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Because it is set during the post WWII 1940s this book sucked me in right away I Italian Riviera loved Joe s gentlemanly behavior toward. Joe Huntington Finally Home Afterong years away at war Joe is "Determined To Start His Life But It Isn't Easy "to start his A Beach Party with Alexis life anew But it isn't easy into his Michigan hometown atast he doesn't exp. ,
The Soldier's Homecoming

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Ctoria s health condition which
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a really key component the plot This is a tightly constructed and satisfying novel. P sometimes It's tempting to share her joys and troubles with a war "hero who ike nothing than to cherish her But can she "who would ike nothing than to cherish But can she go of the pastand take a second chance on ov. All adies as well as Victoria s doubts about her tomboyish past putting him off Glaz did a beautiful "JOB FORESHADOWING VI. ECT TO COME FACE TO "foreshadowing Vi. "Ect To Come Face To With The "to come face to with the who got away and is still holding a grudge Feisty dance teacher Victoria Banks has always stood on her own two feet But everyone needs hel.