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Organic Manifesto How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet Feed the World and Keep Us Safe (EBOOK)

Organic Manifesto How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet Feed the World and Keep Us SafeHe future The book also explains how modern cutting edge medical testing can be useful This program is essential particularly if you are about to start a family or your health has already been affected by your toxic chemical levelsJodi Bassett The Hummingbirds Foundation for ME Someone ot me this book for Christmas knowing that I tend to like ood food and non poisonous food and so I approached it very much as a receptive willing audience The problem I ran into aside from the sometimes choppy prose and organization is "the kind of Michael Moore problem that a lot of people face " kind of Michael Moore problem that a lot of people face I agree with this woman and yet I find her argument to be riddled with flaws at best and totally disingenuous at worst What I mean is this book even in its formatting is a polemic particularly the first half and is basically just shouting at the choir Rodale is a zealot and suffers from the delusion of a zealot ie she is so passionate about the topic that she has convinced herself that she has found the single unifying solution to EVERYTHING from obesity to autism to ADHD to sexual dysfunction to lobal warming to political unrest and terrorism Which Weakens The Argument Her weakens the argument Her is problematic too in the Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet grand sweeping suggestions she makes for change in the end most of which boil down to Hey everyoneo organic NOW it s not that it s a BAD book it s just a flimsy argument in a lot of places made worse by some obvious one sidedness selective use of statistics and uestionable logic The pie in the sky everything is amazing section on a day in the life of an organic farmer is especially indicative of all of these problems Also not her fault but the foreword by Erich Schlosser is awful This book provides an in depth look at this history of farming the industry overnment s role in chemical farming practices and the impact of this on our health climate Although the material isn t page turning it s both fascinating and frightening Rodale does a ood job of inserting her wry tone of voice worthy of a few chuckles She didn t come off preachy at all openly admitting that she doesn t o organic all the time and believes that people should be allowed to eat what they want whether it be Pop Tarts or Doritos these can still be produced organically Rodale does her best to present just the facts and maybe a few opinions thrown in for ood measure It has present just the facts and maybe a few opinions thrown in for Italian Riviera good measure It has to be stringent in my organic buying habits I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsThis book scared the crap out of me but in aood way I really had never thought about our food sources in this way The damage that we have done to our planet and still keep doing just blows me away I live in a small rural community and am surrounded by fields I wasn t even aware of all the pesticides that farmers use I also live right next to an elevator so when they haul the crops in we are coated with another layer of crap Thanks for making see things in a different light. And deliberate misconceptions about organic farming and foods Interviews with overnment officials doctors scientists and farmers from coast to coast bolster her position that chemical free farming may be the single most effective tool we have to protect our environment and even important our health. .
The endas with many books like this one it was a little redundant The ending message was that we should all rise up as one and fight the a little redundant The ending message was that we should all rise up as one and fight the companies and one day we will have apple trees lining the highways and everyone will have ardens While I believe that is completely possible to the people I am trying to convince it sounds too dreamy and hippie The book is "Still Chock Full Of " chock full of and wonderful information This book is essential reading for anyone sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy organic foodIt is very simple to read well written and only 180 pagesIn this book the author explains We must demand organic food now Buying organic is important than buying local Organically farmed soil stores carbon The chemical system of agriculture is killing us Cheap food means high health costs Using antibacterial hand washes is like washing your hands in pesticides Whether or not organic like washing your hands in pesticides Whether or not organic have nutrition is besides the point There have been significant declines in nutrients in food in the last 50 years The we try to isolate ourselves and to defy nature the we make ourselves weaker Synthetic chemicals are destroying our health and our ability to reproduce The idea that we can t feed the world without chemical farming is LIE Chemical farming is a better term than conventional farming as there is nothing conventional or traditional about all the new toxic chemicals being used on farms Chemicals are not properly tested before being approved for use and are often not removed from use even when proven to be harmful or a cause of cancer Crop yields are similar between organic and chemical farming when rainfall is average higher in organic farming when there are floods or drought Organic farming uses 30% less fossil fuels Organic farming reuires 15% human labour and so creates jobs Organic farming provides an economic return eual or higher than chemical farming and without Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin government subsidiesIt is so easy toet overwhelmed with how much control large corporations have otten over our lives and our health and our food supply But we do have some power and what we buy changes the world so buy organicYou can also help further by buying Fair Trade organic products plus switching to plant based cleaning and personal care products and avoiding plastic water bottlesGoing 100% organic is very difficult at this point but oing 80% 90% or 95% organic is still a worthy oal and every change we make helpsThis book is highly recommended The author s passion for the subject is obvious and I think infectiousTo read about how you can work to undo the damage caused to your health already by pesticides and hormones in food and the plastics we take in when we use plastic water bottles and other plastic products the book Detoxify or Die by Dr Sherry Rogers is essential readingUsing her daily detox cocktail and an FIR sauna you can et some of this unk out of your body and improve your health and reduce your risk of disease in Hat have formed between the chemical companies that produce fertilizer and enetically altered seeds the agricultural educational system that is virtually subsidized by those same companies and the overnment agencies in thrall to powerful lobbyists all of which perpetuate dangerous farming practices. Maria Rodale CEO of Rodale Inc and 3rd eneration organic advocate shares convincing arguments scientific financial political ethical for Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, going totally organic Chemical agriculture is poisoning us our children our air our water so it s not too hard to convince me Especially fascinating as we seek a solution for dealing with carbon emissions is that there already is one organically farmed soil stores carbon on the mycorrhizal fungi thatrow on the roots of plants fungi that are killed by the fungicides typically used in chem ag Bingo A major piece of the lobal warming puzzle could be within our sphere of influence already Rodale also shares some horrifying history about the introduction of chemicals into agriculture really I knew it was bad but not this bad Bless her for taking up the standard and let s join her in turning the tide towards healthy stewardship of our land and food This book was a catalyst for me personally a rallying cry to push my life to be organic It might be a little one sided and pretty biased towards the act of organic agriculture but thats only because for some unexplainable reason we have been conditioned to think that bias is wrong Some where along the line doing things the right way has become taboo I found Maria Rodale s unrelenting push for sustainable organic agriculture to be refreshing and it may be just what the casual reader needs to motivate them as it motivated me What have you ot to lose God forbid it pushed us to pick up the organic broccoli rather than the regular what s the worst that could happen Reading this book may Atlas of Anatomy give you the idea that organic food production is the cure for all that ales us In the big scheme of things that may not be 100% the case butoddamn if it isn t a hell of a Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, good start While I agreed with the overall premise I love the organic industry and would like to see it continue torow the science seemed a little too black and white I m not saying that it s wrong because I don t know but I doubt that organic farming is the solution to all the world s ills and conventional farming and the chemical companies are the root of all evil I suspect the situation companies are the root of all evil I suspect the situation a lot complex than that and contains a lot shades of ray However I ll continue to buy and support organic when I can and hope that the food industry as a whole continues to move in a healthier direction The author is biased but she let s you know that up front An interesting read for anyone wondering "about the pros and cons of eating organic I did skim over a couple of sections but overall it s " the pros and cons of eating organic I did skim over a couple of sections but overall it s provoking It was hard for me to chose a rating for this book Clearly Maria Rodale had a mission That being said passionate arguments that o on for 187 pages don t ne I LOVED this book I am very passionate about Organic living in all forms and saving our earth I think the information was presented very well and opinions were placed tastefully One thing that I disliked though was that towards. Rodale was founded on the belief that organic ardening is the key to better health both for us and for the planet and never has this message been urgent Now with Organic Manifesto Maria Rodale chairman of Rodale sheds new light on the state of 21st century farming She examines the unholy alliances .

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