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The first book was almost magical people and animals living In Harmony With Their World Now Reality Begins To Creep harmony with their world Now reality begins to creep through the greed and selfishness of people who prefer to manipulate others and gather to themselves than they need and Peytabee won t stand for it a comfortable enjoyable readAs are all McCaffrey s works this book is well written engaging and filled with likeable people human animal and other along with their rather cardboard enemies The good guys win of course without taking too much damage and other along with their rather cardboard enemies The good guys win of course without taking too much damage some of the secondary characters did go through horrific experiences off screen and all ends very well Despite how that sounds I like reading McCaffrey books because they re comfortable reads and I enjoy her notions of intelligent animal species and the importance of living cooperatively with the planet one depends on She also values music storytelling and crafts of all sorts as they all reliably appear in her books and so do I so that s another pleasure for me The main issue I have with her writing are the predictably narcissistic evil bad guys and the over angelic good guys both of whom limit the impact of her work and make it only pleasant Sometimes all you want is a reliably well written story that you know will end well and McCaffrey always delivers one if those Anne McCaffrey is an author I always enjoy reading I really loved the way this series started although I felt it lost a bit of its appeal as the books went onI do find it to be a very fascinating world with great characters but I am not sure I love the formula of the story telling But I still uite like it Don t make mama planet mad or you can wind up dead Love this series This is the 2nd book in the Petaybee series by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The plane. Yanaba Maddock's short lived career as a company spy had ended the moment the planet Petaybee and its people had adopted her as one of their own Now she was dedicated to keeping Intergal from exploiting and wounding or even killing the world T Petaybee was terraformed two hundreds years ago It is still an arctic world so it was forcibly settled by Inuit peoples from old Earth They have adapted to their new world and have thrived but they hold a secret form Intergal the company who terraformed Petaybee The Petaybee TriogyThis is the third time reading this set and I enjoy it with each reading The characters are all specific to their roles I love to love the good guys and hate the bad guys I will continue reading these books for as long as I can The authors definitely know their character emotional tone levels B Maders A good sci fi yarn could have done without the profanity and sexual content though This is the second novel in the Petaybee series and I want to start off With Some Trigger Warnings For Child Abuse some trigger warnings for child abuse physical and mental forced child marriage attempted rape of a teenage girl and allusions to other girls in the past who were raped and abused Also animal abuse Most Of This Isn T of this isn t but it s not subtle either so ust be warned that there are some bad men in these books They are portrayed as the villains and none of this horrible behavior is condoned or approved of and I think that comes off very clearlyThis book introduces a lot of new characters There are a number of company board members and assistants who come to examine the claims of a sentient planet Some of them are good and are on the side of the colonists and some of them are greedy and evil The book continues to explore the relationship between Sean and Yana on the sidelines while the main plot focuses on their fight to protect the planet from being pillaged by the company They have strong allies but their enemies are also strong and they uncover a plot from within to help the company by killing off the sentie. He had come to love For Intergal persisted in denying that Petaybee was sentient and nothing would stop it from stripping the ore rich planet sentient or not Only solid evidence would convince the company to leave the planet alone and for all. ,

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Power Lines Petaybee #2Nt parts of the planetWe also get to meet a young girl called goatdung by the evil people who raised her and murdered her mother She runs away to avoid a people who raised her and murdered her mother She runs away to avoid a marriage at the age of around 12 I believe and for a time lives happily with one of the telepathic and highly intelligent cats WHO LIVE ON THE PLANET THIS CAT COAXTL BECOMES live on the planet This cat Coaxtl becomes surrogate mother until the child s real family is found But ust when it seems like her life
Will Finally Be Happy She 
finally be happy she manipulated by an evil company board member who decides to use her for his own ends bringing her right back to the horror she d run from and he s uite willing to trade her for what he wants I enjoyed this story and I do recommend it because despite the TWs The world is filled with bad stuff and bad people and it s rare that karma gives them what they deserve The plot was a little predictable in that I knew exactly who the little girl was as soon as she was introduced but I loved her anyway I like this universe and I like many of the characters in the series But this felt uite disjointed to me the curse of co writing maybe There was too much going on the plotlines could have made two books and far too often the wrap up was a bit And it was all a dream I mean it was never a dream but the thing with having a sentient planet is that you can have all the deus ex machina you want Apparently There s at least one in this series and I will read it because a I m a completist b I own it and c I like Petaybee And Yana Fascinating storylineReading this book and following the stories and adventures of people on Petaybee ust enriched my mind and soul To believe a planet has a soul Oh my So captivating and expressive you want to know what happens next To discover the rest of the ourney the people and planet are Its sentience Petaybee's communications were highly subjective; indeed some outsiders seemed entirely immune to its voice So Yana and her friends would have to find some other way to prove that the planet was worth to the company alive than de.