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(Ring in the Holidays Hunk for the Holidays #2) [PDF] ´ Katie Lane

Ring in the Holidays Hunk or the Holidays #2Kicks off in Las Vegas the anti Christmas spirit capital of the United States Clinical psychologist Ellie Simpson had an unfortunate encounter with a dull razor her dissertation isn t uite inished and her Alpha Dog (Weredog Chronicles) fianc broke off their engagement Bestriend Sidney has the perfect solution According to her BFFassistant there can t be a better environment which in to move on than smoky sexually charged and salacious Vegas Her response to Ellie s complaints about the Vegas atmosphere is dead on At the rate you re going you ll live to be a hundred A hundred year old unhappy nonsmoking tee totaling virgin But waiting in the wings is Mr Right aka attorney Matthew McPherson He sweeps Ellie off her Mr. Funny feet and on to the crowded danceloor Suddenly sexual attraction became something Ellie a virgin sex therapist meets Matt Cassie s brother rom book 1 in Vegas on New Years Eve and they have a #ONE NIGHT STAND 11 MONTHS LATER THEY MEET UP #night stand 11 months later they meet up Matt is mad that she took off Ellie is wary of his player waysCan they orm a truce Hook up again Be Saying Yes to the Millionaire friends Matt samily The Majors Guarded Heart / The Highlanders Dangerous Temptation / Paying the Vikings Price figures prominently in this book His parents who have marital problems of their own Cassie who thinks James is cheating on her and Aunt Wheasie is back at it playing matchmaker again I love this series I love Katie Lanes writing style Great holiday read 35 Stars Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 Ring in the Holidays is the 2nd book of the Hunkor the Holidays series by one of my avorite authors Katie Lane Although this book wasn t my avorite of hers I enjoyed it uite a bit and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking Merry Christmas, Daddy for a story that will give you a little bit of everything Ms Lane gives us aun story with a bit depth than is offered by some contemporary romance books The characters are well developed and real Matthew McPherson has been able to talk his way into and out of any situation pretty much his whole life But there is just something about Ellie that makes him Roped in forget his charm and brings out his worst He had an off the charts night with her in Vegas and if he s being honest with himself that s what scares him the most He can t get her out of his mind and that s never happened to him when it comes to a woman Ellie Simpson has justound out that her ex iance didn t just break up with her because he was unhappy in their relationship It seems he cheated on her This is a particular kick in the teeth considering she has been saving herself or their wedding night and he seemed on board with this Well she s in Vegas now and what better place to let loose and be someone she s not One hot anonymous night with a super hot guy was exactly what she needed Except that one night was a night that she not only can t orget but seems to be coming back to haunt her She s moved to a new town to start her own Psych practice and ride out the success of her newly released best selling self help book She s not

what s of a problem ace to Samanthas Gift face with her biggestantasy again or seeing how much her book is affecting the relationships of so many couples Matthew drove me crazy in so many parts I loved his heat and passion but his inability To Let Go Of The let go of the and get to know Ellie Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous for who she is and not who he thought she was made me want to smack him at times He came through in the end though The secondary characters other than Ellie s bestriend who I thought was not a very supportive and loyal person were what made the book I am very interested in reading of this Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, family and hearing their storiesThis book was provided to me by NetGalleycom in exchangeor my honest review This loan did not influence my review in any wayYou can ind this review and others at wwwriverinaromanticscom. L eyes he doesn't need to use his powers of persuasion or amous last name to get a woman into bed But when morning comes Matthew inds Ellie is the only woman he can't bear to leave ever It's enough to make him wonder if what happens in Vegas really has to stay the.
Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning, Backstage
Ie she decides to up and move and both she and Sidney move to Denver During a book signing Ellie runs across Matthew again and the attraction is still there Needless to say many unny uirky and entertaining things happen as the two try to navigate the road back to each other if that is even possibleAunt Wheezie is Matthew s aunt and the Love Isnt Enough family match maker She insists that all the grandkids need to get settled before she leaves this earth So she sets her sites on getting Matthew to re connect with Ellie The lengths she goes to is just pricelessI was pleasantly surprised at the depth of Matthew s character He was not nearly as shallow as he was portrayed in the early part of the book His connection to hisamily is heart warming and showed that he was possibly ready to put the playboy lifestyle behind him Of course the journey is Prodigal Prince Charming fraught with hiccups and misunderstandings but the journey was enjoyableunny heart warming and entertaining An easy read which will supply the reader with laughs as well as potential tears depending on your personal interpretation of the mushy sectionsOverall a pleasant afternoon readOBS would like to thank the publisher Task Force Bride for supplying aree copy of this title in exchange A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, for an honest review Ellie Simpson is trying to build a medical practice She s a psychologist who specialize in relationship counseling and sex therapy What would her clients think if they knew that she s a virgin Convinced that she need a vacation after Ellie s break up her bestriend booked them a trip to Las Vegas Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, for Christmas After learning that her ex cheated on her Ellie is pissed and hurt and she then decide that there s nothing stopping herrom having Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue fun andorgetting the bastard even if it mean losing her virginity with a one night #stand matthew is a lawyer or mm construction #Matthew is a
for MM Construction ather s An eternal bachelor with the reputation of a player but lately everything bore him Ellie is certainly not his type But Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) for a reason he can t explain one night was not enoughor him Could it be because A Ranchers Redemption for theirst time in his life he wasn t the one to leave the room the night after Well he s gonna have to wait a year A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby for his answer and to meet with Ellie again Here s the story of two people who weren t ready toall in loveIt took me half the book before I began to Enjoy This Story And The Main Reason Was The Hero this story and the main reason was the hero didn t like him He seemed and sounded immature douche at time too arrogant and he just got on my nerves too much And I really don t like wondering and not knowing if someone is joking or not when they re talking and with Matthew it was like that all the time To be honest I considered giving up a A Mother in the Making first since it s theirst time I didn t appreciate a book by this author but I continued Her Kind Of Cowboy for the other characters and I m glad I did because they made not only the second half bearable but they also made me enjoy my reading tremendously I read almost all of this author s series and she always give us a great cast of characters but I love the McPherson samily and with each books Like I said reading about them saved the book His Pregnant Christmas Princess for me whether it was the great aunt Wheezie the bickering between Matthew and his brother Patrick their parent s suabble or their pregnant sister who jumped to conclusions or the women at the shelter where Mrs McPherson give some of her time I must say that while I like the originality of the romance I wasn t completely sold on it too A little bit too much antagonizing thatelt mean sometimes In short Katie Lane s amazing writing style was still at work and this book was Through the Language Glass full of great ideas but itelt short or the irst half because of the hero s attitude and personality Ring in the Holidays. N As her handsome stranger helps her ring in the New Year over and over again Ellie inds herself blissfully losing all of her inhibitionsAttorney Matthew McPherson is good at making women lose things like their minds and underwear With his athletic build and soulfu.

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Reviewed by GeminiRing in the Holidays is the second book in Katie Lane s Hunk or the Holidays Series The series is about the wealthy and successful McPherson siblings inding love The Sanctuary first book Hunkor the Holidays was about the only sister This one is about the youngest brother Matthew Matt McPherson and the Sex Therapist that he meets in Las Vegas named Dr Ellie SimpsonWhile ringing in the new year with his Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, friends very eligible Matt McPherson makes a bet with hisriends that lead him to proposition the very sexy but virginal Dr Ellie Simpson This proposition leads 425 stars Friendfluence funny sweet sexy and heartbreakingull review coming soon to the blog Ring in the Holidays takes place some years after the One Part Woman first book of the series I really liked Ellie and Mattew I liked their imperfect relationship the simple moments they spend together and how Ellie met hisamily When Mattew started to show Ellie that he s a really great guy I really enjoyed the ride to the happy endingThey are joined by the whole McPherson amily that of course includes Wheezie the matchmaking great aunt who s at it again They would also encounter women and a teen with artistic talent in a shelter It takes place in the #holidays but it can be read at all times because it s like the humour #but it can be read at all times because it s like the humour s there but not all over the placeI liked Sidney Ellie s best riend She was a really good best Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis friend by the way I also liked that the book was differentrom the irst one I think I enjoyed it because of it I eel like I don t have to choose a The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, favorite I really enjoyed thisun book Psychologist Ellie Simpson is a thirty year old virgin She left her cheating boyfriend and headed to Vegas with her best To See Paris and Die friendor New Year s eve Having a Out of China few drinks and a sexy stranger gives her a night she ll neverorget Matthew McPherson is a playboy through and through One night with Ellie cramps his gameplay They never exchanged names and months later they meet each other again And they can t stand each other This book makes you laugh cry and get into the Christmas spirit It was a little better than okay to you by OBS reviewer AndraWhat can I say butHOT ish It was a well crafted easy to read story The premise is that Ellie Simpson psychologist and author of a book on the virtues of abstinence in a relationship has saved herself Mary Tudor for marriage to herianc e Riley but is devastated when she As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower finds out Riley has been with other woman physically since they became engaged So to assist Ellie in getting over her heartbreak her bestriend Sidney takes her to Las Vegas The Accidental Tourist for New Year s Eve And the most out of character thing happensEllie ends up hooking up with a guyor a night of debauchery Now I must say this is where I Barcelona found the plot a bitar Christmas Catastrophe fetched If a woman has waited her whole life why would she then break this vow to herself to a veritable stranger Can t really see it happeningbut this isiction after allNow the reader will uickly learn that Ellie eels she is average looking What she is is a petite woman with a BAD haircut and a smokin body And men just ogle her big rack So hooking up in Vegas was not a problem In comes Matthewthe smokin hot guy of the story Matthew has NEVER had
problem with his love em leave em lifestyle but or some reasonafter a HOT evening with Ellie he does not want to move on with anyone else The two of them essentially had a night together and did not exchange names etc Luckily or Matthew Ellie did right her name on his butt cheek They both go their own wayback to Denver or New York and life goes on Except that both Ellie and Matthew cannot get the other out of their mind As life is difficult living in New York with Riley trying to re pursue Ell. THE BEST NEW YEAR'S EVE EVERPsychologist Ellie Simpson is about to get a healthy dose of sex therapy Leaving her cheating boyfriend behind she has everything she needs or a uick rebound Vegas plenty of champagne and a proposition A Song for Issy Bradley from the sexiest man she's ever see.