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Names Will Never Hurt Me


And a very intresting one I like the book because it helps with real life experiences because it helps with real life experiences have been bullied and it is cool to see that people are willing to talk about it This is really inspiring because I don t feel alone if I get bullied because it is not just me Kurt is one of my favorite characters because he is a football player and gets bullied by his teammates Getting bullied really sucks I and you shouldn t bully after hearing these stories This book is about high schoolers getting bullied so it gives me a visual at what it would look like or sound like Hearing these stories really changed my point of view I love this book because of how much it relates to me and many others I think this book should be read to high schoolers I recommend this book to everyone Do your parent s expect too much of you Do you feel like a freak sometimes Are you a white girl with a tan that never fades Are you the eyes and ears of your school and you can get anything you want Meet Ryan the all American football player who is everything but perfect Tisha a bi racial girl who is torn between the black crowd and the white crowd Kurt nickname Dirt for the way the bullies make him feel and Floater the eyes and ears of a school where a kid was murdered These people all hang out with different cliues and some struggle to fit in one They are all main characters in the book Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jaime AdoffIt is the one year anniversary of the murder of a student and the faculty of Rockville High is tense What is going to happen Will another murder occur Ryan is an all American whose father is an ex colonel who still controls his home and son like he s still in the military Ryan is a pretty good kid ntil he is accused of raping a girl All the principle can do is suspend him but not before the playoffs There is nothing Ryan can do but take the suspension When the colonel finds out he will be furious Tisha and Kurt are two normal kids who get lost in the crowd and are picked on ite a bit The principle wants to talk to them about something when his and Floater s lives are threatened by a rampant colonel The yelling is getting louder and louder Then Ryan walks in and just when he is about to get his
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lecture about being from the colonel he pulls out his just in case and confronts the crazy man The colonel and Ryan are about to go at it when Kurt attacks him from behind saving everyone This makes him almost famous He is on the news all nightI enjoyed this book because it could actually happen and it ses our vernacular This book is about overcoming obstacles in everyday life and just trying to fit in It very much reflects my life and all the stress that comes with it This very much reflects my life and all the stress that comes with it This is an easy read and it is entertaining Written like a form of poetry names will never hurt me is filled with tension and keeps you wondering how it will end It follows four different students during a day at school Each character is written in the first person with intersecting stories The day is the one year anniversary of another student s death on campus None of the four really knew the student but the import of the day nevertheless has an impact Kurt Tisha Mark and Ryan range in the pecking order from greatest to. Ith anyone; Ryan the football jock who rules the hallways while losing control of his life; and Floater who ses his connections to gain dangerous power On this day teasing racism lonelines. I read Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jaime Adoff and I thought that it was a good bookThroughout the book the main character changes from chapter to chapter I found that style OF WRITING WAS GOOD TO KEEP writing was good to keep reader interested in what is happening in these kids school life All the students in Names Will Never Hurt Me are very different in what they do and how they are treated by others at school The whole book takes place on one day This day is special to the school because it was a one year anniversary of a student being killed One of the students is a anniversary of a student being killed One of the students is a star while another character was a nerd and called a freak These students all have their struggles and need to find ways to fix them I would recommend this book to people in high school or college because it is good at telling you the effects of bullying on other students I wo The book Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jamie Adoff was published in 2004 It took me me 3 days to read all 186 pages because of its great suspense The story takes place at Rockville High in Ohio based off the current date The story revolves around four characters who attend the school Kurt the loser who no one bothered to know Ryan the all American football player who was looking at a future with the NFL Tisha who no one liked because she was both black and white by race but didn t act like either And Mark the one who made things happen and could fit in with any group went by the name of Floater In the course of a single day these four completely flip the system of school Others who helped make this change were Principal Roberts a crazed parent and multiple bulliesThis fast paced book confronts a lot of problem of high school including violence peer pressure and bullying The author tries to show how the right choices always prove worth it in the end The characters portray this beautifully by always trying to always prove worth it in the end The characters portray this beautifully by always trying to whats right even if not successful or it makes them stick outI loved this book It contained a lot of issues that i can personally compare my life and the world around me to I favor this book because of its good pace and its mastery at suspense On the contrary I disliked the ending It didn t end abruptly but i felt like it left a few estions Scary Stories 3 unansweredI would recommend one of my friends try reading this book I believe anyone with the tastes for suspense would enjoy this or anyone who likes to relate themselves to the story it has a great first chapter it really brought me in and grabbed my attention this was a very good book and it gets your attention in every chapter and makes you not what to put the book down this book tells the stories of four high school students Kurt the freak who gets bullied by kids at school and Ryan the football star who walks the hallways like a king and basically gets what he wants Tisha who feels like annattractive misfit because she s of mixed race then Floater who acts as the principal s right hand man During one single day the events involving bullying racism and an accusation of rape bring these four very different teenagers together this book has lots of stereotypes and the true feeling of high school it can be what you make it but it s really p to them to try to reach other also this book is very straight forward. During one day at school the paths of four teens will cross in ways they never imagined There's Kurt the freek who tries desperately to escape bullying; Tisha who doesn't feel she fits in
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Least and don t appear to have anything in common Except for the day names will never hurt me builds to a taut crescendo its foundation is bullying worship rascism invisibility attention and desire The end is as satisfying as the beginning and the middle Bonus Yup A estion that doesn t get answeredFavorite The Bartender uotesMy words warmingp on the sidelines ready for the playSandwiches and confessions fall out of backpacks crashing to the floor waiting to be swept Tono Bungay up and thrown awayOverall OpinionFrom the writing style to the story itself it was fantasticRating P U ThumbsTwo This novel takes place during one day the one year anniversary of a school shooting that left one student dead Told through the perspectives of four students in a semi journal entry format the reader sees how th Change to 8th grade onlyOff screen sex but an allegation of rapeSeveral F bombs other profanity School shooting threatExtreme bullying i thik this was a really good book it opened my eyes to how rough some people have it i think anyone should read this book especially the tough ones Names Will Never Hurt Me is a story written by Jaime Adoff It s a first person multiple viewpoint novel about 4 very different teenagers struggling with their own problems while in high school The students are all so different but will come into play with each other s lives A student who everyone thinks is worthless including himself a girl insecure about her true colors and who she is a boy with a hunger for power that is gained from students and a senior who learns that he will not always be the king of the world After the year anniversary of a student lost from a shooter these four students lives completely turn around In the beginning readers see how different all their lives are whether they have to suffer through school and bullies or if they have everything and everyonender their power Everyone s point of view is different and it alternates between different people s stories including news interviews and special announcements On this fateful day those four students lives changed some for the better and others not This book by Jaime Adoff is a great read and the points of views different stories and the way they tie together makes this book feel so real yet whimsicalThis story had a lot of twists and turns that I had not expected Reading this book I thought the characters would all become close and help each other Magical Sweet Mermaid up but did not turn out that way The fact that it had characters so different andniue to each other made me think that the characters would become friends and share their struggles I was surprised to see that they had hardly interacted until around the end of the book I wasn t sure if I was disappointed that they didn t end around the end of the book I wasn t sure if I was disappointed that they didn t end friends with each other or if I was happy because of the different ending but despite that enjoyed the book a lot although it was sometimes hard to determine the speaker was when alternating points of views I liked the setting and the very busy atmosphere and I also liked the subtle split of high school stereotypes This book really captured the feelings of how different students feel in their livesAll in all I enjoyed this book and I think many others would find it interesting as well. S and secrets bring each of them to the breaking point Now they must help each other prevent a tragedy The voices of these four teens weave together in prose poetry to create a powerful rea.