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Er father s will and produce a baby to keep her beloved ranch and the only person acceptable to her is the only man she has lovedThe hero refuses marriage has never been in the cards for him but thoughts of the heroine doing it to someone lse drives him crazy and he agrees to her plan stay married till she gets pregnant and then divorce and it goes well he loves working on the ranch being her first lover and husband and when according to their agreement she goes to live in LA with him things go wellThe heroine vowed to herself she wouldn t ask for time but ven when she gets pregnant she doesn t tell him and then she confronts him about how he doesn t talk with his mother when he realizes what they set out for is done and tells her to leaveThe heroine does and goes back to the ranch and to her life but when her pregnancy leads to shortage of hands at the ranch Nate comes on his cousin S Urgings Driving Meggie Crazy urgings driving Meggie crazy then she tells him to stay or go forever and he does but he s miserable and then he finally Figures Out Why He Has out why he has craved freedom because as a helpless boy his father used to lock him in the dark and he goes to Meggie who he as always loved. E But all too soon Meggie swelled with child And she learned some promises were hell to keepCONVENIENTLY YOURS The Bravo men's marriages may have begun in name only but were they destined to be love matches after all.

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Miniseries Conveniently YoursCategory Contemporary Romance The H is very upfront about how Awful A Guy He a guy he and proving it over and over that he is undeserving of any love The h is also ually upfront about her love and no matter how many times H hurts her she just goes back for I tend to High Tide at Midnight enjoy stories where there is a baby involved I thoroughlynjoyed this oneMeggie has been in love with Nate since they were kids When they were 19 she actually told him she was in love with him but he pretty much laughed at her and sent her on her way Fast forward 12 or so years later and Meggie s dad just died and left her the family *HOMESTEAD WITH A HUGE CATCH SHE * with a HUGE catch She to marry and have a baby within a short time frame in order to keep the family ranch Of course Meggie asks Nate to help her out of the predicament she finds herself in but he turns her down flat Education and Equality even though she s willing to pay him thousands of dollars and promises to divorce him as soon as the baby is born You ll have to read the book to find out howverything works out but I really liked it Eh the kick off to the plot didn t really make sense And whoa the hero the kick off to the plot didn t really make sense And whoa the hero baggage needed to be hinted at a bit arlie. A RING AND A BABYTo fulfill her father's will and keep her precious ranch Megan Kane needed to marry bear a child Since she'd always loved handsome neighbor Nate Bravo a maverick she couldn't tie down her solution wa. R it all just kinda avalanches at the nd Skip cause we don t ven get to the baby and the hero had a pretty awesome job but we never got to hear much about itjust ranching Wonderful Emotional readadored Meggie so muchNate he was a jerk who kept running away from his happiness who kept running away from his happiness make peace with his pasti was angry at him but at the same time my heart went out towards him for the sufferings he went throughThe Only thing disappointing was Nate s realization came at the nd of the storywould have loved to see him grovel to win Meggie backOverall a good readits a keeper for meRecommended I am not a fan of book where the hero doesn t realize his mistake for a long time or unreuited love but there is something about the Bravos and this author s writing I like and this book was no lessThe heroine gives the hero a call after years they grew up together when he came to live with his grandfather as a troubled fourteen year old and as they grew older the heroine who was alone with her father on the ranch fell in love with him and tried telling him but Nate had other plans and he left now he s an investigator in LA and she needs his help she needs to marry according to S simple She'd beg Nate to wed her and bed herAND THEN SHE'D SET HIM FREEMeggie vowed she wouldn't cling Wouldn't linger She'd cherish her marriage until she got pregnant Then she'd raise Nate's baby lovinglyand alon. .
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Marriage by Necessity

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