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Mara and what she means to him So SweetVery Nice Read Looking Forward To SweetVery nice read looking forward to s book the last in this trilogy Spunky Badass sJaime Kendrickwas ne f the victims in Last Chance she was mistaken for another women when she was abducted When the perverted SOB bastard Hughes realizes she s not the woman he s looking for he sells Jaime to another pervert Mr Reddington Reddington gives Jaime to his sick and twisted Son Lance as his new sex toy slave for him and his friends to enjoy shivers with disgustLast Chance Rescue goes n an p to find Jaime Kendrick Dylan Savage is ne Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) of theperators who busts in with his heroic self and saves Jaime from brutality that was bound to happen till he arrivedNow that time has passed and Jaime has had time to heal physically and mentally she wants revenge After hearing Reddington was set loose from jail with no charges Jaime goes to LCR with a plan In return Boarding House of Hunks of giving LCR information she s withheld to find Reddington to put him away forever she wants inn the p and be trained by the finest LCR perators Lovely Noah McCall has his hands full with Jaime she s determined to do whatever it takes with Bec (The Demonata, or without LCR Noah makes a decision put her in harms wayr teach her He finds the perfect person for the job Dylan Savage Suees in excitementDylan is hardcore Getting him to The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins open and be nice to someone is not his persona His MO is minding his business doing his job moving forward and most importantly putting the fear in his enemies eyes Whew rubs eyebrow Dayum is so sexy with his grumpy bad ass selfI think Dylan was pretty damn rough with Jaime and always finding away to hurt her feelings But everything happens for a reason Jaime toughens up with her heart and training methods She s no longer that chick that s too afraid to swap a fly She s tough and determined to do whatever it takes to do the jobf closing down Reddington s Human Trafficking business and put him in jail for along time The hardest part f the novel for me was listening to Dylan s horrific story he shares nly with Jaime And Jaime s story f what Lance Reddinton s son did to her it was degrading Dylan is and always be Jaime s Halo Such a sweet couple with a darkness nly the two can embrace and understand each ther to move forward Awe Dylan and Jaime heart melting They make falling in love so complicated but h so irresistible They re such spunky badass s Okay someone pinch me I m in A DREAM WORLDLOL I JUST REALLY LOVED THIS NOVELONE dream worldLol I just really loved this novelOne that had me clutching my heart and I couldn t believe it MrReddington s wife Sarah takes charge My heart ached for her I m just in awe for the woman who spent so many years with this sick bastardFinally her and her children are safeIt was incredible and the second best part Our Planet: Our Home of this novelFavorite uote and just picture their in bed naked you know what happened next winks heheheJaimeYou love your job and you re damn good at it Dylan But I love you OH Goodness To get Dylan to let loosen up and say those words had me in awe and gaping with my mouth widepen Lol Love it Loving it Loved itCheck my review at uick summaryJamie Kendrick was rescued from the hell known as Stanford Reddington s world by LCR Dylan Savage was the Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 operative that actually located and removed her the nightf the rescue That night a permanent unspoken bond was created between the two f them ne he was determined to resist and Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings one she was determined to seal What I enjoyedI ve looked forward to Jamie s story since she emerged in the series Her history was both intriguing and horrific Dylan also was appealing as I recalled his thoughts at the moment he rescued her in Spain It affected him deeply and profoundly I really liked bothf them as she is brave courageous and resourceful and he is an incredible perative almost poetic in his abilities Where I had issuesI just wish the best f both f them showed up in their relationship He suffered tiresomely from I m not good enough for her bec. Ut can’t refuse to train the lovely Jamie but thwart her revenge plot at all costs With tender ruthlessness he pries pen her most intimate secrets and the attraction they’ve both tried to deny explodes into a scorching love affair an affair that Dylan has to end Months after All intimacy is rare that s what makes it precious And it involves the revelation f ne s self and the loving gaze upon another s true self that s what makes it so damn hard Intimacy reuires honesty and kindness in almost eual measure trust and tr Another great addition Though I haven t been floored by any LCR books I ve got to say that at this point I m very impressed Each book has stood n its wn and each couple is firmly entrenched into my romantic suspense library The ne in my head I feel comfortable in Last Chance Rescue world and it s been nice getting to know all f those involved in the rganizationThis ne s notable difference was its of those involved in the rganizationThis ne s notable difference was its In the End of gruesome rapemolestation The idea was there and I knew that the bad guy had done somef these horrible things but for nce I didn t have to have all f the scenes spelled ut for me Rather I got to be uietly disgusted and still able to focus n the romance f the couple I know in LCR 7 I was so turned ff by the villain that I nearly forgot about the loversOne complaint I have is that it ended with a lot f unanswered uestions about the many side characters Raphael and Giselle the evil dude s wife and younger daughter Maybe we ll get in the last LCR book I m definitely looking forward to it This was a hard ne for me to get through It was a fast read but not for good reasons I mainly just wanted to get it ver with instead f enjoying each page and development We met Jamie in her sister s McKenna s book when she was mistaken for her and kidn Sweet Revenge was a good book but not great The Age of Treachery or as good as somef the ther books by this authorJamie McKenna s sister went through hell at the hand f a sadistic monster when LCR and Dylan rescued her After months The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of therapy and being disappointed by the legal system Jamie is ready for payback and to bring that man and hisrganization down Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite one wayr another so she gives LCR boss Noah a chance to help herNoah doesn t want her in danger but to placate her tells Her He Will Get Her he will get her the Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) operative who is her trainer is Dylan someone who seems to resent her and grunts at her Dylan doesn t hate her instead he is attracted to her but his shitty childhood makes him feel that he isn t what Jamie need so he is an all around jerk than 90 %f the book and even though I got his reasons didn t mean I had to like him and I didn t reallyJamie n the ther hand was super strong and resilient and even when she finds When a Man Loves a Woman out LCR tried to dissuade her does what she knows is neededThe book wasn t bad but I just couldn t connect with it that much uickie reviewJamie s initial thoughts about Dylan How couldne man be so gorgeously handsome so wonderfully heroic so seemingly kind but so incredibly bnoxious rude and well just generally an assholeThat s Dylan He has incredible moments f sweetness towards Jamie followed by that damn hero thinking you know how they are thinking he wasn t good enough for Jamie she could do so much better than him and deciding that staying away from her is what s bestfor her I wanted to hug him and slug him all at Keep From Falling once But even with his moments I really enjoyed this story Jamie struggles with her previous capture and assault and vows to make Reddington and his son pay She puts herselfut there endures tough training courtesy Catalogue the Insanity of Dylan and she has a plan None and nothing is going to get in her way and she s a pretty gutsy heroine Dylan has such a horrible horrific past his parents were drunks and it goes just down down downhill from there He made it through and it takes him a long time to pen up to Jamie *They Re A Great Couple And My Favorite Parts Of *re a great couple and my favorite parts f story were the scenes when Dylan was training Jamie Their scenes are hot but I eually enjoyed the scenes with Jamie when she was able to complete the Shrek obstacle courses and prove to Dylan and herself that she was strong and toughHave to mention everyone s favorite matchmaker Noah He had a great scene with Dylan talking about Sa. Jamie Kendrick wentn a trip to hell at the hands f Stanford Reddington a monster protected by money and power Now asking for Last Chance Rescue’s help Jamie makes plans for her revenge And Dylan Savage ne Look Alikes Jr. of LCR’s most skilledperatives is given an assignment he despises ,

Ause f his tragic childhood and it s pretty BAD AS HE SAW HER THROUGH IDEALISTIC EYES IT as he saw her through idealistic eyes It Just So Drawn Out That so drawn ut that found myself hoping Jamie would just leave him for good It was also puzzling as to why Jamie was so adamant about finding Stanford and bringing him to justice Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin on herwn While her inroad was sound she hadn t a clue as to how to move forward afterward Her stubbornness was just not plausible nor was Dylan s plan to get her to share what she knew The bottom lineDespite these issues I enjoyed the story primarily because Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution of all the tension and suspense around the detection and capturef Stanford Reddington and his enterprise It was chilling at times with interesting revelations I just wasn t as invested in the romance
35 Stars Revenge Is Sweet 
stars Revenge is sweet not fattening Alfred HitchcockIn a case He Remembers the Barren of mistaken identity Jamie Kendrick is abducted and abused by a maniac then sold to another madman for his evil son s pleasure Dylan Savage anperative working for Last Chance Rescue serves as her knight in shining armor when he rescues her from Stanford Reddington s grip Because f his wealth and influential associates Reddington remains free f all charges Now Jamie wants revenge for what was done to her but even importantly she wants this monster locked away where he can never hurt anyone again Justice will be her sweetest revenge Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of all Armed with a few secretsf her The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives own Jamie seeks assistance from Noah McCall the headf Last Chance Rescue to prepare her physically for a face Let the Wolf Howl off with her abuser When Noah balks at Jamie s plans for revenge she issues a withr without your help ultimatum Confronted with his choices Noah McCall agrees and assigns Dylan the job The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini of training Jamie What is unknown to Jamie is that neither Noahr Dylan have any intention f letting her play the avenging angel The training is nly a pretext for getting the information she keeps to herself and keeping her safe while LCR takes down Reddington alone No plan is ever failsafe and this Blue Guide New York one blows up in Dylan s face when he underestimates his trainee s strength and willpower as hiswn falters when he and Jamie become intimate Their chemistry is sizzling and the author s extremely well written dialogue between the lovers sweetly intensifies each encounter From the first page to the last you are caught up in a story masterfully thredded with danger and desire Emotionally intense positively captivating heart wrenching and drool worthy the love story between Jamie and Dylan is ne that won t disappoint those f us who enjoy a full impact romance This couple is irresistible their romance a memorable Homesick one and their HEA perfect SWEET REVENGE is an unforgettable story with an eually unforgettable castf characters You want to savor each and every detail As with all the A Criminal Affair other books in this series reappearances by former characters add an extra dosef sweetness to this Sangue Derramado one as well Still going strong and packing a wallopf a punch the 8th book in the popular Last Chance Rescue series exemplifies all the reasons why I m a huge fan f both the series and its author who in my pinion writes some f the very best romantic suspense n the market today Another perfect score The eighth book in the Last Chance Rescue series I love Christy Reece but this ne didn t uite stand up to her usual standards in my pinion The beginning was slow and it was hard for me to keep reading at times Thankfully it sped up about halfway in and I was able to continue and finish it More a 35 star rating but rounding up A 35 star by Christy Reece as another reviewer said is still a good book by a good author Her standards raise the bar for many ther authors in the Romantic Suspense genreThis is the eighth f a 10 book series and many characters reappear I do recommend the Last Chance Rescue series for those who like this genre with the caveat that there are some gritty topics and the usual HEA expected even when the path is not smooth by any chanc. Amie stormed away from Dylan and LCR the two meet again at the home f Stanford Reddington In the grips f hurt anger desire and undercover danger Jamie and Dylan will risk than broken hearts they’re risking everything to stop an evil fiend from destroying lives including their

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Sweet Revenge