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Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh dOvel s a lullaby Beautifully written and spiritually impactful God had to havewelled in the hands and heart of the author as this story was being writt Excellent book I m gonna read it again Lenny oes it again great uniue story This was my very first book reading from this author I actually finished great uniue story This was my very first book reading from this author I actually finished book last year One thing I can honestly say about Lenny is that he has a very vivid imagination when creating this story and the characters It felt so real as if I was actually there I am efinitely looking forward to reading another young adult novel by this author Starting off I wasn t sure what to expect I ve never been into spirit realm type of stories but I ecided to give this one a try The biggest lesson I took from this was to always live your life Like It S The Last And To Tell People You it s the last and to tell people you them before it s too late Some parts made me a Little Emotional As I Don T Like Reading Or Seeing emotional as I on t like reading or seeing How to Disappear death It makes me uncomfortable however i also know that it s just a story I rated it 4 stars only because the way it was written had me confused on some parts I wasn t sure who was talking when and also the overuse of adjectives and adverbs Nonetheless it was a very cute touching and magical story I think it could be a really cool PG13 movie oneay. N his room Throughout their journey to figure out how and why they met and what their purpose is their chemistry grows into an unbreakable bon.

Profilers 006 and a Bit The Night Calls Blood Money (Alpha Force, The Fate of the Tearling


Shes DivineWhat s Act Like You Know deeper than a transcendent love We all have to face the hard times in our life that are sometimes harder than others The lost of a loved on is certainly one of the hardest and we all have our own way toeal with it If I was a little bit oubtful about the way to handle such a tricky subject but the author took up the challenge with brio An amazing story with a lot of powerful and wonderful subliminal messages to understand for all the agesThere was a long time that I was looking for a romance that would allow me to escape into another world after a hard working Day But Not The Common But not the common I wanted something ifferent out of all the romance clich s we already know I needed a romance where I could identify myself where I could find a kind of connection anything And I DEFINITELY FIND A SOUL CONNECTION THROUGH THE WORDS definitely find a soul connection through the words this talented author with this spirit novel written from the heart Mo This book is a master class in good fiction It flows so easily each character feels like I m being introduced to someone at a family Cookout The Love Story the love story Diana and Noah is very interesting as well From my perspective it asks the uestion if you can have a woman with a powerful spirit great personality and an unforgettable connection will you give it Hardworking college student Noah King earns an internship as a therapist at a care center for the elderly Hes etermined to complete it and fi. P for someone beautiful promicouous and present If you can never touch the love of your life but carry the love memories and yearning love of your life but carry the love memories and yearning reunite in the after life is it enough to love A great spiritual paranormal romance story and a great read for young Black men when looking for a spouse This story was truly heart felt and intriguing it paints a beautiful non cliche love story of a young man and woman Certain parts of this story are painted very vividly and it captivates you from beginning to end I got very emotional on ifferent Parts In The Story in the story overall found it very intriguing The author s time and edication to bring to life a raw authentic story is efinitely shown on every single page I can A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World definitely see this story being brought to film I enjoyed reading this book because of it s attention toetail Each chapter truly captured my imagination My favorite characters in the book are Diana and Mrs Divine This book is relatable and recommended to anyone who enjoys a good love story As well as anyone curious about life after Anthropology as Cultural Critique death Like a song youreamed about and adored but woke up and forgot the lyrics to It s an experience You Anyone do not just read She s Devine you experience it and once youo you will never view reaming the same This spiritual Nish his psychology egree early But things take an unusual turn one night when one of his Patients Dead Granddaughters Diana dead granddaughters Diana appears

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