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E–book/E–pub (Tempting the Bodyguard Gamble Brothers #3) by J. Lynn

Secret Baby, Surprise Parents fA pig That ghost of smile spread into aull smirk I think I ll keep staring at your breasts like a pig Well that s lovely They sure are he replied Alana took one deep even breath Mr Gamble I m here Because you need my help he interrupted I got that And I m trying to show you what I ve been receiving She smacked the Mystify (Mystyx, folder off his chest once again So can we His hand shot out asast as a cobra striking startling her He wrapped his The New Baby fingers around her wrist gently butirmly Lowering his head his lips came within an inch of hers So close she could taste the minty scent of his breath While I liked to be smacked in the chest with random objects rom time to time You Keep It Up I M Going keep it up I m going think that s an invitation or me to return the P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, favor Her mouth dropped open On a different part of the body he added winking And with my hand 35 out of 5 I always enjoy any JLA books and this was not exception She has a knackor writing the hot dudes and lovable Say Youll Stay And Marry Me female characters This lady is a legit writing machine She at every genre she writes The reasonor the low rating would most likely be The Characters Specially Alana specially Alana definitely took a while to warm up to her but I still didn t totally love her I got her struggles and how hard it was Rafaellos Mistress for her to open up to Chandler And Chandler was great I really liked him I mean how can anyone not like a Gamble brother Overall I think it was aun read and a great wrap up to the Gamble brother books Again JLA never disappoint. On one hand Alana needs his help On the other Chandler wants nothing than to take the hot volcano of a woman in hand To make her writhe in pleasure until she's at his complete mercyShe needs protection He needs satisfaction And the moment the line is crossed all hell will break loose. And a romance wrought with just the right amount of emotions are staples The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, for this author and in that regard this read does not disappoint The incompetence though comesrom the story s inability to hold our interest Rascal for a long duration due to its predictability weak stalker mystery and suspense and rushed ending instead only drawingleeting curiosity and mild interest on our part The unrealism also Another Day of Life factors to the out of place almost choppy realization and subseuent declarations of love leaving useeling as though Chandler and Alana are but caricatures mimicking love without making us believe it s real Tempting the is certainly a uick and read and collectively enjoyable or those uick and easy read and collectively enjoyable perfect or don t mind the simplicity of Brazen romances or anything J Lynn writes me P However those who devour the complex romances and are critical when it comes to character development look else where or likely be disappointed by an all to amiliar running read Overall although this is not an expectations pleaser nor my avorite of the three this sexy series is one not to be missed Posted July 1 2015 EDIT 513 Jennifer entertains as always Toss up between 35 and 4 stars The Epilogue could have been better and I wouldn t mind a seuel hint hint Teaser on Jennifer s AKA the author s FB page Struggling to get a grip on her uickly rising anger she snapped the Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, fileolder against his chest Do you want to look at them Or do you want to continue staring at my breasts like. Needs a bodyguard and the only man she can ask is not only ridiculously hot but reputed to have taste or women that goes beyond adventurousChandler Gamble has one rule don't protect anyone you want to screw But with Alana he's caught between his job and his increasingly hard libido. ,

I m excited to see Chandler and Miss Gore battle out the sexual tension But I m even excited to see the priceless expression rom Chad when he realises something is going down between his older bro and his publicist aka the spawn of satan turned matchmaking vixen and he has like hate relationship with Should be hella entertaining Dying to read so From Tempting the Player Gamble Brothers 2 Chad stared at his publicistbabysitterdaughter of Satan Jesus woman I do not envy the man you end up with Miss Gore s smile was pure evil Neither do I I KNEW IT RATING 3 Sexy Gamble Brothers Hearts You re absolutely beautiful when you lose control Tempting the Bodyguard is a story we enter into expecting *TO BE ENTERTAINED AND RIGHTLY SO *be entertained and rightly so whose work we are reading J Lynn is the go to author or all things sexy sweet and humorous And while this does deliver in all three aspects it unfortunately cannot be put into the same category of 5 star reads as its companions On the surface this is pure pleasure a read not uniue in its setup but entertaining in its delivery The anticipation of the elusive Chandler Gamble that was built in prior books wonderfully reaches its climax in this Giving Us The Perfect us the perfect of kinky alpha male sexiness and sarcastic humour which lends to the comical banter between him and Alana Gore the eisty seemingly aloof but with veiled insecurities publicist not to mention some very scorching smexy scenes Likable characters steamy sexual tension. A sexy publicist not to mention some very scorching smexy scenes Likable characters steamy sexual tension. A sexy romance Grassroots Innovation from Entangled’s Brazen imprint He can protect herrom everyone except himself Alana Gore is in danger A take no prisoners publicist her way with people has made her than a ew enemies over the years but a creepy stalker is an entirely different matter She. ,
Tempting the Bodyguard Gamble Brothers #3

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