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(The Archer Files The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer Private Investigator) PDF READ Ô Ross Macdonald

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Of focus here One must wonder How Often This Title Has often this title has usedHOOK 4 stars It was a Friday night I was tooling home from the Mexican border in a light blue convertible and a dark blue mood That second line is so typical of Ross MacDonald an author light on style and heavy on substance and for me it s worth a 4th star it doesn t call attention to itself doesn t feel overwrought like Chandler or Hammett at times it just reads really nice I think with just a hint of hard boiled I had followed a man from Fresno to San Diego and lost him in the maze of streets in Old TownHe had crossed the border and my instructions went no further TownHe had crossed the border and my instructions went no further the United States Lew then finds himself on the freeway with the worst driver in the worldthe heavy car Cadillac wove back and forth across the freeway using 2 of its 4 lanes sometimes 3 Eventually Lew Archer exhausted pulls off the freeway to the first motel he comes to the Siesta And there he finds trouble PACE 4 I ve read 7 Ross Macdonald novels and he almost has one here a subject matter easily expandable into a novel But he made the right choice imoPLOT 3 Lew finds evidence of a murder at the Siesta motel and reason to check around the seaside area for someone who has lost a lot of blood and may be dead Yes he finds the Cadillac from the opening page parked and a dead man inside a man who had been dying from a gunshot wound as he drove on the freeway page 1 The owner of the hotel begs Lew not to report the murder to the cops and Lew agrees to at least investigate the situation for a fee PEOPLE 4 Lew Archer to me is the smartest of all the series private investigators He s not the toughest but he sees people their truths and lies uickly And he is tough enough to survive the bad guys The motel owner Mr Salanda is desparately protective of his oung daughter Ella and she is just old enough to get into all sorts of problems A sensitive kid named Donny has a big time crush on her And Mrs Mabel Salanda a big forceful blonde practically steals the show But then there is Mr Funk in Vegas with his gang of hoodsATMOSPHERE 2 Room fourteen was like any other middle class motel room touched with the California Spanish maniaA Rivera reproduction of a sleeping Mexican hung on the wall over the bed A description today that we d call politically incorrect and if ou ve never lived in Southern California this description is a bit short But in the book Macdonald doesn t spend much time on atmosphere than this brief description of a motel room And the story could take place anywhere the author doesn t integrate the story with the placeSUMMARY My rating is 34 Macdonald delivers as usual a solid plot with some surprises and a good set of characters I ve oft considered Ross MacDonald a solid example of a novelist who got by writing the same book over and over again That is not meant to denigrate the man s work Ross MacDonald is the Holy Spirit to Raymond Chandler s Son and Dashiell Hammett s Father in the Holy Trinity of Classic American Hard Boiled PI Detective Fiction Mickey Spillane would probably be like an Apostle or lesser but influential Pope The Lew Archer stories I ve found to be a bit melancholy or wistfulMacDonald s novels all tend to focus around the same themes eg broken families sometimes looking for their lost members and feature the same elements This recycling or literary bricolage can readily be evidenced in how uite a few of the stories in this collection are clearly rewrites of one another same basic plot same character types Also making this worth the time of any aficionado of MacDonald or detective fiction writing in general is that the last section of this book features beginnings of incomplete stories fragments that MacDonald never ended up using If ou love the detective from The Chill or The Underground Man this ain t him Nearly all the short stories come from the time Ross MacdonaldKevin Millar was following the Chandler school pre 1958 so the empathetic inuiring edition of Lew Archer is mostly absent except for a handful of stories toward the end and interestingly an unpublished story from 1950 called Strangers in Town later cannibalized for The Ivory Grin and the short story Gone Girl Still some of the stories carry an emotional wallop especially The Suicide and Midnight Blue and Macdonald s penchant for intricate plotting appears in even these short pieces Also unexpectedly interesting the first pages fragments of possible Archer stories from Macdonald s notes gathered together in a back section called Case Notes All too brief but they re wonderful short pieces in themselves even if they wind up like the Sherlock stories Dr John Watson mentions but never writes. Notes as it were from the files of Lew Archer Edited by Macdonald biographer Tom Nolan The Archer Files is prefaced with Nolan s biographical sketch of Lew Archer himself the character Eudora Welty described as a champion and a distinguished creation As a detective and as a man he takes the human situation with full seriousness Jeff Wong s cover is adapted from the 1955 paperback original but depicting Ross Macdonald rather than Lew Archer. ,
Swimming In The Flood you categorize the 11 unfinished tales as such I consider them a bonus I paid twenty bucks for FILES the fragments alone are worth a hundredIn the beginning the publishing industry was not kind to Lew Archer Early paperback covers misled readers but the smooth intelligent prose inside erased any ire mystery buyers may have felt at being hoodwinked In the mid sixties Bantam Books emblazoned Lew Archer the hardest of the hard boiled dicks across the top of all their paperback covers featuring Ross Macdonald s fairly unknown creation The hardboiled blurb reinforced each cover always a slightly out of focus photograph of the same man with a different woman Those females seemed like mere decoration since the emphasis was always the male an obvious hero who looked like a rugged Mike Hammer but dressed like James Bond on casino night Bantam marketed nine or ten Archer novels with those very distinct photo covers one of them was THE NAME IS ARCHER from where seven of the stories in THE ARCHER FILES were originally collected Midnight Blue and Sleeping Dog are minor masterpieces from the sixties excluded from THE NAME IS ARCHER because they were notet written Revised editions of the collection include these additional two mysteries Three of FILES stories are from STRANGERS IN TOWN two of them novelettes that became THE IVORY GRIN Strangers In Town and THE DOOMSTERS The Angry Man THE ARCHER FILES contains the entire contents of STRANGERS IN TOWN and FILES contains the entire contents of STRANGERS IN TOWN and extended NAME IS ARCHER and Hollywood wasn t particularly kind either Paul Newman s insistence on being Lew Harper instead of Archer played a large role in Archer s low recognition factor in American pop. Ross Macdonald 1915 1983 was the author of eighteen books that a New York Times critic called the finest series of detective novels ever written by an American the Lew Archer canon which included such breakthrough best sellers as The Underground Man The Goodbye Look and The Blue Hammer Macdonald born Kenneth Millar also wrote several novelettes and short stories involving Southern California private detective Lew Archer The Archer Files for. ,

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The Archer Files The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer Private Investigator