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Perfect BlendCoffee Perfect Blend is the book for you Perfect Blend A Novel looked promising A novel about coffee yummy But my goodness it was slow And the characters were a bit flat even with the author s paged filled background history And don t get me started on the story view spoileramy sed an anonymous sperm donor view spoilerAmy Sweet Valentine used an anonymous sperm donor father her son Okay I get that since early menopause runs in her family BUT TO HAVE HER LOVE INTEREST POTENTIALLY AS THAT DONOR Absolutely Absurd And her first real foray into journalism ferret It was sweet of a little predictable A feel good book that s an easy read My online book club was reading this book I picked itp several times but Was Never Able To Really Get Into The Book The never able to really get into the book The would have several long paragraphs before or immediately after introducing the character to provide background information I found that annoying Too much back story with each and every subject and the story A local coffee bar Amy could se a fix herself preferably the sexy smoky eyed grande typeNo one is shocked than Amy to discover that Sam Draper is made perfectly to order hot sweet and delicious There is just one teeny problem He’s the architect for the neighborhood’s brand new Bean Machine her employer’s fiercest rival Still Sam is sexy fun and really likes Amy’s son Charlie Amy can’t resist the steamy passion. ,

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Wasn t sure I was going to finish this one but glad I Did Had A Slow Had a slow and I thought it was going this one but glad I DID HAD A SLOW BEGINNING AND Had a slow beginning and thought it was going be all about coffee But it ickly picked Ice Wolves (Elementals, up and was a page turner A very cute story with a happy ending A super summer read Perfect Blend is the fast food of books entertaining and satisfying enough but not exactly mentally stimulating Sometimes you just need a simple and fast read Very slow beginning but after 150ish pages it started to pickp By the end I enjoyed an array of emotions and was happy to have finished this book This book was a delight to read I found this book after finishing a great but very intense Jodi Picoult novel I was looking for a light hearted romance and this book was perfect It had a great storyline the characters were lovable and parts of the book were so funy that I actually laughed out loud a couple of times So if you are looking for a fun and flirty story and you love. From Sue Margolis the beloved author of Forget Me Knot and Gucci Gucci Coo comes a clever capricious novel about lust longing and sizing p the competition After enduring her share of commitment phobic boyfriends Amy Brown trades in her high powered PR job and designer shoes to embark on the journey of single motherhood Now with a rambunctious boy of six and chaotic shifts serving decadent muffins and high octane brew at. .
Ot lostFrustration Fun easy read I actually laughed out loud a few times A Perfect Blend is A Chic Lit With Plenty chic lit with plenty romance and even some suspense and mystery thrown in Amy is a mother in her thirties who chose to have a child through the miracle of sperm donation instead of waiting for a man due to a family history of early menopause This is the story of her and her six year old son s Charlie life CharactersAmy The main character of the book really shined for me She was a very strong and independent woman and a great mother to her son She is often worried about Charlie not having a father but I think she was doing just fine on her own Her dream is to break just fine on her own Her dream is to break journalism as a freelancer and make it big so she can work from home and spend time with her son For most of the story she works at a coffee shop pulling in lots of hours to support her family I loved how she had a flair for interior decorating al. Or the feeling that Sam is hiding a secret or two Could there be something rotten in the beans that make up the Machine’s secret blend Or is it something personal Harnessing her ntapped yet formidable the Machine’s secret blend Or is it something personal Harnessing her More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm untapped yet formidable skills Amy blows the lid off a story that will change her life but will Sam stick around to share itPerfect Blend is as addictive as a Frappuccino but not nearly as fattening From the Trade Paperback edition.