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Never Less Than a LadyF course greatly anticipated and this didn t disappoint So after the mild antagonism between these two in the first book "Of Course They Were Going "course they were going be the subjects

Of The Second I 
the second I just adore Randall as the knight in shinning armor though He s such a gentleman and yet his military life has shaped him into a man of honor and integrity with a backbone of steel He has such a wonderful need to help the damsel in distress For all that she s a damsel and in distress Julia to slightly mis ote Disney s Hercules She can handle itJulia has had a ton of strength to get herself out of the awful situation she was in abused by her first husband to escape and fake her own death while finding a career for herself She s learned plenty to become the competent midwife she is now thought to be I love that Randall respects that about her and doesn t try to curtail the natural power she s found for herself I liked how the relationship between these two developed The marriage was conceived nder harsh circumstances and the estionable nature of that came back Swept Away (Harlequin Blaze up later Things weren t too easy for them They had to learn about each other and work past their issues to get to a point where trust was eternal and each could be comfortable that the other wanted the same things from them Sure some things werendoubtedly going to go the way neither of them suspected view spoilerWas there really ever any doubt that Julia s fears about being barren were going to be nfounded hide spoiler Something seemed missing here I ve read all of Ms Putney s books except the few dealing with magic Almost all are on my keeper shelf I don t think this one will be This one did not have the great historical details of the Fallen Angels series or the Silk Trilogy This seemed like a plain old regency anyone could have written by throwing in a carriage a long dress and a trip *TO GRETNA GREEN THE CHARACTERS SEEMED STATIC NOT GROWING *Gretna Green The characters seemed static not growing changing realistically Alexander was a grump in the last book but here that was dealt with by a few sentences saying That was just because I didn t want you to know I liked you I would have liked to see him change before my eyes POSSIBLE SPOILERS Julia has a fear of men from having an abusive first husband bad enough that she demands the ability to divorce Alexander after a year Yet she is over it almost the first time they get together Whoops non issue It seemed there were too many irons in the fire Was it the story of woman learning to trust again The story of him saving her from bad guys No real sense of danger was ever developed Introducing her to society We skipped most of the only ballsocial outing None of these issues was developed fully leaving them all feeling nderdone It was really only when they went to find her first husband s bastard son that I got interested I liked that kid I could have Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers used a lot of the three of them learning to be a family And it would have been a stronger story if Julia had indeed been barren making this part of the story important Most of the book was formulaic and predictable Of course Julia is really the daughter of a duke Of course the boy was decent Of course her brother didn t hate her Of course the Earl of Daventry had a daughter and of course Julia who thought she was barren endedp pregnant This was just missing the depth of emotion that I have become accustomed to in Ms Putney s works Most of her works get 4 or 5 glowing stars from me Sadly not this one I will read the next one though because everyone is entitled to a not so good book now and then and Ms Putney has long been one of my favorite authors If you read Loving A Lost Lord you probably knew that it was inevitable there d be a romance between. E perfect bride for a man in his position would be a biddable young girl of good breeding But the woman who haunts his imagination is Julia Bancroft a village midwife with a dark secret that thrusts her into Randall's protectionWithin the space of a day Julia has been abducted by her first husband's cronies rescued. 35 starsAnother audiobook I borrowed from the library principally because Simon Prebble is #One Of My Favourite # of my favourite Julia a widow is a country midwife who had captured the interest of Alex Randall in the previous book although he was reluctant to show any interest and gave her to believe he disliked her But Julia has a dark past and is hiding from her late husband s father who believea that she murdered her late husband who was Alex s cousin In fact he was an abusive bastard and she killed him in self defence but she knew she d never have been believed and ranAt the beginning of the story she is discovered by two thugs hired by her ex father in law and kidnapped Alex rescues her and offers her marriage in order to protect her She s reluctant but sees the sense in it and eventually agreesPutney doesn t shy away from describing the horrors of Julia s first marriage and her fears about intimacy and sex are well grounded I suspect her recovery was probably ite fast although I have absolutely no knowledge about how a woman who has been subjected to what Julia went through would have reacted or if she could ever have let another man touch her But This Is A Romantic is a romantic so one has to allow some degree of poetic license and the author did a good job of giving the situation a degree of credibility and in showing Julia s struggles and both the forward and backwards steps that were taken in her relationship with Alex In fact the part that felt least plausible to me came later in the book once Alex and Julia have discovered that she is in fact a great heiress and he begins to worry that she no longer needs him a fact which rather wounds his masculine pride But "then she had given him little reason to think otherwise especially given her initial insistence on there being a "she had given him little reason to think otherwise especially given her initial insistence on there being a out of the marriage if she wanted it at the end of a yearThis isn t always an easy read but it was an engaging story and I liked the characterisation of the two principals Alex is kind and honourable and Julia is no nonsenseSimon Prebble is an excellent narrator He differentiates character voices clearly and although one or two of his accents were a bit wobbly overall I enjoyed his performance It was just ok and frankly slightly boringI had not read the previous instalment in the series in which Randall met Julia and not having insights on the future couple s first meeting is always an intense disappointment to me Several times I almost felt like the author was trying to rub in that number 1 in the series should have been read beforeThe heroine had been through very difficult experience with physical and mental abuse from her first husband an accident perceived as murder reject from her father an escape masueraded as a suicide and then 10 years or less working as a midwife in a small village She should have been interesting and touching But at the same time and once again she was so ladylike all the time never slipping from her pedestal of supreme perfection that she did not interest me that muchThe hero also did not have much personality He s supposed to always have been opposed to marriage before the starting of the book I m not really sure I nderstood why he changed his mind so icklyThe plot could have been ok except there are 2 huge coincidences in the story which rang absolutely fake and destroyed the credibility of the story in my eyesAnd the last part turned too cheesyIf I could I d put 25 but did not manage to settle at 3 Yep it s official I m hooked on this series So far I m just loving these Lost Lords Randall was a great character in the first novel as was Julia I really enjoyed getting to read their story Learning about Julia s secretive past was New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney continues her stunning Lost Lords series with this stirring sensual story of a rebellious nobleman drawn to a lovely widow with a shocking pastAs the sole remaining heir to the Earl of Daventry Alexander Randall knows his duty find a wife and sire a son of his own Th. ,

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Julia Bancroft Mariah I was finding the writing of this story "very prosaic so when it turned out to be one of "prosaic so when it turned out to be one of least favorite romance themes the heroine afraid of sex there seemed no point in continuing I guess I am just relieved Sadly relieved This is much better than the ridiculous first book in the series Loving A Lost Lord but still not a romance I would ever recommend to readers new to MJPFor longterm readers of MJP like myself this historical regency will come across as a bit generic Having just reread The Wild Child1999 earlier across as a bit generic Having just reread The Wild Child1999 earlier week I couldnt help noticing how much shorter and choppier her sentences have gotten which is very on trend as well as the hackneyed Mine Mine Mine love scene that I am beginning to hate finding in every historical I read now I can see that the pacing and plotting were neven and some alternative POVs to their initial meetings in the first book would have enhanced the romance I can see all that but it doesnt matter much since I find that I can still be entranced by MJP s writing voice and root for her very likable decent admirable charactersContent warning details of the heroine s first marriage are horrifying some violenceGrade B A slightly better read than the first book in the series but still disappointing I enjoy MJP s style I always have One can hear her writing voice in this book her signature style so to speak The first book in the series was very disappointing with 2 The Weather Girl un memorable characters The heroine of the first book Mariah featured prominently in this book too and I was bored out of my mind whenever Mariah poppedp She was a boring character then and a nuisance now Alexander and Julia met briefly in book one and caught my attention right away I was looking forward to reading their story and the beginning of the book about 30% was rather engaging Things were looking good for Alexander and Julia Havin Pretty goodMature hero and heroine both with a lot of sense Solid reasons for getting married Beliveable and multilayered romantic conflicts Audiobook with Simon Prebble doing fantastic narration Great way to pass a few hours Recalled from war as his vicious A Husband in Time uncle s sole remaining heir Alexander Randall gives away his commission and returns to England to find a wife and sire an heir He should find a typical noble wife but the only woman that appeals to him is Julia Bancroft widow and village midwife who has stayed in his thoughts since he met her Randall visits friends in England and Scotland mostly to avoid hisncle who allowed his cousin to torture Randall and who barely cared for Randall when he was wounded His final visit is to friends in Julia s village Randall discovers that Julia has been kidnapped by men who accuse her of murder He follows rescues her proposes marriage and they elope to Scotland Only as they travel does he learn Julia s secrets and how their lives are linked Sensible people who work their way past life s traumas find romance and friendship solve the mysteries of Julia s life and challenge abominable relatives with strength and wit make for an entertaining and satisfying #read Highly recommended for most historical romance readersReadalikesNovels by Mary Balogh Lorraine Heath s Lost lords of Pembrook trilogy Isabel Cooper # Highly recommended for most historical romance readersReadalikesNovels by Mary Balogh Lorraine Heath s Lost lords of Pembrook trilogy Isabel Cooper Englefield novels Johanna Lindsey Make Me Love You Julia After Hours uinn The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever Stephanie Laurens The Perfect Lover Sylvia Day Pride and Pleasure Eileen Dreyer Barely a Lady Eloisa James Desperate Duchesses Jane Ashford Heir to the DukePace FastCharacters Well developed likeable strong womenStory Character drivenWriting style EngagingTone Dramatic SteamyFrame Spain Cumberland Scotland 1812Theme Love in disguise. And proposed to by a man she scarcely knows Stranger still is herrge to say yes A nion with Alexander Randall could benefit them both but Julia doubts she can ever trust her heart again or the fervent desire Randall ignites Yet perhaps only a Lost Lord can show a woman like Julia everything a true marriage can. ,