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And the help of an unexpectedly sentient Native Lifeform Called Surface lifeform A Surface Fine Azure Tinted Reflection With Pyroxin Dendritic Inclusions or Azure for shortWhat follows is a fine tale of survival where Evan is forced to learn new ways overcoming his prejudices and assumptions He s also still of a mind to find out xactly what happened to the research group and what the company were doing on Prism This is science fiction at its best where the The Man from Beijing expected norms of physics and life are turned upside down and sideways Perfect book for me I lovengineeringtech heroes for obvious reason I m an Creating Lasting Value engineer IRL I ve read this book multiple times The creatures andcosystem of Prism are brilliant and intriguingI love the silicon based life forms and their approach to function If only modifying our own bodies was that simple Also Foster s handling of the main character s neurosis and conditioning was really well done The main characters reactions to things were very plausible specially transition from the phase 1 of his life to phase 2 Although towards the nd I d Montana Dreams expect the main character to be a little believingI ve read this at least 4 times over the years and I know I ll read it again It s one of my treasures There is no prison or jail in this book The title is a pun I love bad puns so this book had me onside from page oneIn this novel Alan Dean Foster isntering horror territory It s not like he doesn t know the terrain he did write the first three Alien novelisations after all What makes this science fictionhorror novel uniue in my reading Immerwelt - Der Pakt experience anyway is that it manages to be scary at the othernd of the visible spectrumWhat unifies virtually all horror stories That s right the dark It affects us on a visceral level what is lurking in the shadows just outside of our ability to see it Fear of the dark is fear of the unknown and there s very little that s scary than thatIn this novel however the action takes place on a planet called Prism where the majority of life both plant and animal is silicon based In case you didn t know all life on Earth is carbon based as far as I m aware I m not a molecular biologist Due to this most of the life and terrain on Prism is crystalline in nature the refractions and reflections making virtually Modern South Asia every surface almost blinding to the humanye and than a little surrealThe story isn t as original as the setting a human research base has been Picture Theory established on Prism but we ve now lost all contact with them and an investigativerescue mission has been mounted but it s still a joy to lose oneself in this uniue world It s a bit like Alice s Adventures In Wonderland crossed with Aliens but the main protagonist isn t Alice or Ripley It s Carter Burke YupMy only real criticism of the book is that there is a long section of the book where the main protagonist is view spoilersearching for a survivor in which our hero seems to lack any sense of urgency At one point heven decides to have a nap for an hour I would have thought he d have been in a bit of a hurry under the circumstances but maybe that s just me hide spoiler. Evan Orgell a self confident problem solver to investigate He was smart he was good He was backed up by the Commonwealth' s best uipment What could possibly go wro.

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When you read books from ADF you can visualize the world he has so carefully described to you Makes you feel that he has been there and invited you to look through a photo album I can t get nough of his books 35 5From Casual DebrisAs a pre teen in the mid 1980s I read a modest of amount of science fiction and for a few years Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enjoyed the campy works of Alan Dean Foster I read about thirty of his books published in the 1970s up until about 1990 including a number of the novelizations The books are uick reads and I found them to be colourfully imaginative though many I foundven at that time to be uite dull Cachalot and Voyage to the City of the Dead come to mind Eventually I abandoned his works for complex books and soon stopped reading science fiction novels aside from a book or two a year Then a couple of weeks ago I was rummaging through my parents basement and came across a number of his and other science fiction authors books And reminiscing I thought why notI picked up Sentenced to Prism which though I ve owned for many years bought for 225 At The Local Secondhand the local secondhand that no longer Bones, Clones, and Biomes exists so the markings on the first page inform me I When I first read this book a dozen years ago my favorite thing and lasting impression was Prism itself a planet with life forms based on silicon instead of carbon It took me years to find the book again based on such scant information but thanks to the internet and a blogger who cataloged his favorite sci fi novels I was able to read it again While that was certainly a nostalgic trip I feel like it stood up well to my now adultxpectations It s no wonder the silicon based world stuck so well in my young teen aged brain the world is incredibly well developed and described and sounds absolutely stunning If it were Bringing the Empire Home ever adapted to film I feel like it couldasily rival the visuals of Avatar The characters are great I specially love the indigenous Prism folk and their interactions with our main character Although it s a straightforward plot line told from a singular point of view the story itself is a lot deeper than simply surviving on a potentially hostile alien world touching on sense of self and others and heavily xploring Building the Cold War ethics via a familiar planetaryxploitation theme I wouldn t be surprised if this is one of the novels that inspired James Cameron in the first placeI loved it then and I love it nowI m curious to see whether my feelings change another ten years from now Oh Alan Dean Foster you re so ntertainingly daffyI first read this as a teen who was a huge fan of Foster s Flinx books and only now as an Adult Can I See can I see appreciate the pulpy tradition of adventure sf that Foster works worked within The protagonist is a Space Yuppie brought to uestion his company s society s values through nvironmental trials and the intervention of friendly Space Muppets and the story is a stock adventure yarn that would have seemed completely familiar to any reader of Astounding or Galaxy in the 1950s I had forgotten however how fond I am of Foster s galactic Commonwealth which is basically Space The company had a big problem it was illegally Counter-Amores exploiting a fabulously rich planet maned Prism a world whereven the tiniest creatures were living jewels But someho. ,

Ostcolonial British Commonwealth and its Unified Church Space Anglicans Space Episcopalians at their most Dancing at Armageddon ecumenical and fussily bureaucratic and while I wouldn txactly call this hard sf the description of fractal surfaces as being invisible to human Double Jeopardy eyes because they fall between the second and third dimensions isspecially head scratching for Composition and Literature even mildly mathematically inclined readers there arenough fillips of charming otherworldly xenobiological detail to raise it above the usual Del Rey standards for the Cezanne and Provence era I love this book It is one of my favoritesI went to a book signing for Alan Dean Foster a number of years ago I know that you are supposed to buy their new book and have them sign it Instead I went there with a very beat up copy of this book andmbarrassingly handed it to him and asked him if he would please sign this book for me He got a huge smile and told me how happy he was that I had brought that book in for h This is one of the Alan Dean Foster books that I decided to read again to see how it matched up with my memories of first reading them when I was young Some of them were disappointing than others but this one stood out The book starts off with its protagonist trapped and hopeless then goes into a flashback of how he got to be in that situation By the time the story catches up with the present it doesn t match the situation By the time the story catches up with the present it doesn t match the from the beginning aspects of his situation are slightly different and he s able to Dark Voices escape from his confinement with little difficulty He still has problems of course but the discrepancies were very jarring Was this poorditing or did Foster try to draw the reader into the story and then cheat his way out of the corner he d backed himself into hoping no one would notice Neither one is Contested Reproduction excusable to me I m only writing a review to complain about one thing This book tries to hook the reader in by starting in the middle of a crisis and then going into a flashback One problem the book never catches up to itself The scene on the cover is the one I m referring to The main character has fallen and he can t get up But as the story progresses the suit he s in is disabled and destroyed rendering the opening scene impossible It seems odd that theditor didn t catch that one Never having read any of the Humanx Commonwealth stories but having determined that this was a stand alone tale I decided that it would give me a toe test into that universe without commiting me to read the next in a very long seuence and so on and I m very glad I did soPrism is a planet with a uniuely crystaline nviroment and which supports both silicon and carbon based life
forms and when 
and when company loses communications with its research group on the planet they send in their best troubleshooter Evan Orgell That said he soon finds out that Prism is a very dangerous place to be ven when Creating Country Music euipped with the best and toughestnviroment suit the Commonwealth can produce When that suit succumbs to the local florafauna he finds himself Blacklands exposed to the hostilenvironment and fighting for his survival without any protection other than his wits. W all contact had been lost with the scientist of the survey team The Company didn't want to draw attention to itself by sending in a rescue mission so they assigned. ,

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Sentenced to Prism

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