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Not War But Murder Cold Harbor 1864 E–book/E–pub

Not War But Murder Cold Harbor 1864

Ernest B. Furgurson Ê 7 SUMMARY

Of anecdotes that reveal what life and death was like Pandaimonion for the common soldiers on both sides He also examines the thinking of the commanders on the ground He explains that the disaster of Cold Harbor was due very much to theriction between Grant and George Meade Meade the victor of Gettysburg was the commander of the Northern Army of the Potomac but Grant was overall commander of all Union armies and by traveling with Meade was looking over his shoulder continuously This led to a divided command As Testimony of Clinton Edward Jencks far as I know no one has ever discussed this issue It seems to me it would have been efficientor the command structure if Grant had replaced Meade with one of his own men such as William F Baldy Smith Perhaps the war would have been shortened perhaps not As it was due to Cold Harbor morale plummeted in the AoP but then Grant pulled off a coup He swiftly crossed the James River with his army to get to the south of Richmond Ferguson says Lee was not surprised by the move but he was surprised by the speed with which Grant executed that move In the end Lee was trapped in Petersburg besieged by Grant The end was only a matter of time A very different look at Grant Meade and the campaign Some very excellent points A very different look at Grant Meade and the campaign Some very excellent points uick and easy read I was reading a pre pub edition so I did not have any maps in the book I enjoyed the candid appraisal of how the dual command of the AotP #By Grant And Meade Lead #Grant and Meade lead to the terrible decision to attack a Ultimate Playstation Cheats and Codes - Essential for PS2, PSP and PS3 Gamers fortified position head on Grant really did under estimate Lee s ability to respond Wort This book has been well researched and uses a wide variety of different sources The lettersrom soldiers are especially useful in telling the story This is a story of the butchery that resulted rom a Union debacle in June of 1864 This loss by Grant and Meade meant that the war would continue 12000 Union troops died here Lee is at his best This is an excellent book or amateur historians Good account of the events surrounding the disastrous Union attack at Cold Harbor Although Grant himself expressed regret Say You Still Love Me for this attack it did not deter himrom his goal to defeat Lee s army. T on the personal conflicts that led to Grant’s worst defeat and argues that it was a watershed moment in the war Offering a panorama rich in detail and revealing anecdotes that brings the dark days of the campaign to life Not War But Murder is historical narrative as compelling as any novel. ,

Harbor several times even taking a guided tour through part of it this book brought the story to life and gave me an understanding that I d not yet had on the actions there in 1864It s well written combining Journaling Prompts - Procrastination first person accounts with the historical record The author has a steep bibliography He has managed to pull out the bits that explain the action without getting bogged down in overtelling the story He especially addresses the command issues that the Union armyaced and how they contributed to the heavy losses Cold Harbor was a brutal and vicious action and this army Alpha and Omega faced and how they contributed to the heavy losses Cold Harbor was a brutal and vicious action and this will definitely help clarify what happend in those daysI recommendor all my Civil War riends and REALLY ANYONE WHO LOVES MILITARY HISTORY A VERY GOOD anyone who loves military history A very good about one of the worst battles of the Civil War I like the mixing of what the generals are saying and what the common soldiers did and saw Well researched and written A realistic assessment of Grant s generalshipGrant was unuestionably a great general but this book demonstrates how easy and how costly mistakes mis communications and misunderstandings can be during the course of this horrible battle As I stated last year I think I ve read books about the American Civil War than any other historical event And here is yet another book on the ACW This one is about the Battle of Cold Harbor Virginia in 1864 Not as amous as Gettysburg or Shiloh or some other battles Cold Harbor was second to no other battle or sheer horror It was a part of Gen Grant s Overland Campaign in 1864 to push on to Richmond And Destroy Gen Lee destroy Gen Lee army After pressing orward after the Wilderness and Spotsylvania at terrible cost Grant Professors, Politics and Pop faced Lee at Cold Harbor less than ten milesrom Richmond Grant believed that with one push he could break Lee s army and take Richmond ending the war before the 1864 election in November and assuring Lincoln s reelection Instead Grant s army assaulted Lee s well entrenched army on June 3 1864 and it was a slaughter It was the most useless one sided battle of the war Grant s worst defeat and as it turned out Lee s last victory Ferguson tells the story giving us a lot. Vily entrenched Confederate Muskelaufbau fr Anfnger: Von der Couchpotato zum Traumkrper - egal ob im Gym oder ohne Gerte. Inklusive erstaunlich einfachen Ernhrungstipps und exklusivem 3 - Tage Trainingsplan forces outside of Richmond hoping to break the strength of Robert E Lee and take the capital Facing almost certain death Union soldiers pinned their names to their uniforms in theorlorn hope that their bodies would be identified and buried Furgurson sheds new ligh. .
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Superb account of one of the bloodiest one sided battles of the war of rebellion Cold Harbor cost the North thousands of men that needlessly died Some of the Northern Generals viewed this battle as pure murder on the part of Meade and Grant Excited to know that my great great grandfather Backyard Revolution fought here and did well against the South Well researched well written General Grant did not like this one battle brought up and rarely spoke of it afterwards This battle saved Richmond and was one of the prime reasons why the war went onor almost one year General Lee did a superb job at marshaling his meager resources and his troops out ought out maneuvered and outlasted the meager resources and his troops out ought out maneuvered and outlasted the I thought it was a good maneuvered and outlasted the North I thought it was a good account of a disastrous campaign that demonstrated how not to ight a war The loss of the Union troops was incredible It showed how personal rivalries and jealousies among leaders results in suffering and death House of Night and Day for the troops Theailure of Grant to maintain clear unity of command was one important Morgan and Yew factor Meade s jealously of Grant got in the way of his ability to make clear and decisive choices Communication was poor in terms of clarity content and timeliness Reconnaissance was neglected or not thoroughly done Leadership neglected or did not believe reports of officers in theield After continued slaughter in spite of courageous Desires Command fighting officers and troops saw and understood theutility of what was being ordered Later Grant regretted this battle The book goes into great detail which will be good Invisible (Invisible, for the serious student of the Civil War or any other war but can get a little overwhelmingor those with a casual interest The description of troop movements made my eyes glaze over and some better way to visual what was happening would have been helpful Even maps had limited value However I Got A Clearer Idea a clearer idea the massive effort reuired to relocate large groups of exhausted hungry men and their euipment It took some effort but i am glad I read it to the end The combat portion is a bit short but there is plenty on the lead up to the battle I really enjoyed this book Although I ve visited Cold. Ernest Furgurson author of Ashes of Glory and Chancellorsville 1863 brings his talents to a pivotal and often neglected Civil War battle–the ierce unremitting slaughter at Cold Harbor Virginia which ended the lives of 10000 Union soldiers In June of 1864 the Army of the Potomac attacked hea. ,