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EBOOK/EPUB [Mountain Windsong A Novel of the Trail of Tears]

Mountain Windsong A Novel of the Trail of Tears

Robert J. Conley Ú 8 Free ead

Mountain Windsong is a novel set against the backdrop of 1830 America and the Trail of Tears The Cherokee Nation was the model for the Indian policy promoted by the federal government and Nation was the model for the Indian policy promoted by the federal government and 1st six US Presidents the Cherokees even adopted a Constitution modeled after the US Constitution The author tells us the story from the Cherokees viewpoint Conley includes historical background information concerning the travesty how the Cherokee Nation was mistreated during the administration of Andrew Jackson but also provides the eader with a sense of the Cherokees mystical philosophy and will to succeed Although I appreciated the historical documents the fiction sections of the book were a bit too simplistic documents the fiction sections of the book were a bit too simplistic my taste In the end huge problems were fairly easily solved by enlisting the help of a super human old white "guy i liked that there were actual historical "I liked that there were actual historical mixed in with the novel but it was still hard to ead due to the subject matter However having an idea of what happene. Set against the tragic events of the Cherokees' emoval from their traditional lands in North Carolina to Indian Territory between 1835 1838 Mountain Windsong is a love story that brings to life the suffering and endurance of the Cherokee people It is the moving tale of Waguli Whippoorwill and Oconeechee a young Cherokee man and woman separated by the Trail of Tears Just as they are about to be married Waguli is captured be federal soldiers and along with thousands of other Cherokees taken west on foot and then by steamboat to what is now eastern Oklahoma Though many die along the way Wagu. D is good for us Part fictional love story based on
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words of a and part fact it contains actual historical documents this book about the Trail of Tears is very interesting and informative I didn t think the writing was great and I might have given up on it early on except for the fact I was interested in learning about the Trail of Tears The book tells the story of the Cherokee people and the tragic beginnings of the emoval that A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners resulted in death of approximately 4000 people Awesomely written book So sad and tragic was the treatment of the Cherokee nation yet we find with the love of Oconeechenee and Waguli that there was still hope and pride among these battered people Awesome book as it mixed a fictional love story with the true history of the atrocities that wereelated to the Trail of Tears I liked this book The facts the love story the poems the story telling were all wonderful parts that contributed to this awesome book I ead this book for Cherokee Literature class. Li survives drowning his shame and sorrow in alcohol Oconeechee among the few Cherokees who emain behind hidden in the mountains embarks on a courageous search for WaguliRobert J Conley makes use of song legend and historical documents to weave ich texture of the story which is told through several sometimes contradictory voices The traditional of of the story which is told through several sometimes contradictory voices The traditional narrative of Trail of Tears is told to a young contemporary Cherokee boy by his grandfather presented in bits and pieces as they go about their everyday chores in ural North Carolina The telling is neiter bitter nor hostile; it is sympath.
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And eally enjoyed it My professor is actually the author and it was fantastic to talk to him and ask him uestions as I was eading the novel Short love story during the Trail of Tears A boy and girl Cherokee meet fall in love and plan to marry But before that can happen they are seperated during the emoval of the Indians from North Carolina The boy was forced to leave and Go West While The Girl Managed To Hide And Stay West while the girl managed to hide "AND STAY NC IT TOOK 4 "stay NC It took 4 for them to meet again end of story There is some history also including to document wrote for the Indians to move West I ead once a few years back I KNOW I liked it because I kept in in my collection I want to e ead it before writing a eview An interesting tale weaving actual historical accounts with fictional esponses to the forced evacuation of the Cherokee I didn t ealize how those who hid in the mountains eventually gotsome of their land back It s a horrific piece of American history and I m glad Professor Conley is keeping truth alive. Etic by unsentimental An ironic third point of view detached and often adversarial is provided by the historical documents interspersed through the novel from the text of the emoval treaty to Ralph Waldo Emerson's letter to the president of the United States in protest of the emoval In this layering of contradictory elements Conley implies uestions about the elationships between history and legend storytelling and myth makingInspired by the lyrics of Don Grooms's song Whippoorwill which open many chapters in the text Conley has written a novel both meticulously accurate and deeply movin. ,