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Tall Tales and Wedding VeilsAvorite Awesomely Stupid Plot Devices Whoops We Just Get Married We Just Get Married For Various Awkward Reasons Various Awkward Reasons s Pretend We Really In A Really Real Relationship Oh sweet clich You are better than the brownies I just baked and they are if I may say some damn fine brownies Anyway the other thing that distinguished this book from the herd was its heroine who s the opposite of flighty a serious no nonsense CPA whose best uality is her cool steady competence and it s this very uality that first makes the flaky manslut hero fall in ove with her Yes First how great is it to see a romantic heroine appreciated for her smarts take that Mr Kiss Away Her Competence from First Date Second it s nice having competence recognized as an attractive uality period Being really really good at something super sexy I m always surprised this doesn t come up Graves hero is standard issue he s supposed to be Mr Sexy Sex Man but his bag of tricks seems to mostly include things Family Wanted like furined handcuffs and whipped cream which a only really vanilla people think are kinky and b seriously whipped cream Chocolate syrup I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THAT Someone please explain Personally I don t want my dessert foods to taste Keys to Tulsa like sex and I don t want my sex to tasteike dessert foods either You re diminishing both pleasures by combining themOkay that s a big enough overshare What I m trying to say is that despite some flaws this annoyed me way Secret Africa less than most books of its type which from me can probably be considered a ringing endorsement I meanit made my bus ride pretty entertaining Sometimes that s everything This is a solid Iiked it three stars not a Gee it sure had some issues three stars I did have to take the story with a hefty grain of salt magical slot machines wins that don t get eaten up by taxes slobneatnik relationship with no real issues but the frothiness worked I Crush (Awkward, loved that book It was a sweet funny story wbout a size 14 girl marrying in Vegas a gorgeous man and agreeing to staying married to him for a month Ioved the nice sexy scenes the guy that was also nice and decent besides handsome and I really مهارت در بازی زندگی loved uirky me the way I cried my eyeballs out in theast 50 pages An excellent humorous story but with depth and emotion in the end This is second in a series but the books are only tangentially related We saw Tony in the first book but he makes a clean break in this one beginning with a career change so we don t see the others even a The Dragon in the Clock Box little bit in this storyThis was a very strong romance with wonderful characters that pretty much hits all the right romantic beats Which makes this harder to write than I thought it would be It was very good and Iaughed out My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, loud than once the banter is fantastic and Graves slips some very funny things into her characters internal musings but it really was uite standard when all is said So I m having a hard time finding something to pull forward in my reviewSigh I give up Transparent writing good plot interesting charactersaugh out The Nazi Revolution loud funny excellent pacing but nothing terribly stand out despite all of that makes me want to give four stars But you know what I couldn t wait to read I was deeply engaged in the story and I d be thrilled to read another justike it so I m going with my gut and giving it all five starsA note about Steamy There are three or so explicit sex scenes of moderate Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy length putting this in the middle of my steam tolerance This aspect of the story was also very well done and fit well into the emotional arc of the characters It has one of the most written and maybe mostook after plot and ike to read it Sometimes Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, like the book sometimes Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet l didn t such as this one My main complain based on didn t feel neither emotions not chemistry Heroine was very sweet and her characterization was good on the other hand Arise l couldn t say same thing for hero I am sorry to say this but imo despite of author s hard working to make him a friendly and considerate man he just came across a shallow character Overall writing was smooth but didn t Archies Americana, Vol. 1 like story development and characterization I justove when a book turns out to be even better than I expected And that s what happened with Tall Tales and Wedding Veils I expected it to be very The Book Thief light minded and romantic what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas kind of a book but it turned out to be much Tony is a a real charmer He is fun to be around he knows how to have a good time he definitely knows his way around women And then there is Heather dependable serious minded CPA with some body hair issues Those two may seem completely incompatible if not for the fact that they complement each other Read it you will not regret. Er is finally inove he proposes a plan stay married for a month to repay his good uck charm even though she sterilizes his toothbrush and forbids anything between the sheets But Heather is than he bargained for a sharp witted passionate woman who just might turn his near miss into wedded bli. .
T she will be once her Regina s wedding is Over Petite Blonde Catty Social Petite blonde catty social Regina purposefully Heather s dress a size smaller than needed just to make Heather diet before her high society wedding with the ugliest salmoniest trendiest bridesmaid dresses on earth The next month will be horrible but at Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, least Heather gets the free bridesmaids trip to Vegas Savoring her drink in McMillan s she figures just watching the airhead blonde bridesmaid posse should be entertainingTony McCaffrey is a social sexy funoving good time player He Educating for the New World Order likes his women blonde busty and not too bright He s got all the female company a bachelor could ask for and only has to smile and choose to get all the sex he wantsthe perfect single man sife And it just gets better he s finished with his repo man job Because he s finally found something he should be really good at he s buying McMillan s bar Just three days and the 20K Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock loan from his friend and the bar will be all his Ah the perfectife Until his friend s wife balks and he s suddenly short the cash he needs for closing The only solution he can think of is a uick trip to Vegas and praying for uckHeather s accountant brain understands odds uite well she s just not into gambling Until these two meet in Vegas and Heather recognizes Tony although he certainly hasn t ever noticed her He ooks a Mr. Malcolms List little down and he explains his problem Then Heather decides to help him out One thingeads to another Heather wins the 20K Tony needs he takes her out to celebrate they have a GURPS Conspiracy X little too much to drink and BOOMthe next morning they wake up togetherMARRIEDThese two have aot of personal issues to work through both together and alone Learning to Just One Golden Kiss look beneath the masks we all wear in our public persona is a hard and painful process Following these two through their journey was sometimes sad and sometimes humorous I enjoyed the trip Read this back in 2011 Another story about drunken marriage at VegasThisight romance started with a CPA Heather Montgomery who was forced once again to be the bridesmaid whenever someone in her big family got married and this is the time whereby she got repeatedly reminded by Aunt Bev on the fact that she is already hitting 30 with no man in her The Tyranny of Guilt life This time is cousin Regina s wedding and she was whisk off to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party along with the groups of bridesmaidTony McCaffrey is in the verged of buying theocal sport bar McMillan s only to have his friend withdrew from Phantom Encounters lending him 20 grand In a whim he decided to try hisuck by gambling off in Vegas When he was giving up hope and waiting at the elevator Eat Your Way Through the USA lobby he came across the half drunk Heather who recognized him from McMillan because he s such a catch Tony though can t recognize her but he spilled out about his problem with the funding to buy McMillan Heather showed him the chip that she found by theobby and offered to help win the 20 grandI wondered where did Heather got all her My Dirty Janitor Book 4 ladyuck but eventually she did won the 20 grand for Tony Tony hired a Stories from Spain / Historias de España limousine to celebrate the night with Heather under the sight of the jealous Regina who can t believe what she just sawThe next morning Tony woke up fully clothed on bed next to Heather and was shocked to find out their marriageicense on the table He was contemplating how to deal with her when Heather woke up and stunned She uickly gathered up the fact that she had too much to drink and didn t realize what she had done She decided to get an annulment as soon as possible much to the relieve Tony Little did she know that the night before she had called to announce her marriage to her mother Let the disaster beginsIn order not to get Heather embarrassed in front of her family and relatives Tony kindly volunteer to act as her husband for a month and waited until after Regina s wedding to file for divorce Initially Heather disagree to Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos lie to her family but after seeing her mother being so happy and able to tell Aunt Bev that her daughter finally married she can t bearetting her mother downThis is a predictable story of how a plain Jane get the playboy to settle down Heather always got teased by her relatives about how she still not married at 30 When she ended up with Tony her cousin Regina can t stop trying to figure out the sinister plot that she is convince Broken Bear lurking somewhere behind the facade The plot is generic with nothing surprising 45 starsAnother one of my favorite books by Jane Graves I have to say that this one was way better than my expectations It was cute funny and very sweet Loved it Better than average chicklitromance thing It doesn t hurt that this features some of my very Good girl pick a man whose fridge is empty and whose apartment is a disaster zone yet still drives her so crazy withust she can't see straight uickly hitched and happily ditched Tony can't wait to get back to his playboy ways But when Heather's family is thrilled that their no nonsense daught. ,

More ike a 25 It was cute but nothing special This book actually reminded me of Jennifer Crusie s Bet Me which I LOVE because it hada a completely ridiculous meet cute b a physically hotter than hot hero Tony with a curvy size 14 heroine who is a super smarty Heather c said heroine s relative is getting married and she must fit into a too small bridesmaid dress d there is a preconceived game over for each relationship coincidentally one month for each ande the hero has a poisonous relative situationEXCEPT that with this book Tall Tales and Wedding Veils you get a book withi not as funny execution no real Hatter laugh outoud moments but sureplenty of smiles and uirked Paint the Wind lips ii a hero who is hot but not nearly hot enough in the personality department Il expand on this andiii a heroine who is objectively smart but is also something of a doormat who brushes off but is something of a doormat who brushes off hero s apologies in multiple situations when they are clearly warrantedIt s hard to rate a book beyond this was cute enough if you re not completely sold on the main characters of the story That is unfortunately the case for me I Wayne like zany plots kooky relatives outlandish meet cutes and hot guys with average girls all of which this book delivered it just did not deliver them in anything than a watered down this was decent wayThe author makes a point of showing how competent and smart Heather is but I just didn t think she was competent or smart in standing up for herself when Tony said things that hurt her They d have arguments he d say something mean and she deave the scene After he realizes he s been a dickwad and seeks her out to apologize Heather unfailingly cuts it short andor cuts him off oftentimes making some sort of excuse for him He doesn t want to take the excuse but then she s all The Perfect Resume let s justeave this be bygones etc etc to which he has no choice but to acuiesceAnd why does he feel the need to apologize so oftenWell he s kind of an arrogant jerk Now I know that s what his character is from the beginning but I really did not expect him to continue having arrogant jerk moments when I was already three uarters through the book He s The Centurion Code lived a carefree playboy bachelor sife I get that I just don t get why he s so careless with how he treats Heather who did give him the huge chunk of money that enables him to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and buying the Antropologia da Criança local bar and grill they both patronize I just think that he had miles to travel in order to redeemreform himself enough for a believable and satisfying HEA with Heather and in the end I m not uite sure if he did There are a number of times when he definitely seemsike a nice guy but sometimes it s unclear to me how much that is his being a genuinely nice guy and his whole charming the pants Air Terisak Membelah Batu literally off people persona see next paragraphAlso there are a number of times when Heather is thinking about Tony and his complexities and she realizes he s always charming as sort of a defense mechanism frometting anyone get too close I don t knowthis wasn t really convincing to me because I didn t see it myself this felt Canned like too much of an author s telling us and not showing us what the character is all about which doesn t always bother me but did in this caseOkay so that was my mini rant With that said I really do think the premise and story are cute Iiked the characters in general but I just didn t think the author took them where they could and should have goneI d say 25 stars because it was better than meh but not uite a solid I GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION liked it This book will be released in June 2008 Check out reviews at is my first novel by Ms Graves and I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characters she brought toife so well The setting jets from small town Texas to Vegas and back again and our characters stay true to their nature through it all growing and earning so they can finally get to where they need to be As I read the bookI smiled I aughed out Lisa and David Today loud I sniffled a bit and then I finished with a big ole grin on my face Bravo and well done to Ms GravesHeather Montgomery is a planner an accountant organized and goes by the book She s happy well adjusted has a good job and a 401K She s intelligent neat pleasantooking has a nice healthy size 14 figure and her family is proud of her Well OKher Mom would be prouder if she was all the above and married But Heather s Clinton, Inc. looking for a neat caring well dressed intelligent man with a good humor she s definitely not interested in a good time guyike the man at the bar She s not going to settleeven though she is coming up on the big 3 0 But she s not worriedreallymaybe starting to wonderNO she s fine Or at Dvorak Keyboard leas. Accountant Heather Montgomery is a planner So never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd run into sexy charmer Tony McCaffrey in Vegas playady uck and celebrate his jackpot with a champagne soaked night And she certainly never expected to wake up the next morning married How could this. .