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Ind of oy The essays in this book are deceptively simple They are not earth shattering revelations but instead are uiet peaceful reflections on life and how best to live it starting by accepting the most meaningful of imperfect things ourselves The short poetic pearls of wisdom that follow each essay can be taken in all at once as uick reinforcing readings about the chapter or each One Might Be Considered might be considered its own as a daily meditation Either way none are the koans and conundrums found in many books on Buddhist teachings but I did find some "to be oddly disturbing which probably means they hit a nerve This book "be oddly disturbing which probably means they hit a nerve This book a banal trawl through the blindingly obvious It restates stuff that if you didn t know already means that you re probably about 3 years old So often did I find myself thinking No sht Sherlock that I e I think such books are considered self help books and I m going through these like drinking fresh water in a hot summer day I love positive books about peace meditation mindfulness and acceptance I always feel sleepy after a few pages of such books I think they make me feel a sort of peace I can t always achieve in any case the book is lovely deep and the illustrations are beautiful I think blue is one of the prettiest colors The loving voice we often long for in our crazy mixed up lives is here in this comforting book I will probably always flip back to different sections of this book whenever I need a bit of encouragement or love. Ling hurt or depressed listen attentively express ourselves clearly and have the courage to pursue what really makes us happy so we can feel complete in ourselves With than thirty five full color illustrations Love for Imperfect Things will appeal to both your eyes and your heart offering you comfort encouragement and wisdom so that you can learn to love yourself your life and everyone in it.


완벽하지 않은 것들에 대한 사랑In the beginning I didn "T Like As Much As "like as much as liked the first book The I read the I loved it It gives me so much peace and comprehension Highly recommend it as I recommend the first book Things you can see only when you slow down I absolutely love this book This book is better than the first one I think It likes a fountain it heals *Your Tiredness When You *tiredness when you it I am not a Buddhist but I feel that the teachings about spiritual are somehow similar to what I believe This is one of my most favorite books It helps me a lot and I hope I could act same like my knowledge I really recommend it to everyoneWe are imperfect but so the world We Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market just need to accept it It was a cute uick read but nothing mind blowing as the concepts and ideas presented are incredibly simple and uite obvious to be honest It s not that I can t appreciate it for what it is I think I was expecting something else which can always been seen as a lesson in itself There were some snippets of wisdom Iotted down to remember when needed The book leaves you feeling good and like you ve ust been hugged so that is always nice This book was surprisingly really good I went into it without much expectation and I actually got uite a bit out of it This book is full of practical day to day advice that you can actually apply Haemin Sunim is big on compassion and empathy If you try your best to understand others where they are coming from and to sympathize with them you can let go of fear A #1 internationally bestselling book of spiritual wisdom about learning to love ourselves with all our imperfections by the Buddhist author of The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down When you care for yourself first the world begins to find you worthy of care No one is perfect but that shouldn't hold us back from love for the world for one another or even for ourselves In this beauti. Nger resentment and ust be at peace with them SOME THEMES IN THE BO IF YOU ARE LOOKING themes in the bo If you are looking a self help book to start your New Years off right this is the book for you In a easy to read format these verses will help you "heal from negative thoughts The chapters were broken down into different categories Self Care Family Empathy Relationships Courage "from negative thoughts The chapters were broken down into different categories Self Care Family Empathy Relationships Courage Enlightenment and Acceptance It made me feel better to know that even a Buddhist monk struggled with depression and sadness There were many passages that I wrote down to reference back to in the future This was a great readApril Another masterpiece by Haemin Sunim I read the first book three years ago at a difficult time of my life and that book helped me in so many levels The same can be said for this one I started this few months ago while dealing with some personal difficulties In the beginning I was finding this book to be ust okay loved his peaceful way of writing nevertheless But as the book progressed the magic built on At times I felt like the words I read were the exact same words I needed to hear at that moment Simple yet very the exact same words I needed to hear at that moment Simple yet very words This is a book I will read multiple times no doubt Because I feel that the truths expressed here are needed to be felt And how we feel can change over time And I think there are few things oyful than experiencing my own truth and finding it syncing with teachings of humankind that has been passed on for a long time This book brought me that Fully illustrated guide Buddhist teacher Haemin Sunim whose name means spontaneous wisdom draws on examples from his own life and on his years of helping others to introduce us to the art of self care When we treat ourselves with compassion empathy and forgiveness we learn to treat others the same way allowing us to connect with people on a deeper level bounce back from failure deal with fee.

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