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[Girl At The End Of The Line Wwl Mystery] PDF/EBOOK

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Girl At The End Of The Line Wwl MysteryEre did Gran get it She had no money On the track of her grandmother s past and her own heritage Molly goes from their small town home to New York England and Vermont only to find a wealthy but inhospitable background that includes a large helping of murder Slow Book But suspenseful A few swear words and a couple of sexual content mentioned I did like that it was mysterious For me it was predictable as it got towards the nd All of his books are so great Charles Mathes writes modern day fairy tales and calls them mysteries because he arranges a murder here and there through the plot Hatter the peace they've managed to achieve there It will send them rocketing to

New York To England 
York to England to New England in search of a family they didn't know they had And it will introduce them and the reader to as zany a group of relatives as ver bickered over a dog show or a fortune The cover of the program bears a photo of a lovely young actress in her first big part on the New York stage And amazingly the woman is their crusty old grandmother But when they Rush To Uestion The Old to uestion the old they arrive to find that she has baffled the medical staff who saw no reason to xpect it by dying in her bed The sisters and specially Molly who reason to xpect it by dying in her bed The sisters and specially Molly who stubborn and goal oriented by nature realize that somewhere they have a family But in their town the only sources of information .

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There are only 4 of these stand alone The Girl books but I wish there were Mr Mathes are you listeningThis is a re re read Glad I own the book because I re read it periodicallystill re re read Glad I own the book because I re read it periodicallystill grown old Why don t people appreciate Mathes Every time I read one of his books I think oh this is great and then he faces out of my consciousness His books are strange combos of cozy and adventure peril and romance
With Their Own Wonderful 
their own wonderful Molly s grandmother dies she and her sister Nell are alone in the world A friend gives her an xpensive ring that her grandmother wanted her to have but WH. MOLLY O'HARA'S YOUNG SISTER NELL IS BEAUTIFUL Molly O'Hara's young sister Nell is beautiful and sweet and the fact that she hasn't spoken for the last seventeen years since she was ight certainly doesn't reflect on her intelligence After all it's Nell who does the books for Enchanted Cottage Antiues which she and her sister operate jointly Truth is Nell was home alone with their mother when the woman was murdered and from that day forward Nell hasn't spoken She understands she can make herself understood; it's just that she doesn't utter a word Rummaging in boxes at a tag sale Nell comes across an old New York theater Playbill that will change the girls' lives It will break the monotony of their rather lonely xistence in the small North Carolina town from which they have never ventured and will also N this one a nearly broke antiue dealer heroine and her mute sister go on a Sprawling Modern Day Uest To modern day uest to broke antiue dealer heroine and her mute sister go on a sprawling modern day uest to discover past after their grandmother dies suspiciously at the nursing home It s a fascinating conceit particularly in the opening pages where our heroine and sister are trapped in nowheresville USA and suddenly magical and horrifying things start happening But welding a Grimm s fairy tale plot line with the tone and settings of the circa 2000 cozy mystery doesn t work here the whodunnit solution is so ridiculous that the successful conclusion of the fairy tale feels like a chea. Re their stepfather whom they almost never see and he can't or won't tell them much and their natural father who is married to a wealthy society woman and is "Embarrassed By His Somewhat Unconventional Offspring And Eager To Shoo " by his somewhat unconventional offspring and Best Recipes from American Country Inns and Bed and Breakfasts eager to shoo away So they determine to go off on a search of their own Their travels bring adventure andxhilaration as they have the new and wonderful Dark Awakening experience of seeing New York and London and meeting suchxotic fauna as professional actors But it also brings tragedy as accidents occur around them starting with a fatal Hawks Way (Hawks Way explosion in their house when they are away These are dauntless young women though and charming ones and the reader will very muchnjoy going along with them on their Family Men eye opening journeys and will root for them all along the way.