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Two good books that are very descriptiveI always feel i am riding along with the characters I am riding along with the characters experiencing the weather The beauty of the landscape is always breath taking Radigan was excellentNorth to the Rails was good but I didn t like kit as well as Radigan Radigan is a very enjoyable story with lots of good information about surviving in the cold as a cowboy North To the Rails is one of my favorite as it entails a young man who learns the value of having a gun It s really *A Great One I *great one I read both of these books before but Louis L amour is one of my favorite authors and it had probably been than 30 years since I read. RadiganTom RADIGAN SPENT FOUR HARD YEARS BUILDING spent four hard years building his ranch Now a beautiful and deadly opportunist presents him with “evidence” that the land belongs to her Angelina Foley wants Radigan off Vache Creek immediately and with an outfit of gunfighters to back her and winter coming on she’s not taking no for an answer Outman. .
Them Both are fantastic examples of what L amour was great at maybe I ll re read of these classic westerns It s nice to get these two books together in one collection for the same price as you would pay for each title individually in the Kindle storeLouis L Amour was not one of the most for each title individually in the Kindle storeLouis L Amour was not one of the most or long winded writers he was short succinct and to the point and had a way *that grabs you into the story immediately the *grabs you into the story immediately The of the scenery events people and situations made you feel as if you were right there living it side by side with his charactersWith Radigan and North to the Rails you have the classic Louis L Amour situa. Ned outgunned and legally outmaneuvered Radigan isn’t going anywhere Not without fighting for what he knows is rightfully hiseven if he has to die for itNorth to the RailsTom Chantry came west to buy cattle not to find trouble So when he leaves town rather than accept a challenge from a gunfighter named Dutch Akin he’s label.

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RadiganNorth to the RailsTions with the good guy "Fighting The Bad Guy A "the bad guy a threatening Conflict The Good Guy the good guy and gets the girl although in North to the Rails it s not your typical start with the main character not being the rough and tumble guy who can handle himself in most situations Dreams fulfilledFor anyone who has enjoyed stories of the Old West L Amour never disappointshis stories bring to life the men women who made our country what it is todaywithout their dreams of new beginnings gold land to have as their own we as avid readers would not be here to enjoy these stories Both novels feature female villains which I found very interesting. Ed a coward Now only one man will agree to help Chantry take his herd to the railroad a shrewd and ruthless cattleman named French Williams He makes Chantry an unusual deal He will hire a crew but Chantry must remain with the drive from start to finish or forfeit the herd Chantry acceptsand the first man French hires is Dutch Ak. ,