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Like many other reviewers have said this is best as an introduction to psychology rather than something in depth But that said I ust think this book is a lot of Fun For Me I Just For me I ust the fact that it s interactive and you can take tests along the way If "you know someone who wants an introduction to "know someone who wants an introduction to and hasn t read about it before I can t think of any better book than this one It is accessible but intelligently put together easy to understand but deals with proper scientific vocabulary This is the first one I have found that also has an interactive element and in the take 20 minutes and try this sense rather than a single optical illusion in a chapter of text These weren t gimmicky and did add to the reward in going through the book Many of the tests were surprisingly accurate not in itself a surprise given this was clearly taken seriously but the author himself highlights the issue of conditions not conducive to reliable resultsThe major drawback was that it rare Definitely a fun and interactive read I read another paperback version of the book titled Psy A Mind Bending Miscellany A mind bending miscellany everyday psychology published in 2015 Not a lot that s new here for those familiar with Kahneman and Bargh but this book is still worth reading if only as a light hearted humorously An interesting and entertaining selection of psychology experiments and accompanying explanations For anyone looking for an in depth and systematic introduction to psychology this might not be the best book to choose but if fun trivia is your thing then it is recommended I did learn a few things along the way and it certainly encouraged me to think differently about some aspects of human behaviour I came to this book late via Ben Ambridge s Psychology 101 as you wish it were taught a collection of entertaining experiments uizzes okes and interactive exercisesPsychology is the study of mind and behavior how and why people do absolutely everything that people do from the most life changing event such as choosing a partner to the most humdrum such as having an extra donut Ben Ambridge takes these.

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Psy Author Ben AmbridgeIs example before Do you remember how to solve it What percentage of folks can figure it out A hint many psychologists find this confusing Ambridge gives us this a little history of "how the uestion is used in real life situations and links to further reading about game "the uestion is used in real life situations and links to further reading about game examples and a math website that makes Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho jokes about freuent errors in the use of statisticsAmbridge also uses real life scenarios like online dating statistics whether or not to leave your presentob with a struggling company whether to change lanes in heavy traffic I have encountered these types of uestions the results and the studies that engendered them before but Ambridge IS SUCH A GOOD HUD AND such a good hud and host that one doesn t mind looking the fool once again Truthfully I think this is the perfect book for a bright teen who may find they are interested in the way folks make decisions reveal their prejudices and believe fallacies Our own errors in udgment are likewise illustrated Ambridge is amusing clear and relevant Readers may find they want to follow the web links to further information and tests if their interest is piued The teen with whom I shared the book with became immediately engrossed He d stated than once that he might be interested "in programming for online games I can t think of a entertaining way to learn about the "programming for online games I can t think of a entertaining way to learn about the people perceive the information they are given how they react in certain situations and how impressionable we all are This book is a fun way to get an education This book is a Penguin Paperback Original but it is also available as an eBook If the links are embedded in the e text that might be the best way to read this book though there is something about being able to pass around a paper copy that is appealing. This is the perfect introduction to psychology that can be fully enjoyed and appreciated by readers of all agesTake Dr Ben’s uizzes to learn If listening to Mozart makes you smarter Whether or not your boss is a psychopath How good you are at waiting for a reward and why it matters Why we find symmetrical faces attractive What your taste in art says about Ecent title Are You Smarter than a Chimpanzee In that book it was the human side that I found interesting than the animal psychology so a whole book on people psychology so a whole book on people Ambridge s amiable entertaining style seemed a good bet a It offers only a basic start to various psychological concepts but it s fun all the same It would be too easy to dismiss this book as pop psychology "I studied psychology to degree level not yesterday and have an abiding interest in it and I didn t find "studied psychology to degree level not yesterday and have an abiding interest in it and I didn t find collection of tests and theories too trite If you enjoy having a little insight into how your mind and others minds work then there is no harm in working you I may have had an unusual education but by the time I left college I did not know that many companies administer a type of I test or personality test to applicants as part of their interview procedure Only in a course in graduate school did I encounter the very cool uestions devised to see how one thinks Ben Ambridge doesn t give us many I uestions here but lots of PSY uestions designed to determine how people perceive think and compose opinions Ambridge thinks they re fun and I agree but they re not only fun I argue that it is also instructive to know how most people answer these uestions right or wrongThe set up for the puzzles okes experiments might be Amish Sweethearts just a sentence or a paragraph The explanation often takes a little space not including thinking time Take for example the short set up for The Patient Scientists have found a new disease that is spreading around the countryThe disease is pretty rare but it causes cancerscientists have developed a test that is 99% accurate and you have tested positive What are the chances you have the disease I am sure you have seen this or a variation of th. Findings and invites the reader to test their knowledge of themselves their friends and their families through uizzesokes and games You’ll measure your personality intelligence moral values skill at drawing capacity for logical reasoning and all of it adding up to a greater knowledge of yourself a higher “Psy ”    Lighthearted fun and accessible. ,

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