was with at the timeI m pretty new to FF romance and not that long ago I read another book featuring an experienced bisexual and an inexperienced lesbian which portrayed the bisexual woman as promiscuous and unable to keep it in her pants around any hot person she happened to come across She was pretty much a female Crime and Society in Twentieth-Century England jock without any sporting connotations who slept with anything and everything even though she had a crush on the lesbian That was my first FF and I loved it I didn t know anything about bisexuality of either gender or the clich s that have been spread around about their lifestyle and so I was a bit horrified to learn that I had really enjoyed a book that promoted so much incorrect information about bisexuals Really glad to read one that was so full of positive messages and clich destroying Can t wait to read Jax s story next 35 Stars I wasn t blown away by this book but it was a fun weekend read This book is a re release for June under a new publisher According to Gale not much has changed from the original story While I have never read Gale before I have heard of her name since she is pretty big in the MM world I think it s nice to see authors like Alexis Hall KJ Charles and Gale write lesfic so I finally have a chance to try their books I almost always enjoy books about musician or artists I have no musical talent myself and to this day I completely blame my parents I had dreams of being a drummer in a rock band but they would not let me play the drums because it would. Nce even though Vix tries to remember that Sawyer’s presence is only temporarySawyer’s parents think she’s spending the summer months touring Europe with a chamber ensemble But Sawyer is in dire need of a break from the competitiveness of Juilliard and desperately wants to rediscover her love of music Going on tour with her.