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(PDF/EBOOK) [Seafaring Women Adventures of Pirate ueens Female Stowaways and Sailors' Wives] ¹ David Cordingly

Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, dLe pirates Were there any female sailors and if so howid they manage to keep their gender a secretWell this book answered all these uestions and It explained the The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker differences in naval ranks what conditions were like on board and whether and when women were allowed on board as well as where the phrase son of a gun comes from It is packed full ofetails histories and anecdotes but is a fascinating and entertaining read not a heavy tome at all and oes not sit in judgement of the people included but just presents the facts and some very succinct analysis It s given me a whole new appreciation for the etail and research behind some whole new appreciation for the Luke detail and research behind some my favorite HRs like Carla Kelly s Channel Fleet series which are very accurate both inetail and tone and left me astounded at the courage and etermination of some of these amazing real women Fifty three pages into this book about seafaring women and we ve had nameless prostitutes a story about a man who had a wife but the story is about him one interesting story about a woman who cheated on her husband and murdered her own baby she was never a seafaring woman btw a fictitious woman created by a male author I m out When I pick up a book that explicitly says it is about women I expect it to be about women Sure it was pretty interesting but I picked up this book to read specifically about women My expectations weren t Sure it was pretty interesting but I picked up this book to read specifically about women My expectations weren t but I must admit it was still pretty isappointingI A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy d hoped for stories of women who pretended to be men as they captained ships who took over command after their husbandsied or even just those who had to go through life on ships as prostitutes or wives What we got was a heap of stories about men whose wives were side notes the adventures of brave and aring sailors and their nighttime habits and an endless stockpile of nameless prostitutes Of course among the stories of men and the fictitious stories written by men there were mentions of women like Mary Reade and Anne Bonny but not enough etail to make up for the endless pages of stories about like Mary Reade and Anne Bonny but not enough etail to make up for the endless pages of stories about you are looking for a non fiction read about female pirates this is not the book for you Aside from the lack of female figures it is an interesting read with a few helpful insights on pirate life This book should be called seafaring udes and their ladies I sometimes write about. Hat there was indeed a thriving female population from pirates to the sirens of myth and legend on and around the high seas A landmark work of women’s history isguised as a spectacularly entertaining yarn Women Sailors and Sailor’s Women will surprise and elight. ,

Seafaring Women Adventures of Pirate ueens Female Stowaways and Sailors' WivesI read this book under its original title Women Sailors and Sailors Women which I guess wasn t piratey enough for our Johnny Depp loving public Oh well I learned much from this book and if I weren t in such a hurry to go find books I The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated d probably write it allown in a nicely outlined formal reportAnyhoo This book is well written and well researched Although Cordingly can occasionally get lost in his facts and come across rather Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue dry his information on seafaring women is so interesting it never stays that way for long Recommended for readers who want to the pirate story than what Hollywood can give This book left a lot to beesired Read other books about maritime history or SAILING HISTORY AND YOU LL GET history and you ll get and a Silent Confessions drilledown understanding of the life and hardship yes even that of women Big feminist theoryobvious revelations about women and the world of ocean economies were either ignored or Glossed Over And Don T Even Get Me Started About over And A Texas Holiday Miracle don t even get me started about many times Cordingly brought up a story of a female sailor or whatever water related woman he wasiscussing and then casually slipped in that the story was likely fictitious and then left it alone If you want another reason to skip this work there is a whole chapter on mermaids and figureheads and the chapter about men without women is embarrassingly short Read this only if it is your first non fiction book on maritime history A good book but I think it should have kept it s original title as this was about sailors and the women in their lives than it was truly about the women My other criticism is the glaring omission of perhaps the most successful pirate in the world Madame Ching or Ching Shih 1775 1844 who commanded 300 ships and anywhere between 20000 to 40000 men in China Even the Emperor and his government were finally forced to make peace and offer pardons to this remarkable woman yet so find no mention of her in THE BOOK IF THE BOOK SAID IT WAS CONCENTRATING book If the book said it was concentrating on Europe and America fair enough but if that was mentioned I missed itAside from those two points the book is good Solid research and a sympathetic handling of the women which breaks into barely concealed admiration for women who pretended to be men and served on ships Would have liked a bit on female pirates and at least a mention of Ching Shih but a good read For centuries the sea has been regarded as a male omain but in this illuminating historical narrative maritime scholar David Cordingly shows that an astonishing number of women went to sea in the great age of sail Some traveled as the wives or mistresses of captains;. His book is about chix n boats would recommend to lukeM I will have to admit that the title is a little misleading as the book is a lot about the sailors then their women at certain points however on the whole it was very interesting and enlighteningI learned a lot about my city in the first chapter I m from NYC and the prostitution and ance halls that Popped Up Down There Because up The Note down there because the sea ports and theemands of the sailorsYou learn a lot about select captains of the navy and of course you read about Mary Reade and Anne Bonny Pirate men take a backseat but when you read about sailors and anything The Loving Gift dealing with an HMS you are reading about men On the whole I thought he could have injected of a woman s POV but I will cut him some slackue to the fact that there aren t a lot of books written about women as piratesstowawaysheroes There are also not a lot of accounts and that is owing to a few things Women were not very likely to want to isclose that they are female to their crew Two they were not seeking claim or fame and most likely just appealed to the Navy "Pension or idn t epending on whether or not they were married etc Also even "or idn t Her Nine Month Confession depending on whether or not they were married etc Also even there had been aecent amount of women that worked and A Southern Reunion disguised themselves on a boat they were most likely not written about and only those thatistinguished themselves to the point of public notice were written aboutAuthors saw that people liked to read about women piratessailors but few believed that women should go into that professionAll in all this is a good book if you are interested in maritime history and a slightly better understanding of the role and POV of women uring "the heydays of sailing I found this to be isjointed and uneven some chapters were highly interesting others not so much "heydays of sailing I found this to be Charade of Hearts disjointed and uneven some chapters were highly interesting others not so much also fell off topic with some regularity so that I found myself reading on some tangent regarding Nelson s or John Paul Jones s career Interesting in some cases but already well covered by others particularly Nelson s career I much preferred Suzanne Stark s focused Female Tars After reading several HRs that center around pirates or naval themes I wanted to know about what really happened on the high seas in the late 1700s through to mid 1800s Were women common on board naval or merchant vessels What was life like for them Were there any fema. Others were smuggled aboard by officers or seamen And Cordingly has unearthed stories of a number of young women whoressed in men’s clothes and worked alongside sailors for months sometimes years without ever revealing their gender His tremendous research shows

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