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E–pub New [Rim of the Pit Rogan Kincaid #2] ☆ Hake Talbot

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S and danger looms ever closer sounds like a good time track down a copy of Rim of the Pit I ve pretty much read all good time track down a copy of Rim of the Pit I ve pretty much read all the classic Golden Age mysteries so it s a nice surprise when I ind a lesser known one that impresses me as much as this book has The evocative cover with a Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, floatingace and a bloody tomahawk under the pulpy title the detailed colored map the musty scent and the Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide feel of the delicate yellowed pages are aun and heady combination when read by the ire in the wintertime By the irst thirty pages I was in love Rim of the Pit was on the periphery of my radar Soy Sisters for such a long time that I never really sought it outor some reason Maybe because it s out of print expensive and not available digitally Maybe because the pulpy title and the writer s name Hake Talbot just didn t grab me Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems for whatever reason Last week when I yet again read someone in passing praise this book I gave it another look This time Iound a copy Sybil for less than ten bucks and it s one of those awesome Dell paperbacks with an illustrated map to boot I m very happy now that I veinally read it because I already look A Womans Guide to Fasting forward to reading it again Apparently Hake Talbot is a pen nameor Henning Nelms a stage magician who only wrote one other mystery eaturing the detective in this story BummerHow I wish Hitchcock had adapted this Kincaid was pretty Bogart ish and Peter Lorre although not tall enough would have made a great Vok I thought this was a decent impossible crime story with a good creepy atmosphere Unfortunately it was written in the 40s and eatures a terrible half breed meaning mixed caricature of a Native American and drops the n word a I Know Who You Are few times I wouldn t recommend this book except to others like myself who are scraping the bottom of the impossible crime genre barrel As a bibliophile I am always glad when an unexpected gemalls into my hands when I least expect it Our local library does a used book sale once a year to raise Spring Girl fundsor various literacy programs and general library upkeep I always make a point to attend and stock up on cheap goodies Every now and again though I stumble upon something noteworthy on the tables as it was with this odd little Menerjang Batas find What I ended up with was a 1944irst edition Simon Schuster printing of Hake Talbot s Rim of the Pit What I initially grabbed as a curiosity turned out not be a mere potboiler but a legitimate piece of mystery and suspense Chosen Vessels fiction A bit of research turned upew No Apology Necessary fun nuggets about this bookFirst off Hake Talbot is only the pen name of the author Henning Nelms Nelms apparently used his real name onlyor his non iction works which dealt primarily with stagecraft and magic both of which play an integral part in the plot of Rim of the Pit Nelms wrote a couple of short stories under the Talbot name as well as a predecessor novel to RotP called The Hangman s Handyman starring the same ictional amateur detectiveadventurer Rogan Kincaid Secondly Rim of the Pit is a bit of an unheralded classic in mystery circles as it was voted the second best locked "Room Mystery Novel Of "mystery novel of time behind only John Dickson CARR S THE HOLLOW MAN IN s The Hollow Man in poll of 17 writers and critics put together by Edward Hoch as a preface or his anthology All but Impossible A third item of note is the classification of Rim of the Pit as a part of the locked room mystery subgenre As it implies a locked room mystery takes place in an environment of seclusion where ingress and egress have been cut off or severely reduced It s the epitome of the impossible crime story one where logic and reason are often pushed to their limits when trying to sort out the clues and come to a conclusion as to what really happened In Rim of the Pit a group of people are gathered at a snowbound lodge and its accompanying master house somewhere in remote New England They are there to witness a seance meant to clear up a legal dispute between two Whoops! families who share ainancial interest in a logging company and the patents that secure its continued operation I came here to make a dead man change his mind is the Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. first sentence of the book and it s a startling way to begin this adventure The seance pits believers against skeptics but things go awry when it appears a ghost does INDEED materialize spouting curses in French and lea. 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Rim of the Pit Rogan Kincaid #2The Rim of the Pit 1944 by Hake talbot is a locked room mystery novel which is a locked room mystery novel which in the past been ranked As The Second Best the second best room mystery of all time Ranked second to the master of locked room mysteries John Dickson Carr s The Hollow Man That being the case I had airly high expectations going in After all Carr is absolutely the best at this game and Laduma for Talbot toollow him that closely this must be one humdinger of a storyWell it s pretty decent Most of the positive points come rom the atmosphere The claustrophobic nature of a group Of People Gathered At A Remote Snowbound people gathered at a remote snowbound in the wilds of upper New England The ghostly and bizarre seance scheduled to try and reach the spirit of the deceased husband of the medium herself In this seance her second husband is looking or permission Earth from the dead man to log a section of land that he had previously barred As Frank Ogden the second husband says at the beginning of the story I came up here to make a dead man change his mind Also gathered at the lodge are the dead man s daughter a Czech refugee who specializes in exposingalse mediums Ogden s partner in the logging business his girlfriend a professor who claims to be an old Get Up friend of the dead man Rogan Kinkaid an adventurer who turns detective and a native guide who takes visitors to the lodge huntingDuring the seance it seems that the dead man really does appear The description of the scene is spell binding It almost had me believing the man was there Yes there is evidence of a certain amount ofakerybut the wife is genuinely Out to Lunch frightened of the spirit she has conjured and there are many points that don t seem susceptible to logical explanation There is also much talk of spirit possession and when a murder takes place all evidence points to the deranged spirit of the dead man having taking possession of the second husband Clues abound but none of them make sense There are theootprints that begin and end in the middle of a clean track of snowa hundred Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? feetrom the nearest path or building There are the tracks leading Beetle in the Anthill from the murdered woman s bedroom window across the roof and then disappearing into nothingness There are theingerprints on a gun that rests 12 Mr. Drackle And His Dragons feet in the air It appears that the murderer canlyBefore the adventure is over motives are revealed Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales for nearly every one of the lodge s guests and theinger of suspicion hovers over each of them But it is up to Kinkaid to make h I had high hopes Song of the Aura for this titlethis coming at number second on the ed hoch list but if you are trying toit as many impossibilities as in this some will work and some will Hands Tied, A Hammer Story falllatthats what has happened here the set up was way too great and the reveal The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, felllat Carr praised this book but it doesn t come close to the simplicity and wow moments carr offers Out of the 10s of minor and Say Go Be Do four major impossibilities only two were done beautifullyStill a gripping read which hurtles on at break neck speed with impossibility piled upon another impossibility Not uite theorgotten classic some people seem to think it is but still a good book Last chapter goes on way too long with two characters saying no doubt you realized back and Confer forth to each other which kinda takes some of the wind out of the ending s sails When a book has been hailed as one of the best locked room mysteries of all time readers like me go in with high expectations Rim of the Pit by Hake Talbot was indeed a very clever mysteryilled with several puzzling impossible crimes thus my rating of 4 stars but I m not sure I d say it was one of the best books in the sub genre that I ve read Like many of the best impossible crime mysteries supernatural seeming elements set up a spooky backdrop I noticed that some other Goodreads reviewers have commented that it s like an episode of Scooby Doo saying that like it s a bad thing but I think of a Scooby Doo comparison as a GOOD thing Rim of the Pit was a un puzzle to read over two days and although it ell short of being brilliant the resolution was smart and satisfying I can see If a well written and well plotted whodunnit in the tradition of Carr and Christie set in a snowbound cabin in Nowhere New England with a limited number of suspects trying to igure out what the heck is going on while suspense build. 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Ving a trail of confusion behind Before Long A Murder Occurs And It Seems a murder occurs and it seems have been performed under impossible circumstances Events get even convoluted as evidence indicates that one of the party has been possessed by a windigo the evil spirit of the dead man who seemed to be present at the seance Implausible impossibilities pile up until it looks like there cannot be any rational explanation or what is going on surely the supernatural must be at work But don t worry kids I won t spoil anything by saying that things get tied up neatly at the end as they do with any good mystery worth reading And Rim of the Pit is certainly worth reading Honestly this book is so well written that I could literally picture a 1940s era cast of movie regulars performing THIS IN BLACK AND WHITE SURELY VINNIE PRICE IS in black and WHITE SURELY VINNIE PRICE IS OR AT LEAST HIS Surely Vinnie Price is or at least his is All of the stock characters are duly accounted Quinlans Character Stars for The blonde bombshell The brunette bombshell The portly and kindly business owner The dowdy professor The ex jockootball hero The mysterious and physically imposing Bittersüß foreigner Mr and Mrs Odd Couple made up of the spirit conjuring wife and the slightly sinister husband both of whom have a business interest that must be settled with the kindly owner The brutish French Canadian guide who ends up playing a pivotal part in the proceedings And of course our hero gambler and man of adventure who would ABSOLUTELY have to be played by Cary Grant Honestly reading this book was like sitting down and watching an old murder mystery movie play out in my head It was an absolute joy to sit back and imagine myself in a dusky old theater somewhere clutching my trench coat tight around me as the plot thickened and the scares and suspense piled up It s a beautifully concocted stew of mayhem and murder with supernatural overtones a perfect way to spend a couple of chilly autumn evenings escaping into Which is not to say that it s ABSOLUTELY perfect The stock characters are greatun but in the end they are nothing than stock characters No one rose above the The ScandiKitchen Summer fray to surprise me at any point The main character the gambler and world wise adventurer Rogan Kincaid played as a sidemanor most of the novel He did swoop in at the end to demonstrate his awesome powers of detection and logic but it seemed a bit odd as he spent most of the story hanging out on the periphery of the plot I can see why the Kincaid character only starred in two novels He is a less than compelling hero Another oddity Kincaid and one of the other male characters named Jeff the strapping young ex Тарковский и я. Дневник пионерки football star who is the nephew of the kindly business owner both seem to be of an age where they should be called to military service seeing as the book was published in 1944 and presumably set during that timerame World War II is alluded to only twice in the text but it is referenced Lastly there are a couple of unfortunate racial slurs bandied around as a A Three Hat Day figure of speech It s a bit of a shock to read today but when one considers the time and context of the novel it isn t so surprising Words like that were part of the common lexicon during the 1940s there is no getting around itAll in all The SettingNew England wilderness where a s ance is taking place to change the mind of a dead man while wind howls and snow smothers everything around to deathThe EventsFirst the medium who is also the owner of the place that had become the zone of contention dies apparently at the hands of her long dead husband whose departed soul was being approached during the s anceShe isollowed by her husband who until his death appeared to have been possessed by the sa This is one of the very ew possibly the only one classic mysteries to have a patent as at least a motive or murder But then it is so cloyingly mystical and tricksterish that a lot of the terrific atmosphere built up over the course of the work is undone uite a bitPS UVA is referred to as The University here by Professor Ambler And of course there are references to Charlottesville One extra star or the terrific atmosphere of the plot and backdrop of where it takes placeAs you read and pages u cannot help but wonder if the solution to the puzzles is really supernatural I was taken by surprise by the ingenious solution offered by the author. 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