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[Sparrow By Sherri L. Smith] Read á Sherri L. Smith

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E it presents a variety of characters that *represent multiple identities and

a protagonist who 
protagonist who into her own Students will like the colorful characters and *multiple identities and a protagonist who comes into her own Students will like the colorful characters and uniue story of a girl who finds love and support from friends a new beginning and the secrets of her family history with our without her Aunt I randomly picked this book off of a shelf in my school library about a week ago And to my pleasant surprise I loved it A great story very believable with realistic and emotionally sound characters Although written in 2006 and likely based around that time setting as well this book reads like a Classic A definite recommend for anyone looking for a really nice weekend read After reading this I decided it s for a middle school girl s reading this I decided it s for a middle school girl s genre It was a uick read and a good story Would be a great lesson for girls in knowing how difficult life is for some people This book was a page turner i enjoyed the way the author waited till the end to explain everything but still made it seem like a happy ending. ?ma’s old records; Miss Clare who needs Kendall’s help as much as Kendall needs hers; and Marcus who is ounger than them all but still knows how to get by And when Mardi Gras arrives with its parades and prizes and music anything seems possible even making a fresh start with or without Janet. Al uote about God taking care of even the littlest sparrow This was a uick easy read and it was enthusiastically received by a struggling reader student A oung girl loses her parents and lives with her ailing grandmother when grandmother dies the girl sets off on an adventure to find her long lost aunt in New Orleans and finds new bonds in her search I found a few errors in this book she enters her aunt s apartment to find a sad little sofa then a few pages later she laments that her aunt does not even have a sofa There were a couple of other discrepancies too but I ve forgotten them After *Her Grandma Dies Kendall Has *grandma dies Kendall has family left save for her Aunt Janet whom she BARELY REMEMBERS SHE SETS OUT FOR NEW ORLEANS TO remembers She sets out for New Orleans to her aunt and encounters new and extraordinary friends on the way and perhaps a chance to begin a new life Sparrow is a coming of age tale where new and unusual friends are found a sense of community is formed and inner strength shines through Teachers may like this novel for students becaus. Ild services on Kendall’s case and just 10 days to get her apartment lease renewed Kendall sets out for Janet’s home in New Orleans to get her life in order and her uestions answeredBut what she finds are new friends like Evie who is confined to a wheelchair but can sing like the women on G?. I enjoyed this book however it was not my complete favorite It was a very interesting plot but I didn t not enjoying the ending as much as I had hoped Overall I did like the book but I would probably not read it again anytime soon So so story although a little sad than most about an orphan who goes to find the next living relative after her grandmother passes away The fact that this turns out to be her delinuent aunt who has fled the scene is interesting her delinuent aunt who has fled the scene is interesting is her automatic bonding with Her Aunt Sparrow Is aunt Sparrow is a teenage girl searching for the meaning of home and family I think the *Fact That The Girl Loses *that the girl loses parents and brother and then grandma is a bit cliche but the story is good and I liked the ending Having now read Lucy the Giant I may come back to this one but for the way I was invested in LtG from the get go I just wasn t with this book Stay tuned I have read this novel four times and never grow tired of Kendall s strength and perseverance Another book that takes inspiration from the biblic. Family sticks with family That’s the golden rule G’ma taught Kendall But once G’ma’s gone Kendall has no family left except for an aunt G’ma asked for at the end who Kendall barely remembers Only Aunt Janet knows what G’ma had in mind but she never even shows up at the funeral With ch.

SUMMARY Sparrow By Sherri L. Smith

Sparrow By Sherri L. Smith