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Running Your Best yKes Smutty just fine may even love him but she has to protect her heart at all costs Whew uel drama This is almost trainwreck in it s drama but it wasn t entertaining enough to uite reach that point Karen and Smutty practically battle for control of the relationship and for dominance during sex and it gets irritating Karen is super prickly and so unwilling to show her vulnerable side that I m honestly surprised that Smutty could see through to it In fairness to Karen she s just trying to live by their arrangement they said just sex and Smutty is constantly reiterating that And then he calls her to listen to his problems and asks her about her background and baggage and she s justifiably annoyed because that wasn t what they agreed upon And Smutty doesn t see what Review copy provided via NetGalleyWhy I Read this Book I like when a romance starts off as a friends with benefits deal I hadn t heard of this book until I got a review reuest for it and truth be told if I had only seen the cover I would have passed this book up Once I read the blurb the premise sounded interested enough for me to readWhat I Liked Karen and Jerry were a fun pair Karen s sass and the back and forth banter made The Ace a delightful read She speaks her mind and doesn t sugarcoat anything But there were also some intense moments I enjoyed reading it allI m not big on baseball but I did like seeing Jerry go through his ups and downs during the season It felt genuine and brought a sense of reality to the story There was one thing that happened that I m not sure would fly in real life but I m so clueless when it comes to the sport that I didn t care too muchNeutral Territory There was an interesting little twist at the end I kind of liked the twist because it was totally unexpected but at the same time it felt a little manipulated It forced some time to pass without much conflict which is why I feel like it was contrived All in all it didn t bother me too muchOverall Impression The Ace was a fun romance Whenever I had to put the book down I found myself wanting to keep reading Plus it had a celebritycommoner trope which is one of my favorites Dropped at 28%I expected to read thirtyear old characters and I got three ear old ones Not worth the headache I feel coming trying to make sense of this mess A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest reviewTHIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSI am weary Here I am writing another review for a book that had potential but was ruined by it s characters This is becoming a habit It is beginning to feel like an epidemic maybe it is just me maybe I am just picking the wrong books maybe I am cursed I feel like half the books I am picking up right now are full of these characters horrible people with horrible issues meant to be endearing Obviously The Ace is one of those books It is a shame really because this book had potential it could have been great instead it was dragged down by its main character It all started so well I liked Rhonda Shaw s writing and I comfortably slipped into this book She took her time building everything up instead of rushing in something I wish romance author s would do The beginning stages of the romance were fantastic she took it slow and really allowed the chemistry to develop The flirtatious dialogue between Jerry and Karen was a lot of fun But the I got to know the characters Karen the this book began to irritate me I am going to be blunt Karen was awful There was literally nothing I liked about her Her issues with relationships are ridiculous She was cheated on in the past obviously that is awful Yet it is something that happens to a lot of us It hurts like hell but people move on Not Karen Karen has decided that she isn t the kind of woman that does not do relationships Instead she uses men for sex and when she is bored of them she kicks them to the curb I find this attitude deplorable in male characters and as I am all about euality I find it deplorable in females as well Her one bad relationship has convinced her that boyfriends and romance are not for her I don t agree but that s her choice My issue is that through out the book Karen uses that attitude as an excuse to hurt Jerry and that is uite simply not cool Here is an example After sleeping together for some TIME JERRY CALLS KAREN OVER TO HIS HOME HIS Jerry calls Karen over to his home His is falling apart he is in some trouble and he wants to talk to someone he trusts about it Karen goes over there and despite seeing that he is having a hard time she gets angry at him for calling her She is not his girlfriend he is crossing a line and she does not want to be involved She fails him when he needs her the most then gets upset when he gets angry at her The woman is cold What is worse is that after the incident after his anger has faded Jerry blames himself for pushing her This is how the book goes Karen over reacts Jerry blames himself Really it is not Jerry s fault that Karen is not a nice person she really isn t she is rude judgemental arrogant She calls other women whores a pet peeve of mine These things are not his fault his lack of back bone however is something that is Any sane man would have walked away from her Jerry just kept goingThe nail in the coffin was the twist at the end It allowed Karen to get her HEA with minimal grovelling It didn t work for me At allI will read from Rhonda Shaw in the future because I think she is a good writer I just hope the characters will be better next time around It had crossed Karen s mind now that her best friend was marrying a Rocket player she might finally meet Jerry Smutton Karen is a huge baseball fan and she has a little crush on him though she would never admit this to JerryFinally luck is on her side Jerry signed on of the biggest contracts in baseball history Which means he finally needs

a real house 
real house of the condo he s been renting Who better to help him than Karen the best friend of the fianc of his teammate Upon meeting they immediately feel that physical attraction and since both aren t looking to settle down anytime soon this is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun Jerry can barely commit to house let alone a womanKaren is kind of the same she doesn t do relationships though her reasons are different She has been hurt very badly once and since then she doesn t believe HEA exists for her So this friends with benefits situation with Jerry suits her just fine Except Jerry confuses her He breaks the rules no emotions involved but he keeps asking about her past her dreams and he does all these sweet things Still he keeps claiming he doesn t want a relationship which confuses KarenActions speak louder than words and it seems Jerry is mostly contradicting himself Thus the drama begins Karen tries to keep him at a safe distance but each time Jerry just knocks down her walls Meanwhile Jerry doesn t really know what he wants and just focuses on just knocks down her walls Meanwhile Jerry doesn t really know what he wants and just focuses on cause at least that is safeKaren and Jerry are amazing characters and their story was a hoot to read The things that come out of Karen s mouth had me cracking up on multiple occasions She tells it as she sees it and that definitely keeps things interesting Her hang up on her bad relationship experience did get a bit tiresome after a while luckily she too knew it was stupid she just couldn t help itJerry was of course very dreamy Physically he s near perfection and the steamy scenes were very fun to read I loved how he kept Karen on the tip of her toes Each thing he said would get an interesting reaction and left Karen wonder who he really was So much fun to figure this outAnother wonderful novel by Rhonda Shaw Two very strong novels with plenty of humor She is going on my must read list I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Passionate sleepovers soon turn into long romantic evenings Still Karen and Jerry refuse to acknowledge they’re a couple Karen insists that she’s immune to Jerry’s heart melting charm Jerry’s not ready to settle down Denial is the name of the game until one pitch changes everythi. ,
Njoyed that zinger near the end the author tossed at me that upped the ante on things for the characters and tossed in an external conflict issueAs to the characters here in lies my only issue with the story Just as in the last book the heroine tends to freak out and make it all about herself She makes it way harder than it needs to be and she frustrated the heck out of me when I had to read it Not that I mean to go all Freud on things but her crap is not about men like she thinks or lets others think This gal had daddy issues Instead of dealing and healing she becomes a manhater and takes almost sadistic glee in using guys and tossing them aside I feel sorry for her because stuff like an absent dad and a broken relationship do leave there marks but its how she let it twist her that became the problem The lying and denying over and over got frustrating I was honestly done when her reaction during the hospital scene was to run off and make it all about herself when a guy lies in a hospital bed injuredThe other main character redeemed things somewhat He has his flaws but he owned them dealt with them and moved forward Jerry is the ace pitcher of the suad and he feels he has something to prove since he got such a big contract He works hard and I loved that a good portion of the book speaks to that Jerry has these issues and he s at a point in his life where he both fears and longs for some permanency He sees his buddies getting into serious relationships and putting down roots and for the first time this doesn t exactly repel him His thing with Karen has him turned upside down and inside out She gets his attention and he sees that she s high maintenance He knows nothing with her would be easy but almost subconsciously Jerry accepts the daunting challenge He tries to follow his usual MO when it comes to women but it is different from the beginning and he finally has to acknowledge that I respected that he understood what his confusion was doing to Karen so he apologized and was honest with her Overall it was an engaging read I struggled with the heroine but could get past it for the hero and the baseball plot threads I would love to get Bucky s story and continue to get glimpses in with Chase and Maddie and Jerry and Karen For Sports Romance lovers who enjoy baseball as the backdrop and a tough relationship issue to tackle do give this one a tryMy thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this one in exchange for my honest review Rhonda Shaw puts a very interesting spin on a new event in men and women s lives casual unattached and friend bennies Friend beneies ou ask Well it means friends with benefits You see Karen Bently has been has been hurt by two important relationships in her past an ex fianc who was deceitful to her in last Please Dont Tickle The Tiger year in college when they were to marry The important of the two would be her father He deserted her mother which in turn deserted her too So now she is the one woman wrecking team in the relationship department in fact she doesn t let one start Her best friend Maddie and sister Shannon are always talking to her about it but it never takes hold In fact she just never really allows a relationship to start If a guy gets to close she gives him his walking papers Sometimes cutting him off at the knees Now Jerry Smutton he could be her down fall he is the best friend to Chase which is her best friend Maddie s fianc They are getting married and Jerry and Karen have been asked to stand up for them that is how they met He is the Ace pitcher for the Detroit Rockets Chase is also a pitcher for the team Jerry just signed a lifetime contract as the highest paid player in the major league They had met through Chase and Maddie and he knew she was in real estate So as a ruse to get close to her he asked her to show him some houses What he is really looking for is a friend beneies One of the times out Karen take him to this house that they both seem to like but this is what happens before he even walks in Jerry had a vision of Karen coming out of the front door laughing as aellow dog sprinted by her and out into the MTIV yard eager to play As fast as it hit him it left him It left him unsettled wondering where it had come from and if he was starting to lose his mind since he did not want to settle down at all This vision left him with a sense of loneliness that he felt every time she took him looking for houses The minute he stepped over the threshold his hairs stood on end which he had to ignore He had to fight the feeling to leave it was a feeling of something that he was not ready for but once he looked around his uneasiness was gone After a few times out looking flirting and circling they lay down the ground rules They finally go for it and have their first night but something is off They are feeling and not liking that one big time Denial in the forefront they forge ahead but their minds and hearts keep them off balance Come on the rollercoaster rideou may be surprised to see how funny unnervingly real and piercing our emotions ride the surface as these two try to figure out what is happening to them Could the tapes of old fears and old hurts cause them to not connect and stay together I give this 5 stars Provided by Net GalleyFollow us at www1rad readerreviewscom 35 stars After reading and enjoying The Changeup I was anxious by Net GalleyFollow us at www1rad readerreviewscom 35 stars After reading and enjoying The Changeup I was anxious reading this second instalment to the Men of the Show series I wanted to see where Rhonda was going to take us with Karen and Jerry s story We met Karen and Jerry in the first book She s Maddie s best friend and a real state agent He s Chase s team mate and the ace pitcher for the Detroit Rockets They re two people afraid of commitment who deal with it in different ways She s a manhater while he has fun with different womenTheir connection is strong and hard to deny They start a fling which supposedly is just for fun no strings attached But time is passing by and Jerry becomes and attached to Karen who is hiding her heart uite well They have to figure out on the hard way if they are meant to be lovers or friendsKaren was an interesting character to begin with and I loved seeing her walls begin to crumble whenever Jerry was around The reason behind her trust issues begin with her father leaving her mother I can understand why she became the person she is today but she pissed me off I get that it s hard to trust someone with our heart but can t she see how good Jerry is to her I had to skim some pages because she spent uite some time in her head trying to come off with an excuse to run away and I wanted to finish the book not throw my Kindle against the wallAs for Jerry he went into this agreement with Karen because he thought it was just that He never intended to fall in love with her I loved how he used the excuse of house hunting to spend time with her Also how observant and supportive he was Their relationship was sweet funny and cute et so hot at the SAME TIME I VERY RARELY READ time I very rarely read book written in third person I actually hate it But somehow I like Rhonda s writingI m in for the potential third book Karen who gave Maddie all kinds of hell for her relationship issues with Chase in the first book has even baggage than Maddie She s prickly afraid to show vulnerability and only does hookups and flings because ain t now way she s putting herself out there for a relationship Jerry Smutton or Smutty ace pitcher for the Detroit Rockets also doesn t want a relationship but he definitely wants Karen in his bed They agree to a mutually beneficial friends with perks arrangement But Smutty s struggling with his game and when he needs someone to talk to he finds that it s Karen he wants But this is sending her all kinds of mixed messages and goes against the impersonal arrangement they agreed upon Karen li. Gest baseball contracts in history with the Detroit Rockets Jerry enlists Karen to help him find the house of his dreams Their connection is instant and electric but neither of them is the relationship type When Jerry proposes a friends with benefits arrangement that suits Karen just fine. Review originally posted here I had some mixed feelings about the first book in this series I was intrigued enough by both Jerry and Karen to give this book a tryJerry just signed a deal as the Ace pitcher of the Detroit Rockets but for some reason his game starts to suffer He and his coaches can t figure out what the problem is as he hasn t changed anything with his pitching arm The only thing in Jerry s live that has changed is Karen While he proposes a friends with benefits type situation little does he realize just how important Karen is to him than than just a naked buddyKaren knows that she could fall in love with Jerry but she is determined to keep her heart safe behind the wall she built up ears ago She isn t willing to risk her feelings so she struggles with her relationship with Jerry in whatever form it takes But as things go south in their relationship Karen realizes that perfection isn t possible but they come pretty damn closeWhile I thought this book started off strong it really went downhill for me It felt like Shaw was trying to add in so many different threads that I felt like the plot got a bit bogged down with everything that was going on I really wish she would have focused a bit on one or two aspects of the plot instead of throwing multiple different tropes into the book making it a little convoluted to follow toward the endAlthough I liked Karen s carefree attitude in the first book she came across as a bit of a bitch in this one She was so hurt and let down by her past that she really let that color her view of the present She would constantly lie to herself and refuse to see the truth so that she wouldn t have to face the fact that she and Jerry were in a relationship While I could understand where she was coming from in the beginning her reluctance to be an adult really started to get on my nerves as the book continued Especially since she used her attitude and history as a way to constantly push Jerry away She needed to do a hell of a lot groveling than she didThankfully Jerry was a better character in my opinion He was fun and didn t take life too seriously Yet when times got tough for him he tried to deal with it in the best way possible and never tried to just shove his head in the sand and wait for opportunities to pass him by I liked that about Jerry Even when he was seriously knocked down he gave himself some time to throw a pity party but then he dove back into whatever he needed to do to better himself In that regard he was a damn good heroThe romance however fell pretty flat I don t know if my feelings toward Karen colored their relationship a bit but I thought she was extremely immature and childish in the way she treated Jerry I really wanted her to buck up and act like an adult well before she did and the one step forward two giant leaps back romance just didn t work for meAll in all I wasn t super impressed with the second book in the Men of the Show series I would have liked to see Karen s character grow a lot sooner in the book than she did because she childish ways really started to bother me While I liked Jerry as a hero he wasn t enough to overcome the heroine and the romance that I felt needed emotional development and less physicalI give The Ace a C I loved this book and it s characters Jerry stole the show he was so snarky he laughed as he turned back to Chase and Maddie with his arm still around her It s okay guys She s just embarrassed to show her excitement in front of an audience but believe me she s ecstatic to see me He knows when to give compliments when they are due Silk and Steel you re a funny woman he said as he eyes her with what looked like interest I mean once the boy makes his mind up on something it is gung ho to that goal done with the flirty games Jerry decided on the spot he was changing his mind He was going to test the waters with her and he absolutely was going to get his hands on her Did I mention those compliments he likes to shower Karen with Well sometimes they could be his horninessou look so hot tonigt he said in a low raspy voice It took everything I had to keep my hands off of Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck youas much as I could Karen I think likes taking care of Jerry it s just not one of those things she wants to admit out loud well why didn tou say something She smacked his butt as she got up and reached for her panties and top Get dressed and come out to the kitchen I ll make ou a snack Jerry is also one of those guys who likes to push the envelope are ou going of those guys who likes to push the envelope are Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends you going stop me he asked as he released himself from his boxers I enjoyed this book so much all the characters were lovable snarky and pure entertainment to read Spring time in Michigan wouldn t be complete without Opening Day for the beloved home baseball team And as a long time resident I can attest to the truth of this so I was excited to grab up this book that highlights the star commitment shy starting pitcher for a fictional Detroit baseball team and a spunky stubborn hot mess of a real estate gal who makes Jerry s commitment issues minor league These two took my on uite the emotional roller coaster ride but along the way I had a good time enjoying their witty exchanges and time spent at the ball park Go Get Em RocketsThis is a follow up seuel to The Change Up and though its Jerry and Karen s story there is an assumption that Chase and Maddie s story has been read I was glad to see a continuing story line with them to see some details wrapped up It was in the first book that both Jerry and Karen were introduced and it seems everyone but Jerry and Karen caught a glimpse of their instant attractionKaren puts herself out there as a brassy loud confident woman who says and does what she wants When it comes to relationships she s the one who does the leaving No commitments no promises and definitely no feelings or she s out of there Betteret a uick one time only is even better Never again will she let a guy get past her walls to hurt her like Brian a guy get past her walls to hurt her like Brian She s had a crush on Jerry Smutton the Rocket s ace pitcher for some time and now that Maddie is engaged to Chase she admits to a dream or two about seeing what he s all about under that uniform She convinces herself that he s probably a stuck on himself jerk now that he has a contract that was the biggest and longest in baseball history But she s willing to give him a go and brush him off just like any other man who has the potential to hurt herJerry doesn t know what it is about the bold and sassy Karen Bently but he wants to get something going with her He doesn t do relationships and he s not interested in anything permanent because the game has his focus but he wouldn t mind having some fun with her He s very observant so it doesn t miss his notice that she has some issues of her own If he wants her to say es then he has to keep her off balance and off her game Between casual dates and checking out houses together he has her where he wants her but then he starts to see what he has and he likes herThat s when things go south Karen freaks when she senses something significant between them his game goes off and before he can collect the pieces the unthinkable happensI found the other book in the series engaging because it put the sport in sports romance and this one continued with that same level of balance I enjoyed how the author balanced the sports backdrop the character development and the romance Character development of the three is the focus The narrative switches back and forth between Jerry and Karen which is nice There is an opportunity to get to KNOW BOTH OF THEM IN KAREN both of them In Karen case she spends a lot of time in her head Jerry as a pitcher works hard not to spend any time in his own head They both see things very differently For most of the book the conflict is over the relationship but I “Love ’em and leave ’em” has been real estate agent Karen Bently’s motto for as long as she can remember She doesn’t need a man except to make her toes curl Or so she thought until her longtime crush Ace pitcher Jerry Smutton sets his sights on her After signing one of the lar.

CHARACTERS The Ace Men of the Show #2

The Ace Men of the Show #2