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(Making Women Pay The Hidden Costs of Fetal Rights) [PDF/EBOOK] ´ Rachel Roth

L and ual rightsI was raised pro choice and reading this book was part of the Come to Jesus process I went through Garden Bouquets and Beyond earlier this year when I really had tovaluate what this means and what my beliefs in that area truly are These issues are so charged in this country that there s a certain amount of glossing over and hushing up I feel that goes on around such matters However these convictions like religious faith need to be The Unseen Wonder examined and tested or they re left tottering on feet of clay For me this isn t anasy topic and really understanding the stakes and what s involved takes some intellectual and motional work This Book Was Helpful In That And Focused was helpful in that and focused on the Central to the fetal rights movement in which women and fetuses are seen as having interests that are diametrically opposed Roth begins by placing fetal rights politics in historical and comparative context and by tracing the mergence of the notion of fetal rights Against a backdrop of gripping stories about actual women she reviews the difficulties fetal rights claims create for women in the areas of mployment health care and drug and alcohol regulation She looks at "court cases and state legislation over a period of two decades beginning in 1973 the year of the Roe "cases and state legislation over a period of two decades beginning in 1973 the year of the Roe Were you aware that in recent years serious medical procedures including caesarean sections And Blood Transfusions Have blood transfusions have forced on unconsenting women by court orders from judges who held that the rights of their fetuses were in conflict with those of the women and that the fetus rights were important I was not aware until I read this book The idea of being strapped down and having myself sliced open againt my will seems like an image from one of those gruesome movies I ve grown out of watchingI recommend this book to anyone who needs to clarify his or her thinking about the relationship between "Reproductive Rights And The Ability Of Female "rights and the ability of female to njoy ful. Once backed primarily by anti abortion activists fetal rights claims are now promoted by a wide range of interest groups in American society Government and corporate policies to define and Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enforce fetal rights have become commonplace These developments affect all women pregnant or not because women are considered potentially pregnant for much of their lives In her powerful and important book Rachel Roth brings a new perspective to the debate over fetal rights She clearly delineates the threat to women'suality posed by the new concept of maternal fetal conflict an idea. .
Bortion debate at all but on the widely applied notion of fetal rights and of the legal contruct called maternal fetal conflictBy widely applied notion of fetal rights and of the legal contruct called maternal fetal conflictBy at its applications in areas such as mployment and medicine Roth cogently demonstrates that the assignment of rights to fetuses is a very xpensive proposition for which female citizens are left holding the bill the social cost of fetal rights she shows are inevitably borne by women The ideology of fetal rights "That Women Are Not Entitled "women are not ntitled be as self determining as men because they can become pregnant p 2 poses a vital threat to women s uality as citizensThis isn t simple but it is simple I found it a helpful though scary book. Wade decision legalizing abortion Her xhaustive research shows how judicial decisions and public policies that grant fetuses rights tend to displace women as claimants as recipients of needed services and ultimately as citizens When a corporation medical authority or the state asserts or accepts rights claims on behalf of a fetus the usual justification involves improving the chance of a healthy birth This strategy Roth persuasively argues is not necessary to achieve the goal of a healthy birth is often counterproductive to it and always undermines women's ual standing.

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Making Women Pay The Hidden Costs of Fetal Rights

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