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Black Rock UKThis book was another one of my Read Around the World selections It is set in Trinidad Tobago and tells the story of a young woman who is alone except for her aunt cousins and evil uncle As Celia grows up it seems that bad luck follows her like a shadow But how much of the bad luck is caused by Celia herself Sometimes I wanted to just shake this much of the bad luck is caused by Celia herself Sometimes I wanted to just shake this and say Wake Up these eople are using you A short but engaging book I found myself musing over Celia and wondering if she ever learned to take care of herself Lime Tree Can t Bear Orange takes A Winter Tale (Lake Emerald Chronicles place in Trinidad The story follows a young woman as she comes of age After she is assaulted by her step father she flees her home and embarks on a tumultuous journey She engages in cliche love affair with her new boss father of the household she nannies for and becomesregnant Overall I found the book very enjoyable although somewhat redictable the author lays clues throughout the story and cliche up until the end Even though I had guessed one of the surprise revelations I was still thrown by the ending It was one of the rare occasions for me where the surprise ending actually made me feel like I enjoyed the book usually they annoy me and make me like a actually made me feel like I enjoyed the book usually they annoy me and make me like a less Absolutely worth a read Also was fun reading a story that took lace in Trinidad getting a tiny taste of the culture as I have never read a story based t You should know going in that Black Rock is tremendously difficult to read It s not the writing the language or the setting all are ok some nice descriptions of scenery and the dialogue gives a sense of 神様 [Kamisama] place that other islanders have commented is representative The difficulty comes with both our heroine her voice and thelot If nothing else Black Rock Is A Rock is a of manipulation entrapment and abuse of women of both races but honestly the hysical abuse and debasement of black women in the novel far exceeds that of their white neighbours The author interviewed here describes her novel as a coming of age story but there is very little growth shown in Celia over the three years we follow her Before the horr This was very compelling The content created some mixed emotions toward the main character She seemed like a lost soul to me just trying to find her way through life I did not always agree with the choices she made because there was a lot of hurt created for the characters around her However that was recisely what made this book interesting I was riveted throughout The setting was in the tropics so I became fascinated with the culturefood and la. So says the local soothsayer when redicting Celia’s future Raised in the tropics of Tobago by an aunt she loves and an uncle she fears Celia has never felt that she belonged When her uncle a man the neighbors call Allah because he thinks himself mightier than God does something unforgivable Celia escape. Ndscape as well Lovely Celia leaves an unbearable situation in her home on Tobago to make her way on Trinidad hardworking and intelligent in some ways she still and intelligent in some ways she still herself to be used by those with Voodoo Season power granted by their race andrivilege A soothsayer s The Walking Dead Live! predictions come true leading to aossibly tragic conclusion Only three stars because I found much of the Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships plot to be fairlyredictable but still really appreciated the simple yet vivid writing and the setting in Trinidad and Tobago Having visited this country I was able to and Tobago Having visited this country I was able to imagine the carefully described sights and sounds the accents of the characters and the calls of the birdsReviewed by Linda 325 starsCelia s mom died just after Celia was born and she was raised by and lives with one of her aunts and her twin cousins in Tobago Aunt Tassi lives with an awful drunk man whom no one likes When Celia is a teenager she runs away to Trinidad and finds work in the home of a doctor helping with the housework and caring for the two kids But Celia can t seem to keep herself out of trouble The book was ok It was kind of slow moving and there weren t very many characters whom I actually liked Celia included There were a couple of interesting twists at the end Drama drama drama This reads like a Brazilian soap operaI uite liked it even if I knew exactly where it was going around the age 120 This is your typical story about women with its usual themes of love betrayal regnancy motherhoodWhat I liked most about the book is robably the setting which is Trinidad and Tobago It was written in the first erson in a rather simple style but the descriptions were captivatingIt definitely calls for a seuel definitely some good writing throughout the novel and it takes Written in Red Ink place in trinidad and tobago it was nice to read about an island that is so close to home for me however the main character goes through so many bad luckhases it is hard to read this book and have one moment of happiness towards the end there were many many twists and turns which turned a novel that started off so strong into an intense soap opera but according to my mother this is the epitome of island lifei guess so a good beach read I ve read a Crash Landing (Bear Creek, proof copy of this it isn t out yet It s full of lovely writing She s a mate in my writer s group so of course I m very biased And I m going to the launch in March in the Trinidad Tobago embassy in London I ll add laterLaterIt is out now I think in America it will be called something differentah found it Lime Tree Can t Bear Orange The Guardian gav. S to the bustling capital cityThere she uickly embraces her burgeoning independence finding a job andutting down roots Her search for a lace to call home is soon complicated by an affectionate friendship with William a caring gardener and a strong sexual tension with her employer All too uickly Celia find. .

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E it a good review on SaturdayThere are hints of Jean Rhys s Wide Sargasso Sea throughout Smyth s hypnotic eerie novel The setting is colonial 1950s West Indies Celia d Abadie is 16 a romising The Famoux (The Famoux, pupil in Black Rock Tobago living uneasily with secretive superstitious Aunt Tassi and Tassi sredatory Dragons Gap partner Roman Celia s originalarentage is vague a mother dead in childbirth an unknown father in England After being raped by Roman she escapes to Trinidad where she later takes a job as nanny to the wealthy Dr Rodriguez and his unstable homesick English wife Celia begins a feverish affair with Rodriguez and reveals herself as a complex character simultaneously trapped and Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears powerful Smyth writes entrancingly on tropical heat and light indolence vengeance and desire Celia knows that her mother died in childbirth and that her father a white Englishman wanted nothing to do with her but she daydreams about one day taking the long trip to Southampton England to track her father down Surely once he meets her he ll want to get to know herWhen Celia has to deliver limes to Mrs Jeremiah who is rumoured to be clairvoyant she s warned that she will be hurt by her Aunt s husband Roman Mrs Jeremiah also issues the followingrophesy Men will want you like they want a glass of rum to drink you up and ee you out One man will love they want a glass of rum to drink you up and ee you out One man will love But you won t love him You will harm him You will destroy his life The one you love will break your heart in two You ll die in a foreign lace She tosses Celia a lump of black rock to act as a talisman and Celia runs away as Mrs Jeremiah tries to exorcise herWhen Mrs Jeremiah s warning about Roman comes true Celia flees Tobago There she starts to rebuild her life helped by the kindness of a young man she meets on the boat who looks rebuild her life helped by the kindness of a young man she meets on the boat who looks her and finds her employment with an English family who live in Trinidad Celia soon finds happiness but how long will it lastI chose this book on my Book Spa day because Amanda Smyth appeared at the Bath Literature Festival talking about this her debut novel and the shop s owner Nic said the book had been selling out as soon as it came in which is always encouraging I liked the sound of it lus the added benefit of it being eligible for one of my book challengesThe blurb mentions a vivid sense of the supernatural but to my mind it was my book challengesThe blurb mentions a vivid sense of the supernatural but to my mind it was about local superstition However it was an enjoyable story and the writing style is easy to read and reasonably descriptive I really felt a sense of the Islands As a debut I thought it was very romising and I hope she write. S herself trapped between the man who offers her assion and the one who offers his heartDeftly exploring the rush of first love and one woman’s search for her identity set against the lush landscape of the Caribbean this is a vivid intensely moving novel from an emerging talent Product Description from co.

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