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PDF READ The Icing on the Corpse Pawsitively Organic Mysteries #3 ¾ Liz Mugavero

De category are Stan s mom and her boyfriend the "Town Mayor Tony Falco Stan S Mom A Socialite Is "mayor Tony Falco Stan S Mom Stan s mom socialite is and snippy Tony is an egomaniac politician determined to do his own thing in a town steeped in tradition Cyril Pierce the town reporter will do anything to get a story Stan likes him but I m not sure His father Arthur Pierce seems like he was of a hard hitting newspaper man in his day and valued reporting the news over personal feelings I m not sure I like him Some of the townspeople are way too rigid and resistant to change Why would they want their town to decay and not welcome newcomers especially ounger newcomers No new blood would be the death of Frog Ledge Some change can be a good thingAdrian and Max the ghost hunters seem like decent men Adrian seems respectful of the town and the mystery He just wants to get at the truth in his own way I was pleasantly surprised by how nice he seems but I don t trust him because he s a ghost hunter and those shows are all fakeThis is a really good entry into this series I can t wait to read about Stan and her baked goods and find out who she adopts next She has uite the menagerie already so what i am understanding from this coveris that a bunch of crazy animals wearing gang affiliation stars killed someone to bake into a cake for their crazy animal wedding but that it s okay because it s organic seven basic plots my ass I love Liz Mugavero s books I love Frog Ledge CT and I love all the uirky characters and pets that live there The latest book has done nothing but solidify my love for this series Stan always seems to be in the middle of the action in Frog Ledge whether it be a pet birthday bash or a wedding or the annual groundhog day celebration as in this book Just as Stan was getting ready to give the groundhog its annual treat from the town disaster strikes and the town historian Helga Oliver is found dead in the historical society building There s a few plotlines moving through this book but they are all tied nicely together at the end Stan has a bit of romantic trouble with Jake but also a possible new love interest enters the picture Don t worry love triangle haters it s all good at the end of the book I love that there are pet recipes in each of Liz s books and I can t wait to bake the breakfast bones for my dogs that is when I get a free moment after marathon training is over All in all a wonderful book and a wonderful series that I highly recommendI received a free copy of this book from NetGalley without even having to reuest it in exchange for an honest review I was so glad when I heard I won a copy of this book from the author Liz Mugavero I ve been a fan of these books since reading the first book a few Locas years ago The cast of characters are enjoyable to read about and the town Frog Ledge the name along is just to adorableThis was another great story in the series The mystery and story was fast paced and the mysteries were fantastic There was a lot happening in this story between the main mystery about the towns historian if her death was an accident or was it murder taking up most of the story There is also a cold case mystery revealed when a ghost hunting group shows up to do a investigation on a old building about a boxer who was murdered 60ears before Because of all these stories there really wasn t any room for the animal plot stories to take much space in the story I hope the pet theme story lines return for the next book The animals are my main focus in these stories I love all the pets in these books I m looking forward to reading the fourth book in the series when it becomes available in the future Frog Ledge s Groundhog Day celebration is cut short when the town historical elderly Helga Oliver is found dead at the bottom of the Historical Museum stairs But when whispers that it was murder reach Stan s ears she begins to dig in and see if she can find the truthThere are many plot threads introduced early that slow down the pacing of the story a early that slow down the pacing of the story a but as the book progresses we see how everything ties together There are some good twists and a creative climax The characters are great and we even get to see a different side to a couple of them which I really appreciatedNOTE I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest reviewRead my full review at Carstairs Consider. N reveals Helga's ties to an unsolved death in 1948 but how does that connect to Adrian Fox who's just arrived in town to shoot an episode of Celebrity Ghost Hunters Stan is going to have to be very careful in chasing down the killer if she wants to live to see another winter. ,
Ial groundhog treat for the town s groundhog day and invited to cater a doggie wedding Before Stan can present the visiting groundhog with her special cookie the town historian Helga Oliver is found dead Given her age of 87 no one suspects foul play at first The whole town is devastated especially Stan s kind of boyfriend Jake McGee and his family Helga was like a grandmother to Jake and his sister Brenna Betty the town librarian reveals to Stan she thinks her friend Helga was murdered and begs Stan not to say anything Stan is uneasy and really doesn t want to get involved but when the local reporter becomes a person of interest he ropes Stan into helping get answers At the same time a ghost hunting crew comes to town to investigate mysterious happenings at Jake and Izzy s new building bringing up an old scandal many in the town would rather have buried Stan worries Helga s death is related to the one from 60 ears ago She may have been murdered for what she knew Can Stan put the clues together and figure out who killed Helga and whyI really like the introduction of a historical mystery It adds an extra exciting element There were any number of suspects but I never guessed which one killed Helga I agree with Stan that the two deaths are related though Living in New England myself I well understood the townspeople and their reluctance to bring up old scandals I think the author also did a great job describing New England in winter and the general end of winter malaise people here get I m not crazy about the ghost hunters subplot Ugh I get enough of that at work and believe me it s not what it looks like on TVThe very best part of this book is the animals I love Scruffy Henry Duncan and the bride and groom dogs The cats are OK but I am a dog person and would LOVE to attend a doggie wedding The cake sounds delicious even for humans The bonded rescue dogs are an odd couple but so sweet I love how their human wants to make sure they stay together forever Not everyone thinks of such thingsThe human characters are less appealing than the animals I m warming up to Stan as she sheds her snooty city ways She s becoming a part of the community Stan certainly loves animals I don t like how she is unable to say no to anyone though Her romance takes a back seat to everything else but Stan is trying to figure out her relationship with Jake He seems pretty confident until she chickens out of confessing something to him Their relationship is still new and some bumps are expected but I think they ll be OK He s stubborn and proud at times and doesn t know what to make of Stan She s an outsider and not as comfortable sharing her thoughts and feelings as the people of Frog Ledge are Izzy comes across as a jerk here She s interested in getting sales for her future bookshop and not reading the mood of the community All her arguing with Jake seems counterproductive for getting her shop open I really hate when town historians and librarians are either killed off or are murderers in these cozy mysteries Helga was no exception Even though it comes out That She Was Tough On she was tough on people I think it was of a generational thing tough love I think she loved her community above all else Certainly she had to have been affected by the events of 60 ears ago but I don t think it shaped her "PERSONALITY I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE "I would like to have Helga Her children could not be different I m inclined to roll my eyes as Sarah I don t believe in mediums and she s too kooky for words but her eccentricities make her who she is Some things that happen in the book can t be explained Her brother Don is the businessman type He s a city councilman and the straight man to Sarah s free spirit He seems personalityless and dull His wife sounds high maintenance and ambitious I don t like Carla much Betty Meany the town librarian is similar to Helga She s warm and kind but she s protective of her town and sometimes a bit snippy I don t know why she s married to that loser husband of hers Dale Hatmaker is an awful person to be going after Helga s job before she s even dead He s a relative newcomer to Frog Ledge 50 ears and seems only interested in his own ego However I did agree with him about the museum exhibits They should be curated but not changed so soon after Helga s death That makes Dale sound rude Also in the ru. N is found crumpled in the basement of the Historical Museum the close knit town is devastated But after some tenacious digging Stan discovers Helga was pushed down the stairs and that this picture perfect New England town may hide some dark secrets Stan's dogged determinatio.

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Ironically one of my book buddies suggested we do a buddy read on Liz Mugavero s first Pawsitively Organic Mysteries called Kneading to Die Not only will I read just about anything but we both like coziesmysteries She didn t care for it and I loved itlol So I have continued on with the series reading the 2nd one and now this the 3rd They just keep getting better in my humble opinion I think Ms Mugavero has hit upon a winning combination of having a uirky town Frog Ledge uirky characters in this small New England town with uirky jobs in many cases For instance our protagonist Stan short for Kristan runs a business where she makes organic and nutritional food for the town s pets She is very likable to me because she left corporate America sick and tired of all the bs to live a better life She has 2 dogs Henry and Scruffy and a cat Nutty and in this third book it looks like she might have another cat Benedict They mystery is a cold case of 60 ears that is interesting and her continuing relationships with many of the repeat characters makes this the kind of series that I become attached I will be reading the next book in the series soon Groundhogs invaded the basement of the Frog Ledge Unitarian Universalist ChurchStan has been tapped to provide the gift for Lilypad the groundhog on Frog Ledge s annual Groundhog Day celebration The town historian Helga was to give a speech about the history of Groundhog Day in Frog Ledge Helga is unfortunately found dead at the bottom of the stairs of The Historical Society before the culmination of the event Stan leaps into sleuth mode when uestions arise about the circumstances of Helga s deathI really enjoy this series I love the recipes for organic treats for cats and dogs I ve made uite a few and they go over "great with my crew It s nice to see that Stan is settling into the uirky little town "with my crew It s nice to see that Stan is settling into the uirky little town Frog Ledge The townspeople are as odd assortment that make me smile I really love that Stan tends to assign soundtracks to her various life eventsThe tension between Stan and Jake was upsetting They seem like a very well matched couple An outside influence that could lead to a triangle was frustrating Poor
*jake had looked *
had looked Helga as a surrogate grandmother so the whole situation was hard for himI like that an old cold case was introduced as a like that an old cold case was introduced as a of the story line The ghost hunters were a bit much at times For the most part this is a feel good series that advocates for pet rescue and healthy food for our furry friends The uirkiness of the town just adds to the enjoyment I look forward to reading the next book I always love visiting Frog Ledge with Stan and the gang Stan finds herself again in the middle of a murder investigation when the towns historian falls down a flight of stairs This is a fun book I read the whole thing in a day it was hard to put down What is not to love about a murder investigation a ghost hunt and a doggie wedding I look forward to the next in the series I m totally enjoying this series Can t wait to read the next This series gets better with each story Remember Stan Conner owner of Pawsitively Organic Gourmet Pet Food in the picturesue New England town of Frog Ledge Well in this story one of the town s oldest civic leaders and historians takes a tragic fatal header down the basement stairs of the local museum during Groundhog Day festivities Stan s boyfriend Jake McGee has a sister Jesse Pasuale who s a State Trooper and who is not happy to find Stan at the accident scene Nosing around Stan has reason to believe the death was murder because this person knew something about the past that someone wanted kept secret The townspeople in Frog Ledge are friendly and likeable Stan Kristan is a strong sensible woman and her pets Scruffy Henry and Nutty are adorable The weddingcatering business is boomingit s all about healthy eating for the fur babies Full of red herrings to distract ou from solving the crime before the author reveal THE ICING ON THE CORPSE is a uniue interesting cozy mysteryI received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and Kenisngton Publishing for review purposes This didn t influence my honest personal opinion Stan Conner is busy with her organic pet food business So busy in fact she is fast becoming part of the community of Frog Ledge Connecticut She s even asked to bake a spec. Kristan Stan Connor is thrilled to be invited to the Groundhog Day festivities in uirky Frog Ledge Connecticut Her organic home baked pet treats are a big hit at the annual celebration though an important guest is curiously absent When Helga Oliver the town's elderly historia. .

The Icing on the Corpse Pawsitively Organic Mysteries #3

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