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Supernatural Academy Supernatural Academy #1

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F the purple Also for those who hate cliffhangers this book does resolve the major conflict from the story so it reads as complete though there will clearly be a continuation of the story as there is yet to come with everything that has been happening You don t need to wait for the next book to come out before starting this one I would suggest grabbing it p now and meeting these awesome characters and exploring their world at the academyOh and final thought Shout out to whoever designed this cover It s gorgeous and totally fits the book 35 stars Don t #HAVE PARTIALLY STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT THIS ONE WAY OR #partially strong feelings about this one way or It was The Water Of Life uite middle of the road My first impressions were Jaymin you re such a bitch for not making this RH when you introduce 5 guys at the same time who give me Abcurse Deja Vu it s pretty cruel to then make it a normal MF romance But once I realised this is branch of the supernatural prison series then it makes much sense for this to be in the same vein There s some character crossovers which was cool and I m familiar with the world alreadyMaddie the FMC isite ickly whisked off to supernatural academy where she finds somewhere to belong for the first time in her life yada yada rises finds somewhere to belong for the first time in her life yada yada rises the ashes of an abusive background etc ec orphanunidentified powers emerging blah blah fill in the blanks because you ve read this before She meets her lifelong friends within the first 5 minutes Drawn to the 5 most beautiful powerful men in those same five minutes while also catching the attention of all the school bitches I could not do
A Review Without That 
review without that read it to find out why She s a snowflake with an attitudeShe s likeable but alsonotPowerful but also not Romance but also not So I m finding this hard to review as you can tellBut it wasn t all bad It was entertaining without knocking my socks off There was some nusual supes and that at least something It was lengthy so not rushed which was nice If you like Jaymin s other series then I d take the odds that you will like this too Am I exited for the next DNF this starts with a cliche kid knapping as a plot device to get the heroine where she s supposed to go Then it gets even cliche with the heroine just getting over being kid knapped and accepting it all in nder an hourThis is set in the Supernatural Prison world and but it is not at all p to par with that series There is a lack of character building and worldbuilding throughout This is a sad disappointment I love that this in in the same world as the Supernatural Prison series I was nsure at first but it is which is really fun because we saw Louis I liked the academy a lot and that Maddi the MC had friends that were female aside from the guys I do feel like I have less of a sense of each of them though in part due to the time skips present I liked Maddi and loved. About their abilities and how to function in the human world Maddison already has the human part down but this supernatural thing is an entirely new dangerous gameExample one mean girls who can actually turn you into a frogExample two Asher Lock a god at the Academy Not literally well who knows for sure He certainly acts the part as do all of his minions who wor. ,
35 starsLikeThe character are not teens All of them are 21The world is well builtIt s not a RH and i liked the connection with the other guys non sexualNot so muchThe story is predictableThe h is the sual clueless girl with terrible childhood and mommy and daddy issues sometimes she comes out a little to bitchy has a defense mechanismTheir relation is a bit forced I really enjoyed reading this book i didn t want it it end tho I liked the mc personality she was fun says what she s thinking at the moment blunt and kind I liked the atlantea guys especially Asher ofc i know it s not a RH but i wanted it to be I thought Kate would be feisty bitchy and nasty she didn t show For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up and cause so much chaos as i thought she would I asume she will appear in the next book Maddison is plucked off the streets and carted off to Europe to the Supernatural Academy Evidently she s been putting off bursts of power of annknown kind and they finally caught Scary Stories 3 up to her Luckily the school is pretty cool and beats living on the streets Maddison learns all about the supernatural races including Atlanteans represented by 5 hunky popular guys but she is stillnsure what type of supernatural she is Asher is the leader of the Atlanteans and Maddison feels an instant connection to him Could she be an Atlantean As she tries to The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species unlock her power she attracts the attention of an outside group and must rely on Asher and his friends to keep her safe All in all I liked it I thought including Atlanteans in the supernatural races was a fun twist on thesual suspects witches shapeshifters and vampires Maddison is in line with other FMCs that Jaymin Eve has written she s likable and irky she doesn t t 35 Stars This book was hard FOR ME BECAUSE I LOVED THE me because I loved the and I loved the plot and the storyline but I didn t love the execution The writing felt a tad choppy and disjointed at times and it didn t flow as organically as I would have liked There were a few parts that I skimmed just to get back to something engaging and captivating It just felt like something was slightly missing like just barely out of reach Whatever that is would have catapulted this book to a greater level After reading the Supernatural Prison series book 1 Dragon Marked and the Curse of the Gods series book 1 Trickery and loving both I was super excited to see this book come out I dropped everything and bought it when it released Maybe my expectations were too high I don t know It just wasn t everything that I hoped for That being said this is a very promising lead in to the new series I thought the book was interesting and creative and as I mentioned before I really really love the characters main and secondary I will still recommend Supernatural Academy Year One to my rban fantasy loving friends and I look forward to book two and year Maddison James is about to discover some truths about the worldFirstly supernaturals exist WTFSecondly she is one even though no one seems to know exactly what kind Double WTFThirdly she’s about to go back to school Well things just got a little interestingThe Supernatural Academy is where shifters vampires magic Tono Bungay users and fey are educated Where they are taught.