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EBOOK or KINDLE (The Abandonment of the Jews America and the Holocaust 1941 1945) ´ David S. Wyman

Ion restrictions as the political background Influential Jews in or near powerful members of the administration and FDR did not press for rescue eg 6 of 7 Jewish members of Congress and several FDR advisers Most Christian and Catholic churches were indifferent and silent members of Congress and several FDR advisers Most Christian and Catholic churches were indifferent and silent uakers and Unitarians Jewish people were also divided Jewish intellectuals were not vocal Even Jewish owned media did not cover it very well like the NY Times and the Washington Post though NY Post coverage was adeuate Regular American media did not cover the Holocaust Incredulity regarding whether or not the Holocaust happened lasted until war s end when legislators and newspaper editors were flown in personally to view the camps I gave this a 5 star rating because of the serious but sad subject matter not because it was fun reading It is not light reading but if you want to understand how the media and also the American Jews treated the Nazi decimation of the Jews during World War II then this book will enlighten and disgust you Even our own president Roosevelt dropped the ball when he could have done so much I learned so much but it took me about 2 weeks to get through the book I wrote a paper in middle school on American knowledge of the Holocaust and how we did not use all our resources to try of the Holocaust and how we did not use all our resources to try stop the illings in the death camps This book was my Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue key source as it brings together an incredible amount of information on what Roosevelt and others in powernew and incriminating statements they made that showed they consciously chose not to bomb railroads or do anything else to slow down the Nazi death machineryAs a side note in retrospect I read way too much on the Holocaust as a Silent Confessions kid A terrifyingly sad well researched book on the US slow response to the Nazi atrocities against the Jews in Europe America refused to implement large scale rescue efforts for Europe s Jews and refused to bomb holocaust infrastructure We were however willing to transport feed clothe and shelter nearly 425000 German POWs inside the United StatesHitler pursued his Final Solution even while he was losing the war I could at least understand German anti Semitism given my belief that Zionists helped bring America into WWI but I cannot but condemn America s unwillingness to help Europe s Jews in WWII This book needs to be read We mustnow what we have done wrong and failed to do right if we are ever to live up to American ideals The ongoing debate among descendants of immigrants on how best to A Texas Holiday Miracle keep new immigrants and illegal aliens out of the country is nothing new Anti immigration laws and sentiment were all the rage during the late thirties and especially during WWII Guided by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies Senators and Congressmen watched diligently for any hint that those funny little furriners might sneak inSenator Rufus Holman Rep OR in 1942 once blocked a bill in the Senate because it aroused his suspicion that it relaxes the immigration laws though he openly admitted Inow nothing about this bill Representative William Elmer Rep MO no doubt a descendant of the famous American patriot Elmer Fudd was eually distrustful He apprised the House of a determined and well financed movementto admit all the oppressed Hitler persecuted people of Germany and other European countries into our countr. T and public and inadeuate press coverage that culminated in January 1944 with President Roosevelt's creation of the War Refugee Board The final stage examines the WRB's actions through the end of the war actions tat were substantial but severely handicapped by their tardiness and by lack of commitment from administration officialsIt is difficult for a generation that has seen hundreds of thousands indeed millions of Vietnamese Hispanic and other refugees absorbed into our society with relative ease to understand the full extent of the anti Semitism that 74 Seaside Avenue kept the government from trying to help andept the Jews themselves from acting effectively Wyman's analysis careful and utterly convincing is a thorough account as well as a searing indictment of that tragic state of affair. The Abandonment of the Jews America and the Holocaust 1941 1945Excellent book that covers the U S response to the Halocaust The actions of the government were spotty if not almost nonexistent FDR was cautious in his actions due to isolationist sentiment antisemitic feeling of many and the feeling that the only rescue possible was to win the war The author criticizes him for his failure to lead on this issue it FDR was reluctant to jeopardize his programs both domestic and foreign in Congress The State Department did all they could to delay and frustrate immigration of Jews During the late thirties and during the war immigration uotas from Eastern Europe were never maximized Part of the problem also was the failure of leading Jewish to be able to unite together to pressure the government to act Publicity by newspapersradioand movies was also almost nonexistent Most of the reasons given for not being able to rescue Jews didn t stop the rescue of other people who weren t Jewish It s hard not to conclude that American and British inaction worsened the already tragic situation Holy shit was this book depressing This is an eye opening account of the different ways many Western nations failed the Jewish people during 1939 1945 due to anti semitism ignorance and selfishness Make sure you read it with a side of lithium Painful You can t read it without taking breaks because the material is just too harrowing You get emotional bummed out and have to put it down UPDATE Dec 2019 I re read sections in order to help me frame the anger of my characters in the seuel to A FLOOD OF EVIL then I wrote this in my novel When they were alone Marissa showed an emotion to her father she had held back when they were with Berthold and Anna I felt like I wanted to cry she said These two young people putting Themselves At Mortal Risk To at mortal risk to Hitler and save Jews and Churchill does nothing FDR does nothing American Jewish leaders do barely than nothing Did the world The Note know then what Hitler was doing Without uestion Marissa said FDR and Churchill received reports some of which we nownow came from Berthold and Anna There were accounts in the press AP and UP carried a headline screaming that the Nazis were turning Eastern Europe into a vast slaughter house for Jews The World Jewish Congress held a press conference in London at which they estimated one million Jews had already been illed There was a rally attended by 20000 people in Madison Suare Garden Marissa paused and wiped her eyes Yet she continued nobody proposed any measure to rescue the Jews still alive in Hitler s Europe Churchill did not want Jewish refugees to flood into Palestine Roosevelt did not want Jewish immigrants in America and Jewish leaders were primarily concerned with establishing a Jewish state after the war was over So they all let millions of Jews die Don t you think it s a little harsh to say they let Jews die Abraham asked No I don t Marissa answered It s sickening to think of Anna and Berthold sending out Reports That No One that no one willing to act on PRIOR COMMENTS I have so far read the sections describing the 1942 efforts to convince both Jewish leaders and the Allied governments that the Nazis had indeed embarked on a systematic program to murder all the Jews of Europe This idea was simply so monstrous that many could not believe the evidence they were receiving Others did not want to acknowledge what would have led Why Auschwitz Was Never Bombed a chapter from this book appeared in the May 1978 issue of Commentary and aroused a major controversy in the press here and in Europe That chapter was typical not only of the stunning revelations that David Wyman makes but also of his meticulous research encompassing years of exploration in some sixty archives many never before plumbed As a result The Abandonment of the Jews asks many basic uestions some of them for the first time about this shameful episode in America's historyWyman's account is devastating not least because it documents the precise degree to which all segments of the American population including the churches and the Jewish community themselves failed to accomplish the very least that could have been expected It exposes the fa. O pressure to do something about it Meanwhile train after train carried Jews to death centers Elie Wiesel s introduction in May 1944 a convoy of Jews from Hungary arrives at the railway station of a small Polish town Auschwitz this is the place they have come to die they don t now this Washington The Wildcatter knows and so does London The Vaticannows the Jews were abandoned they could no longer count on anybody Sad and revolting as it might sound both the major Jewish organizations and the most powerful figures of the Jewish community could not or did not want to form a unified rescue commission the US State Department and British Foreign Office had no intention of rescuing large numbers of European Jews such an initiative would have placed intense pressure on Britain to open Palestine and on the US to take in Jewish refugees in Nov 1942 Rabbi Stephen Wise Wise called a PRESS CONFERENCE THROUGH SOURCES CONFIRMED BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT conference through sources confirmed by the State Department Jews have been illed in an extermination campaign aimed at wiping out all the Jews in Nazi EuropeAnd still no one not Churchill all the Jews in Nazi EuropeAnd still no one not Churchill Roosevelt acted to try to save those millions of Jews who were still alive This book suggests that the US stymied efforts to rescue the Jews in WWII Resistance emanated from a number of ey officials in the State Dept Jewish organizations were unwilling to go against the State Dept and FDR Mobilization of public support was ey to stimulating action by the US government and public support was driven by less established Jewish NGOs eg Committee for Jewish Army Major infighting between Jewish NGOs led to self defeating efforts often Many good examples of how petty rivalries and power struggles resulted in damage to Jewish causes motivated by stopping one faction from getting prestige from the other s successful efforts State Dept first resisted reporting and confirming that Germany was exterminating Jews then created bureaucratic delays to stop the influx of Jewish refugees Amazingly the State Dept was actually afraid that Germany would actually give Jews to the Allies So uotas for Jewish immigration in the US were never fulfilled Sec of State Cordell Hull Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles Asst Sec of State Breckinridge Long and others were responsible though mainly Long and some mid level officials Bermuda conference and Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees were State Dept attempts to defuse public pressure wo doing anything This demoralized Jews who saw it for what it was and led them to focus on the Zionist cause in Palestine at the Bilt Conference in NY Used mobilization of public opinion tactics very successfully to build public support in Congress British were also under intense public pressure and also tried to delay and block the rescue and refugee efforts Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau was instrumental in breaking US govt apathy to the Jews Fought to expose State Dept efforts Treasury s staff produced Report to the Secretary on the Acuiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews which convinced Morgenthau to go to FDR A major push in Congress led to the Rescue Resolution and its certain impending passage forced FDR to establish the War Refugee Board Using funding from Jewish NGOs WRB started rescuing European Jews Anti Semitism was rampant in the US at the time with strong nationalist sentiment against relaxing immigrat. Ilure of the State Department to fill the existing uotas left 90 percent unfilled and the continuous pattern of lies and deceptions by means of which the government turned back any proposals that were made such as transporting European Jews to Turkey or North Africa to say nothing of the controversial uestion of allowing immigrants into the United StatesThe narrative moves through three stages It opens with the developments that led to the realization by the Allies that a systematic annihilation of the Jews was under way Foreshadowed by rumors through most of 1942 this news was publicly established in November of that year The second stage deals with the ensuing struggle by Jews and non Jews against myriad odds including an obstructive State Department an indifferent presiden. ,