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Bonds with the Captain and finds out that he has a natural aptitude for sailing Meanwhile "Back In The Spanish Town "in the Spanish town Zarita lives the inuisition have arrived and are only too happy to seek out heretics and the devil s work As the novel builds both Zarita and Saulo to confront their mistakes their guilt and their losses The story is told from their alternating points view and as the reader ou feel affection for both characters The plot is well crafted and expertly paced with tension rising as the purposes of the inuisition come to light The setting of fifteenth century Spain and life on BOARD A TRADING SHIP ARE VIVIDLY DESCRIBED AND COMPELLINGPRISONER a trading ship are vividly described and compellingPrisoner the Inuisition explores themes that relate to the heart of what it is to be human beliefs anger forgiveness compassion love It was a novel that swept me away into its historical period and enveloped me in the need for the characters to find atonement I loved it I LOVED THIS BOOK i was gripped by the amazing plot and the life of zarita ans saulo it was so sad which made the book very realistic as it was set in the time of the Spanish inuisition I love historical fiction and this book had just the right balance or fact and fiction i am defo going to read from this author The ending did not disappoint and i was blown away it was so unpredictable but also very sad As a book written for ounger readers it is a good book However I honestly would have preferred to have just read Zarita s storyIn addition I feel that the story telling bordered on melodramatic I don t think that every chapter didn t need to end with cliffhangers in the way they did I really enjoyed this one I reccomend it to anyone that is a fan of the genre it was a good book I like how the narration was told from two totally different people from totally different backrounds A good read I read it in a couple of days Actual rating 35 Lovely little historical fiction bookDeffinately recommend as a uick good paced readGot me out of my reading slump Surprisingly I really loved this book and have read it twice The first time I read it within an afternoon and got a shock to see it was dark outside by the time I finished reading The story is well formed and once I started reading and got into it I became absorbed into the old 1940 s Spain setting I m not one for religious type novels but this book captured the passion of Spanish life the hardships during the inuisition and twists towards the ending almost five stars enjoyed the fast pace and development of the characters wish it was made longer. Zarita's life also undergoes harsh changes the formidable and frightening Inuisition arrives in the area bringing menacing shadows of suspicion with acts of cruel brutality and ultimately amid the intrigues of the court of ueen Isabella and King Ferdinand in the splendid Moorish city of Grenada betrayal and revenge. Nd I can t really say much about He s sold for some wine and then spends his next few ears on a ship It seemed like he kept forgetting that he was supposed to be blinded by revenge until it suited the authorThe last 150 pages just seemed to get get sillier with some rather ridiculous plot twists and an ending that made me groan aloud it was so cheesy and sloppily written I felt like I d won a 500 mile race to be rewarded with a cheese sandwich A mouldy oneBlog Facebook Twitter 355It wasn t until the last 100 so pages that I started to enjoy this book although I believe I could of benefited from being maybe 50 or so pages longer Important details were overlooked or completely forgotten about while other facts were dragged out Prisoner of the Inuisition confirms my suspicions that Theresa Breslin is a superb writer of historical And a Bottle of Rum young adult fiction She weaves a tale that hasou hanging on the characters every word every pause for thought Breslin has a gift to make Crochet you feel likeou lived in times gone past It is uite remarkable Thankfully I live in the twenty first century and not in fifteenth century Spain though because the atrocities that Breslin Describes Are Unbearably describes are unbearably is oung naive girl at the beginning of the story Her head is turned by the handsome nobleman Ramon Salazar She rushes to the church to pray for her mother who is experiencing a difficult childbirth Whilst she is in the church she is approached by a beggar The poor man s wife is slowly dying and he has no money to buy medicine or feed his child The man reaches out to Zarita In her shock and embarrassment she cries that he touched her Ramon Salazar who was waiting outside the church chases down the beggar man and with the help of two soldiers drags him to the home of the magistrate Zarita s father He condemns the beggar to death and the man is hanged Unbeknown to everyone the scene has unfolded before the eyes of the beggar man s son Saulo In his anger he steps forth and challenges the magistrate The magistrate condemns him to death too but Zarita begs for his life and the magistrate spares him He orders the soldiers to give him over as a slave on a boat and thus Saulo begins a hard life at seaSaulo spends his days planning his revenge on the magistrate and his family He knows that his father never harmed the girl Zarita and he will have his vengeance Aboard the ship he finds comfort from one of the free man who row for the Captain Cosimo Lomas helps to keep Saulo safe from the less honourable men who sail with them Saulo also. Esses his father wrongfully arrested and dealt with in the most horrifying way Hauled off to be a slave at sea and pursued by pirates he encounters the ambitious mariner explorer Christopher Columbus Throughout his hardships Saulo is determined to survive for he has sworn vengeance on the magistrate and his familyAs.

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Prisoner of the InuisitionReview written for the Guardian 2010 Young Critics awardThe Prisoner Of The Inuisition is a powerful historical fiction novel It tells the remarkable adventures of Zarita and Saulo switching between their narratives as the chapters changeWithin the first few pages the action begins Zarita has made a strong claim that she was assaulted When she discovers the conseuences she regrets it all Meanwhile the Holy Inuisition is arriving any day and it seems like Zarita s family have something to hideZarita is tossed into a world of religious confusion clashing relationships and first love She exits to a nunnery Feeling Confused And UnlovedAs confused and unlovedAs is happening Saulo is having adventures on the wild sea He works hard determined to earn some money before returning to Las Conchas to avenge his father s death Sailing the ocean Saulo is or less oblivious to the political havoc in SpainWhen by a mysterious turn of events Saulo and Zarita meet at the ueen s palace they fall in love against the background of political and religious upheavalRevenge ensuesFinally tragedy strikes and bravery emanatesI found this book beautiful and touching The characters leapt off the page and I was lost in the beautifully written prose This historical novel set mostly in Spain in the 15th century follows the journey of two very "different characters whose lives are strangely connected Zarita is a very spoilt girl who unwittingly causes the execution of Saulo "characters whose lives are strangely connected Zarita is a very spoilt girl who unwittingly causes the execution of Saulo father Saulo himself is sent away on a ship and as he grows up he plots his revenge against Zarita s family The story is told from both points of view Zarita tells of the horrors of the Inuisition and Saulo s of his told from both points of view Zarita tells of the horrors of the Inuisition and Saulo s of his at seaWith this the idea of the two different stories should have been really interesting to read about but I found Saulo s half rather boring and just dragged myself through it No offense to Saulo but I didn t really want to know about life on a ship when the other tale was of the Inuisition and public punishment every day terror I think this could have uite easily been just one story Zarita s I definitely would have enjoyed it if it hadZarita s half involves a wicked Step Mother the loss of her mother and of course what it s like to uestioned by the Inuisition Zarita although spoilt is a very likeable character for me because she does her best to help others just like her Mother When Saulo is sent away after his Father dies she goes out of her way to find his Mother and look after her in her final days Her character just gets stronger throughout the book Saulo on the other ha. Zarita only daughter of the town magistrate lives a life of wealth and privilege Indulged by her parents she is free to spend her days as she pleases enjoying herself in the company of an eligible oung nobleman horse riding or leisurely studying the artsSaulo son of a family reduced by circumstances to begging witn. .